POV for Kayden, From Inescapable Desire, The first day at Savannah’s parents house in Memphis


Bonus Scene Inescapable Desire

December 23rd 2012


I’m a ball of fuckin’ nerves right now, this time tomorrow I’ll be meeting Savannah’s grandparents’. I pray to God they like me, I’ve never felt this way about a woman in my life, and really want to make a good impression.

I’m trying not to reveal to Savannah how nervous I really am, so far it’s worked, she hasn’t seemed to notice. She just finished givin’ me the full tour of her parents Memphis home, I hated seeing that fucker Logan in pictures with Savannah, but that comes with the territory of dating her. She has a past, a very recent ex, and no one’s been to her parents home since their break up so it’s understandable them still having pictures of her and Logan together` around the house, they were together four years, but it still gets my fuckin’ blood boilin’ seeing him with her.

I still can’t believe that guy was dumb enough to cheat on Savannah, she is amazin’, no, she’s fuckin’ amazing. I am far from perfect, and admit I used women over the years for sex and could care less about their feelings, but Savannah, she’s different, I will never do to her what Logan did, I’ll be faithful to her always.

Right now we’re making our way up to her parents’ stables. Savannah never looks as carefree as she does when she’s riding. Ever since I brought her and Brooklyn’s horses’ to my ranch in Sugar Land, they’ve been coming out to my house a lot to ride, and I love it. She’s been through a lot so being able to do anything to hear that beautiful fuckin’ laugh of hers, and see that gorgeous smile on her face, it amazing.

“Are you staring at my ass, Kayden?” Savannah asks glancing over her shoulder at me,. She has the sexiest walk I’ve ever seen, and she does it effortlessly. Most women, when they walk and try to shake their ass, it looks tacky, but not Savannah. When her ass shakes side to side it’s the sexist fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen.

I flash her a cocky grin, sprinting towards her and give her ass a smack, loving the sound of her squealing and laughing as jumps from the shock of my hand connecting with her backside. Her jeans look like they’ve been painted on her, and make that ass look downright irresistible. It’s taking every ounce of strength I have to not fuck her as soon as we step into the stables.

“You bet that sweet ass of yours I was checking you out, baby, I can’t see nothin’ else but you right now.” I snake my arm around her waist, and pull her against me, stopping her in her tracks. She flashes me a kiss me smile, that I just can’t resist and resting my fingers under her chin, I tilt her head back bringing her beautiful, bee stung lips up to meet mine, for a short sweet kiss.

She lets out a sexy little moan as her lips leave mine, dragging her teeth of her bottom lip, she smiles up at me with her big blue eyes sparkling in the afternoon sun, “Are you going to stand her kissin’ me all day, Knox? Or are we going to get our butts on some horses and go riding?”

I let out a husky laugh, as I follow her into the stable, “Is that a trick question? Because baby you know I’d pick kissing you all damn day.”

Rolling her eyes, Savannah pushes the doors opens to the stable, looking back at me momentarily, I can see the amusement in her eyes, “You’re insatiable you know that right? You can kiss me all you want later, right now, we’re going ridin’.”

“I know it, and it’s just another reason why you can’t resist me, I’m just too fuckin’ charmin’ for my own good. You love that I can’t get enough of you.”

Savannah lets out the sexiest laugh instantly causing my dick to jump. Fuck me, my idea of a quick roll in the hay is lookin’ more and more like a better option right now that ridin’ a damn horse. She’s killin’ me with those fuck me boots, and tight ass jeans. She’s wearing a hoodie right now and I’m still gettin’ turned on by her, I swear no matter what the fuck she wears, she’s the sexiest fuckin’ woman on the damn planet.

“You are killin’ me, charmin’? I seriously cannot believe those words came out of your mouth!” Savannah laughs, stopping in front a jet black horse, and rubbing her nose. “This is June, I’ll be riding her, she’s my mom’s horse, and you’ll be riding Cash, my dad’s horse.” She says, pointing towards the big brown stallion in the next stall over.

Ignoring her jab at me, I make my way over to Cash, and give the horse I’ll be riding for the next hour a look over. Cocking my head towards Cash, I tell Savannah, “So I’m takin’ a wild guess here, but by chance do your parents’ have a thing for Johnny and June?” I can’t help but love the way she melts a little as I flash her a mega-watt grin.

“Yes, smart ass, they do.” I swear as she leads the horse out of the barn, she twitches that hot little ass of hers extra hard just to get to me.

She’s lucky I don’t tackle her right now and fuck her senseless.

Clearing my throat, I walk behind her holding the reigns to Cash, “You keep shakin’ that ass and I’m gonna to say screw ridin’ the horses’ baby, and have you just ride me instead, because DAYUM, I can’t fuckin’ take it!”

Spinning around Savannah flashes me a sultry smile, and bites down on her bottom lip.

God she is evil.

Pure. Fuckin’. Evil.

“I plan on ridin’ the horses’, and then ridin’ you, so just keep your dick in your pants for at least an hour, and I’ll make it worth your while.”

Damn, she’s got me by the fuckin’ balls.

I waste no time jumpin’ onto the horse, “Well baby, what are ya waitin’ for, let’s get ridin’!”


ACA Awards Deleted Scene in Kayden’s POV Infinite Desire


ACA Awards

I’m sitting next to Savannah and her parents at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the American Country Awards. They’re up for Album of the Year and Best Country Duo. It’s a tough category but I have my finger crossed for them. This is our third time this year attending awards for her parents; nothing is more fun than a country music award show. We get to see some of our closest friends performing our favorite songs on stage. The awards are fun, but the after party’s are kick ass. Nothing like a bunch of country folk gettin’ drunk and partyin’ it up, especially when we’re in Las Vegas!
The red carpet was insane. The press was lined up along both sides of the red carpet, shouting at anyone who walked past firing off a thousand questions or wanting you to pose for a picture. Thankfully Savannah’s dress hides are tiny baby bump while emphasizing her tits that look fuckin’ amazing right now.
We’re not officially announcing we’re expecting until we find out the sex of babies in two weeks. I’m happy to be in our seats now and done answering the same questions over and over as we made our way inside.
The room goes dark and spot lights shines down as music starts to play; Lady Antebellum is opening the award show singing their newest single Compass. Taking my eyes off of Hillary, Charles and Dave, I slide my gaze to Savannah; she looks absolutely awe-inspiring in her tight fitting emerald dress. She insisted on me wearing an emerald tie to go with her dress. My girl loves me in green, she rambles on and on about my eyes, one look and she’s putty in my hands.
She’s softly singing along to her new favorite song at the moment. I lace my fingers into hers and give them a gently squeeze. She gazes up me, her big baby blues twinkling in the lighting; she takes my breath away without even tryin’. No one can hold a candle to my Angel.
“They’re amazing aren’t they?” Savannah whispers to me before focusing back on the stage.
Leaning towards her, resting my lips against her ear, I feel her shiver as my breath caresses her skin, a faint smile creeps across my mouth, “Yeah, they sound great, baby.”
After they’re opening performance, the first award is Male Artist of The Year, I couldn’t help but scream out, “Hell yeah!”  When they announced Luke Bryan won!
After an hour into the show it’s finally time to learn who the Duo Of The Year is, Savannah is squeezin’ my hand so fuckin’ hard, I think I lost blood flow to my fingers five minutes ago. I’m practically holding my breath as they announce the winners, there’s her parents face up on the big screen next to my boys Florida Georgia Line, and the other nominees. It’s a hard category, and I can’t help but feel torn. Tyler and Brian have had a stellar year so far.
“God, I think I’m going to puke.” Savannah mumbles under her breath. With her morning sickness, I wouldn’t doubt that she could puke, and we’re pretty fuckin’ far from a bathroom. So I am prayin’ she doesn’t get sick!
I rub my thumb over the back of her hand trying to help calm her nerves, “Whether they win or lose, they were nominated that’s pretty awesome.” I say trying to lighten the mood.
Fuck me and pregnancy hormones.
Savannah flashes me the look of death, “Thanks for the positive vibes Knox.” Before snapping her eyes back to the stage.
“The winner of Best Country Duo is…Maverick and Paisley Livingston!”
Thank FUCK!
Shit, I feel bad for my boys though… I scan the room and spot Tyler and Brian a few rows ahead; I nod, and give them both a smile. They are cool as shit, and don’t even seem fazed, they’ve already won Single of The Year for Cruise so they’re on cloud nine right now.
“Oh my God!” Savannah is shouting as she bursts with excitement hugging her parents as they squeeze their way down the aisle.
I give Maverick a man hug, “Congrats!” I shout over the cheers and clapping, before pulling Paisley in for a hug, I plant quick kiss on her cheeks, and can’t help but laugh as I notice her blush the same way Savannah does.
“See baby, nothin’ to worry about, they won!” I shout scooping my crazy hormonal wife into my arms and planting a big kiss on her lips for the world to see as the camera zooms in on us before focusing on her parents making their way onto the stage.
Sitting back down beside me Savannah gives me a sexy smile, “Sorry baby, for biting your head off, my nerves are getting the best of me. I feel bad for our friends, but I gotta root for my parents.”
God I love her.
“It’s okay darlin’ don’t even worry about it, I love you even when you’re gettin’ all hormonal on me.”  I tease and let out a small chuckle as she flashes me an impish grin and furrows her brows at me.
Letting out a small laugh, she rolls her eyes before looking up onto the stage at her parents. They are in their element when they are on stage. The crowd loves them. I love that I get to experience this with them and Savannah. It’s definitely a great story to tell the twins when they’re older.
As her parents are making their way back to their seats, Thomas Rhett is being announced as the next performer. As he begins singing It Goes Like This, Savannah rests her cheek on my shoulder and presses kisses to my knuckles. I can’t help but think back to last spring when I sang this song to her when we took our trip to Austin.
The last hour flies by, it’s the end of the show and my boys from Florida Georgia Line are closing the show with their new song Stay. I can’t help but think of Savannah while listening to the lyrics, and back to the pain time in our lives when Savannah left me and went back to LA. We’ve come so far since then. All the pain no matter how much it fuckin’ sucked to have to go through it, it was worth it because now our relationship is stronger than it’s ever been.

Kayden’s POV from Inescapable Desire, The Closet Scene


Rolling onto my side, and propping myself up onto my elbow, I gaze down at the most beautiful woman to ever grace this earth. Savannah is smiling up at me, with an well satisfied grin stretched across her face. Smiling down at her with a cocky grin, I gently brush the away loose strands of hair off of her face.

Savannah’s chest is rising and falling as she comes back down to earth from the orgasm I just graced her with. Early morning sex wakes us up better than ten cups of coffee. Smiling up at me with her baby blue’s twinkling in the early sun light she finally musters the strength to speak, “My entire body is numb.” Her voice comes out soft and breathy, instantly making me want to go for round two.

“I would risk my dick falling off, to hear you say that multiple times a day.” I laugh. I slowly trail a path of hot kisses along her arm she has resting above her head. Her skin is misted with sweat, and tastes sweeter then Dixie crystal. Licking my lips, slowly dragging my tongue across them, loving the affect it has over her. I say with my voice low and husky, “You are most certainly the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on. Do you know how hard I have to fight the urge to take you every second of the day and fuck you until you come undone all around me? When you’re around…I can’t focus on anything else but you.”

“I think I might be a bad influence on you Kayden, how are you supposed to take over the world, when I am constantly tempting you to be naughty with me?”  Savannah says as she lets out a soft chuckle.

I can’t resist her, it’s like my body was created just for pleasuring my sweet Savannah. Letting out a loud breath between clenched teeth, I grip her hips, pinning her to the bed. “I would risk being a poor beggar on the streets, if it meant I was able to fuck you morning, noon and night my sweet, sweet Savannah,” I murmur against her skin as I kiss a path along her neck working my mouth along her jaw.

“Heyyy now!” Savannah squeals wiggling away from my lips. “As badly as I want to go for round two, but you, Mr. Knox, have business meetings to attend this morning. I will not allow you to be late.” I love it when she tries to be all demanding. She should know me well enough by now, to understand she’s number one for me, always.

Jumping out of bed, Savannah takes off running into the closet laughing, her sweet laughter that’s like the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Not wasting any time, I toss my legs over the bed, and follow her tight little ass into the closet.

Catching up to her within seconds, I waste no time, wrapping my arms around her. I press my body firmly against her backside, holding her in place against the wall. Resting my lips over her ear, I whisper to her, “I own the damn company, so if I want to be late…damn it I’ll be late.”

I can instantly feel her body taking control and her mind being over powered, by the desire she has for me. Her breathing is becoming increasingly erratic, and light moan escapes her mouth as my now hard and very eager dick presses into her back. Gripping her hip with one hand, I slowly trace the other across her stomach. I love how soft and silky her body feels beneath my touch. Her sweet coconut infused hair is tickling my senses. I can’t smell anything tropical now without having my angel come to mind immediately. She’s become my entire world, in such a short amount of time. I’m the luckiest fucking man on this planet, because Savannah Livingston is mine. “Fucking your sweet little pussy sounds a hell of a lot better than a meeting full of stuffy old men.”

Whimpering loudly; “Do your worst…Knox.” Savannah purrs as I slowly aligning my body against hers. With the palms of her hands against the wall, I feel her body sink into me, ready for me to do to it as I please. The need to be inside of her is so strong, it’s taking everything in me to not pile drive into her sweet tight ass right now. Running my hand ever so slowly across her stomach, I work my way to her breasts. Her skin is burning hot as her desire for me consumes her. With my left hand teasing her nipple, I use my right hand to position my shaft, still dripping wet with cum, against Savannah’s tight puckered asshole. Taking in sharp breaths I quickly rub the head of my cock over her entrance to lubricate it.

Gently pulling her hips I angle her ass, and effortlessly I push her upper body down. I love how she just opens herself up to me; she is perfection, complete and total perfection. Dragging my teeth over my bottom lip I take in the image before me. Savannah spread before me ready for me to fuck her senseless. Being with her gives me the biggest high that no drug could ever match.

Trailing my hands back down her stomach I work my way between my legs, massaging her clit. The sounds of pleasure pouring out of her mouth are almost enough to set me off, not being able to hold back any longer, I slowly he begin to grind my erection against her.
“I’m going to take you in the ass this time, Savannah. If it starts to hurt, tell me and I will stop.” Please God I beg you, don’t let her tell me to stop, because once I start it’s going to be fucking hard to stop.

“Mhmm…” is all she says as I slowly slide the head of my dick into her tight, eager ass. Not wanting to hurt her, it takes everything in me to slowly and gently push my way inside of her. I won the jack-pot with her, she‘s not only smoking hot, funny, and witty. But she loves anal too.

Getting into a nice rhythm I pump in and out of her, only filling her half way. My cock is the biggest she‘s ever had, and the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I can feel her body tensing beneath my fingers as I work her clit. Massaging it and gently slapping her bud, I suck on her neck. Within seconds Savannah’s screaming out in pleasure as an orgasm explodes inside of her, “Kayden! Jesus… Christ!”

Fuck…I don’t know how much longer I can last. Between her ass squeezing my cock and hearing her scream out in pleasure is almost  to much. Slamming her forehead against the wall, she instantly melts in my arms. Her body sags, as I wraps my arms around her waist holding her tight against my body. I can’t help but smile knowing I just gave her an earth shattering orgasm in zero-point-two-seconds. Leaning forward, Savannah grabs hold of her ankles steadying herself.

“You want me to keep going?” I ask slowly sliding in and out of her.

“Yes…I’m okay, keep going.” She whispers out between moans.

“You’re sensational Savannah.” Running my hand up the length of her back, sliding my fingers into her hair, twirling the strands between my fingers, I gently pull on it.  Finally thrusting completely inside, claiming her ass.  A deafening moan escapes Savannah; she brings her hands back to the wall beating against it with her palms.  “Damn, Savannah…it’s so fucking tight, I don’t think I can last much longer.” Closing my eyes I begin to pick up pace, as I thrust in and out of her pushing my body to the edge.

“Ohh God…I’m almost there again.” Savannah shouts followed by moans of pleasure as I work her body towards another orgasm, I want us to climax together this time. “Stick your fingers into me now…please!”

A small laugh escapes my mouth, and I didn’t think it was possible but my dick just got harder. I love her bossy little mouth, especially when it’s demanding me to fuck her.

“I love it when you tell me what you want Savannah.” Sliding two fingers inside of her, I tilt my fingers slightly massaging her inner wall.

Holy fuck!

She is so wet and responsive. Every trust I give she takes eagerly, starving for my touch. Chasing my orgasm I pound into her ass rapidly as I massage her sweet pussy. Savannah’s screams of ecstasy do me in. Slamming her head against the wall, I feel Savannah sag in my arms as another orgasm tears through her. I swear that all of Galveston is probably hearing her right now, and if they didn’t know my name before…they sure as hell know it now.

“MOTHER…FUCKKKK!” I scream out as I climaxed right along with her.

Savannah misses the floor by only a few inches, I quickly pull my arms tightly around her stomach, pulling her against me. Our body’s are dripping in sweat, and slipping against each other. Slowly bringing us both to the floor, I slide back inside of her.

I think that was the most mind blowing fuck of my entire life, it’s going to be almost impossible to outdo myself after this. I can faintly hear Brooklyn in the other room cheering and making cat calls. Savannah must hear her too, because she immediately burst into laughter mixed with moaning, as I continue to pump into her giving Savannah the longest fucking orgasm of her life.

That I’m sure of.

“Brooklyn wants a show…Uhhh…We’ll give her a show!” Savannah giggles in between moans.

“Let her have it baby,” I say between clenched teeth as I slam into her again.

“OOOH YEAHHH! Harder! Fuck. Me. Harder, Kayden!” She screams as loud her little voice can. Giving up on trying to contain my laughter, I decide to join in. “Ohh Savannah, you feel fucking amazing! Tight. Delicious. Pussy. FUCK…GOD…FUCKKKK!” I have to bite my lip to hold back my laughter as Savannah begins slapping her hand against the wall. I slowly pumped the last bit of cum into her. I feel as if I just did a marathon, that was the best morning working out of my entire fucking life.

Brooklyn is hollering with laughter, “Hot damn you guys! I just had an orgasm listening to you two, fucking like god damn animals in there!”

“Happy we could be your entertainment this morning, Brooklyn.” Savannah shouts between her gasps for air as she tries to come down from the two orgasms I just gave her.

“You fuckin’ know it bitch! I need to go use my vibrator. That was beyond fucking hot. Damn Kayden, I thought you were going to kill her with that last orgasm!”  Standing we both shake our heads, I definitely need to get use to being in a house with other people. I follow Savannah into the en suite. We both are in desperate need of a shower now after that animal like fucking we just did.

“Well that is definitely a first for me,” I say stepping into the shower beside Savannah.

Cocking her head, she smiles up at me as she asks, “What was? Anal sex?”  She has a seductive smile playing on her lips.

Rolling my eyes at her, I pour her body wash onto the sponge, and get to work washing her delicious round breasts. “No. The whole someone listening to me fuck someone’s brains out. That was definitely new.” A small chuckle escapes my lips. I can‘t help but smile down at Savannah with a satisfied grin.

“Yeah that was fun all in its own, but knowing someone could hear you fucking me into oblivion made it a hundred times hotter. Poor Brooklyn is going to be man-hunting hard today,” Savannah says between giggles.

Shaking my head, I flash a cocky grin at her again. Washing away the suds from her body, I step back and get to work washing my hair. I can’t help but love the feeling of Savannah’s eyes on me as I do so.

My dick jumps when I spot her nibbling on her lip, and a tiny moan escape her lips.

Cocking an eye brow at her, I dip my head under the water. Breaking the silence Savannah purrs, “You know, it should be illegal to be so damn sexy,” As she slides her eyes over my body from head to toe.

“Ditto, sweet cheeks,” I laugh, slapping her on the ass. I’m definitely looking forward to waking up like this every morning.


Kayden’s POV Irresistible Desire The Afternoon & Evening of the Envy Party


Kayden, night of the Envy party POV

“So what happened with the blonde you left Vertigo with last night?” Braxton finally asks.

Tossing my towel over my shoulder we make our way over towards my house. We just played basketball for two hours, now he picks this moment to ask me about Savannah. I was hoping we could avoid this conversation all together. She has my head spinning in circles, as memories from last night replays in my mind. I’ve been trying all day to figure out why the hell she took off in the middle of the night.

I know she’s still getting over her break up with that douche bag Logan, so I don’t know if she felt the same thing I did when we were together last night? Maybe it freaked her out, so she had to get away and try to think things over. We had the best sex of my entire life, it was like I couldn’t get enough of her, and I know the feelings were definitely mutual.

Sitting down in a lawn chair on my patio, Braxton sits down beside me staring me down. “Well. Are you going to spill the juicy details or what!? Dixon told me he saw you grinding on some hot blonde and then ya’ll disappeared into the back. He said you showed back up in VIP looking pretty damn satisfied. The real shocker is, he told me you left with her. You; after fuckin’ the brains out of a girl in your club, then left with her for more? I told him he was crazy, Knox doesn’t double dip!”

I swear I sometimes wonder why the fuck this guy is my best friend. He has no freakin’ filter on that mouth of his. Any random thought that pops into his god damn head he blurts it out.

Running my fingers through my damp hair, I let out a low nervous chuckle. Usually I wouldn’t think twice about bragging to my friends about a hot hookup. It feels wrong sharing my evening with Savannah with anyone else. That scares the shit outta me. I never feel this way, and I can’t wrap my head around what the hell it is about her.

“Well I’m glad to know my cousin was keeping such a good eye on me last night. You know in case some crazy chick tried to Roofie my drink or something.” Rolling my eyes I take a swig from my water bottle.

Braxton’s eyes are now inching their way towards each other as he looks me over. I need to start spilling before he tortures it outta me. “Geesh chill on the evil eyes dip shit. Her names Savannah, and I didn’t just meet her last night. She works for Envy, and she will be at the party tonight.”

“Ohhh damnnnn bro you are gonna have to spend the evening around a girl you hooked up with last night. That’s fuckin’ hilarious! I’m stoked I get to be there to witness it!”

I shove Braxton so hard his chair flips over and he falls into the pool. “Fuckkkkkk Knox! I got my brand new kicks on! What the hell was that for?”

“Haaaa…that was for being a dickhead and finding this whole situation entertaining! How about you be my best friend asshole and help me figure out what the fuck is going on with me!”

Crawling out of the pool Braxton rips his sneakers off, pouring the water out of them. “You’re lucky you’re my best friend. Or I’d be pounding that GQ face of yours to a blood pulp.” Grumbling under his breath he fixes his chair and plops back down. Staring at me as if I just grew two heads. “This girl has totally fucked you up…” He says shaking his head with a look of disbelief on his face.

Running my hands over my face I let a loud frustrated scream rip from my throat.

“Feel better now there asshole?” Braxton laughs giving my arm a shove.

“No. Savannah has me feelin’ like a goddamn chick. I’ve been stressing over seeing her tonight. Wondering if she want to ever see me again? For the first time in forever I actually feel a connection beyond sex with a girl. I just happen to fall for a girl with as many relationship issues as me. I’m completely screwed!”

Leaning back and relaxing in his seat, Braxton sits and takes in everything I’m telling him. Without going into too much detail I fill him in our night together, and the issue with her ex. Braxton is not only my best friend, but also one of my friends who’s in a committed relationship so he can give me the best advice. Compared to my single guy friends who would just call me a pansy ass. Their only advice would be; go hook up with another chick, that’ll help me get over Savannah.

Sadly I think that isn’t the case, no matter how many women I hooked up from here on out. None, would ever get her out of my system.

“Well I think the devil better buy some ice skates, because Hell just froze over.” sarcasm dripping from Braxton voice. “You Kayden Knox, who swore off girls all together is now thinking he may have found the one.”

“What the hell am I going to do if she goes back to Los Angeles and I never see her again?”

“Well, only thing you can do…help her see she needs you as much as you need her. I never thought I would settle down. I planned on being single through college and livin’ it up once I got into the NFL. Damn, man I got girls falling at my feet, begging to get with me. But Mya, she changed me. Before her, I didn’t believe in love. Only difference with me is, I’ve known her my whole life. Just wasted a lot of time, being a man whore. You on the other hand have the chance to finally be happy. You know Mya would love it if you settled down. She’s always trying to hook you up with her friends. That girl is dead set on us have kids the same age to grow up together like we all did.”

Listening to everything Braxton has said, has helped me make up my mind. I need to talk to Savannah tonight. Lay everything out on the table. I know I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, if I don’t even try fightin’ for her.


Pulling into the parking lot of Vertigo. I park my truck and hop out. I gave Jax the night off and decided to drive myself. Hopefully I’ll be leaving tonight with Savannah, and driving her myself will maybe help her relax.

Shoving my keys into my dress pants, I take a deep breath and head into the club. I’m one of the first people here, which is perfect. Gives me a chance to sneak into the back and hide out in my office before the party begins.

Looking around I take in the transformed Vertigo. It exudes a totally different atmosphere; no loud music thumping out of the speakers, no strobe lights dancing along the floors. Instead it’s replaced by bright lit hanging light fixtures. The dance floor is covered in round banquet tables, with towering floral arrangements. Right front and center by the stage is a poster size cover of Envy’s Most Influential Men of 2012, magazine cover.

Looking around I see no one but the caterers and party planner. Guest should be arriving anytime though. Walking behind the bar, I grab a bottle of jack and a shot glass. Waving hello to a few of the staff I head down to my office.

Walking through the door I’m instantly over whelmed with images of Savannah and I in here last night. “Fuck now I can’t even escape her here.” I mumble to myself walking over my desk and plopping down into my Texas Longhorns computer chair. Pouring a shot of Jack, I stare at the brown leather couch. Images of Savannah screaming out my name and running her hands through my hair bounce around in my head.

The shot runs down the back of my throat, and I welcome the burning sensation. I need to settle my nerves before I talk to her tonight. Then Ashley, the manager at my Hotel called me earlier to inform me my father and Lulu checked in. Which can mean only one thing; they will be attending the party. They’re the last two people I want to see tonight.

Firing up my laptop I decide to work for a while, to occupy my mind and kill some time. I have some calls to make and emails to reply to. Working always helps distract me from the bullshit in my life.

The ringing of my cell phone, snaps me from my haze. I’ve spent the last hour working and it only felt like fifteen minutes. Not so bad.  Glancing at the caller I.D. I see its Braxton.

“Hey. What’s up? Are you here already?”

“Yeah, the limo just dropped us off. Where you at?”

“Back in my office working. Is there a lot of people here already? I suppose I should drag my ass out there and greet my guests.”

I can hear a lot of people and music in the background, so the party is in full swing now. “Yeah the place is filling up quick. There’s a line of limos outside, I think they’re all the envy employees. I thought I spotted a hot blonde accompanied by a smoking’ hot Asian chick walking down the red carpet ahead of us.

“Shit! That means she’s here. I’ll be out and find you in a few minutes.”

“Okay man, don’t make me come drag you outta there. You gotta find this girl! Oh and for warning Giselle is at the bar. She’ll be after you shortly for pictures I’m guessing.”

“Yeah she was pissed when I didn’t escort her here, but we are seated together for the dinner this evening. I’m hoping she doesn’t get in the way of me speaking with Savannah tonight.”

“Well if you really want to talk to her you’ll find a way.”

“Yeah, yeah…I’ll talk to you in a bit, bye.”

After hanging up, I notice text messages on my phone. Skimming through I spot a breaking news report from TMZ. Opening it my jaw just about hit’s the table. Logan is talking to TMZ outside of The Ivy, and announcing he’ll be on celebrity rehab. He is actually trying to say he suffers from sex addiction. That’s fuckin’ hilarious. He’s a bigger douche bag then I thought. First he cheats on the most amazing woman on the planet. Then tries to pass the blame onto an addiction to make himself not look like such a total jackass.

I hope this doesn’t ruin tonight for Savannah. I want to see her smile and have a good time like she did last night. I didn’t think it was possible for her to be more gorgeous. That was until I saw her smiling and laughing in my suite last night.

Standing, I slide my phone back into my pocket. Shrug my jacket back on, and work up the courage to go out there and confront her. And make all attempts possible to avoid my father. Closing my laptop, I glance one more time at the brown leather sofa. This time a smile forms on my face. I’m confident that Savannah just needed some space. She’s like me, so she won’t be able to stay away. We’re drawn to each other, and it’s the kind of attraction that can’t be ignored.

Taking another deep breath, I close my eyes momentarily and twist the door knob slowly. I hear voices coming from the hallway, and as soon as I swing the door fully open. I look down to find Savannah crashing full force into me. I can’t help but laugh. Talk about fate! I didn’t believe in it, but now I do. I guess I’ll get my talk sooner rather than later.

“Ladies?” I say with sex and curiosity dripping from my voice, as I smile down at Savannah and Rebecca, who are still bickering at each other. It’s cute. Savannah looks more gorgeous tonight then she did last night. Her long blonde hair is styled in long flowing curls. Beckoning me to run my fingers through them. Her lips are plump and sparkling pink just begging for me to run my tongue over them, and kiss them until there isn’t spec of lip gloss left to them.

Shit I’m already getting hard. I need to get her in my office and fast.


Kayden’s POV Irresistible Desire, Morning after his first night with Savannah


Kayden POV Day After Vertigo

Rolling over I sprawl out across my king size bed in my penthouse suite. My mind is hazy from all the shots I drank last night, and my head is pounding. Moving my hand around the bed, I feel for Savannah. Forcing my eye lids to open I peer over to the side of the bed where she fell asleep. I feel a pang of sadness hit me when I see the spot where she was is now vacant.

Usually this scenario would be exactly how I would want my morning to start off after a late night hookup. I hate the awkwardness the morning after I bring a girl here. Trying to get her out of here as soon as possible, with no intentions of ever seeing her again. I sound like an asshole, but this is how I’ve lived my life since having my heart ripped violently from my chest and stomped on with a six inch stiletto heel.

I’m freaked the fuck out right now by all the emotions and thoughts running through my head. Savannah has crawled into my head and is refusing to get out. She consumed my every thought, and now after the most amazing night of my entire life. I am totally and utterly confused.

I thought Savannah and I were on the same page; last night at the club, in the car and then in my suite. We had some of the best sex of my entire life. The last thing I ever expected was to wake up and discover she snuck out while I was asleep.

Rolling onto my back I run my hands over my face as I try to wake up and process everything that’s happened in the last several hours. Crawling out of bed I make my way into the bathroom. Stepping into the shower I welcome the warm water that cascades over my face.  I’m instantly plagued with images of Savannah pressed against the shower wall. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and her nails digging into my back as she screams out in ecstasy.

“Fuck me! Get a God damn grip!” I yell at myself raking my fingers through my hair, rinsing the shampoo away. She’s just another girl, I’m acting like a fuckin’ chick for Christ’s sake! I need to get my shit together and put on my game face. I have to see her tonight at the Envy party. I don’t want her to see me as a complete mess over her.

Tossing my towel into the hamper, I make my way to my closet and find a pair of track pants, a white tank and my Nike running shoes. I am in desperate need of blowing off some steam. I feel like shit, but I need to do something to get Savannah off my mind.

Shoving my cell phone into my pocket, I make way down to the hotel gym. I can’t help but wonder if she’s in her hotel room right now. Is she lying awake in her bed reflecting on our night together? Is she regretting sneaking out of my suite? Or happy that she did? God…I’m just on a roll with self tormenting this morning.

After a good session of kicking and punching the shit out of the punching bag in the gym. I head to the hotel restaurant for some breakfasts. My stomach is yelling at me to feed it. I worked up an appetite this morning, and in desperate need for some coffee.

Perks of owning the place, I get service immediately. The staff knows me so well; I don’t even need to tell them what I want. They just bring me the usual. Fried eggs, home fries, toast, some juice, and my coffee just the way I like it. The icing on the cake…a complimentary side of two aspirins. The waitress…Victoria is definitely getting a generous tip.

Batting her long eyelashes at me she sets everything in front of me, “If you need anything’ else Mr. Knox don’t hesitate to ask.” She says in a bright and peppy voice, before making her way to another table. Popping my aspirins in my mouth, I wash them down with my orange juice.

Half way through my meal, the air is knocked from my lungs. I see Savannah enter the restaurant. As she walks in she looks gorgeous, you can’t even tell she was up most of the night with me. I ain’t the only one noticing her, pretty much every man in this place has their eyes locked on her. I’m grateful now that I decided to eat in the corner and not out in the open.

The last thing I want is an awkward moment with her here in front of an audience. I can’t take my eyes off of her as she makes her way across the room. I spot her boss Eloise, the Editor of Envy sitting by the floor to ceiling windows that over look the vast gardens outside.

I’m quickly snapped back to reality when Victoria pops back up, “Is there something’ wrong with your meal Mr. Knox? You’ve barley touched it?”

Clearing my voice, I shift my eyes from Savannah and up to Victoria. I give her my biggest smile; I instantly notice her cheeks turning a shade of red. “Oh no darlin’ it tastes delicious. I just had a few to many last night, so not having the biggest appetite this morning.”

Giving me a smile she pats my arm affectionately. “Ohhh I’m sorry. Would you like me to clear your plate?”

“Yes that would be great, because I’m actually ready to get outta here. I have a million things to do before my party tonight. Thanks Victoria.” Paying my bill I leave her a very generous tip. I give Savannah one more glance before leaving the restaurant, happy to get out unnoticed. I hate what she’s doing to me. One night…just one night and she has me tangled up into a ball of nerves!

Pulling my cell phone out I type Braxton a quick text asking him to meet me at my house in Sugar Land. I’m hoping a game of one on one basketball with him will help distract me until it’s time to get ready for the Envy party at Vertigo tonight.


Kayden’s POV of him at the Envy Party will be up this weekend!

Kayden’s POV “At Vertigo” Irresistible Desire

Kayden POV Vertigo


Typical Friday night. Me sitting here in the VIP area of my night club, with the same type of girl all over me. The usual overly bubbly chick, whose dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination. All my friends are taking shots from between these girls double D breasts, enjoying the music and having a great time. Everyone except me. Ever since I met Savannah Livingston back in L.A. for my Envy interview and shoot; I’ve not been the same.

I’m nervous about seeing her tomorrow night at the Envy party. It’ll be the first time since I was in Los Angeles that we’ll be seeing each other. My dreams are filled with her gorgeous face. I try to come out on the weekends and have a good time, but I haven’t met a single girl who even comes close to affecting me the way she did.

I can’t wrap my head around it. I’ve not even done anything with her and she has me all up in knots. I shook her fuckin’ hand for Christ’s sake, that’s it! Just staring into those baby blues of hers and I was under her spell. I can only hope I can somehow get her into my bed tomorrow night. Fuck her until my cock wants to fall off. Maybe then I can get her out of my head. Then I can go back to my normal life again. Life’s easier that way, not allowing myself to get all caught up in relationship drama.

Piper if that’s ever her real name, most likely it’s her stripper name. Is on my lap talking to me like I’m a freakin’ baby. I don’t get why girls think its hot to talk to a guy like we’re two years old. High pitched squeaky voices are not sexy.

Running her hands through my hair she licks her bottom lip as her other hand travels along the inside of my leg. Cupping my dick through my jeans she leans down and kisses me. Sliding my hand along her neck I kiss her back. Like every girl I’ve kissed over the last few years, I feel nothing. Yeah I can get a hard on and fuck her brains out if I wanted to. But I don’t feel anything for any of them.

The music is blasting through out the club and everyone’s dancing or more like dry humping on the dance floor. I can hear shouts from the bar as the D.J. starts playing Big & Rich’s, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. As soon as I hear a woman shout, “Come on Savannah, get your little ass up here and dance with us!”

I push Piper off of me, and spring to my feet to peer over the balcony down to the bar. The air is knocked out of my lungs when I spot her. Savannah, in a pair of black heels making her legs look beyond fuckin’ sexy. I would give anything to have them wrapped around me, her wearing nothing but those strappy stilettos. She has on a tight strapless black dress, seeing her in it instantly makes my dick jump.

The strobe lights are flashing through out the club making a rainbow of pinks, blues, greens, and reds illuminate her skin. She’s standing on the bar dancing along with a few other girls, but all I see is her. Every time she shimmies and dips down on the bar I swear I think my cock is going to explode.

She seems happy, laughing with her friends and having a good time. I don’t see any other guys around her besides the photographer friend, Reagan. Looks like I get to make my move on Savannah a night earlier than expected.

Snapping me back to reality and out of my erotic day dream is Piper, the persistent pain in my ass. Wrapping her arms around my waist and trying to undo my zipper. I need to ditch her quick or I am never going to be able to get anywhere near Savannah. I will not allow some other guy the opportunity to leave with her tonight.

I’ve waited to many weeks for this opportunity. Turning around and gripping Piper’s shoulders I stair down at her. “Piper I’m sorry but this isn’t going anywhere. Any drinks you want put on my tab. But you and I are not happening.”

It wasn’t easy but after a few minutes I finally got away from her. She staggered off to the VIP area to hang out with the rest of her friends and mine. Quickly taking advantage of my offer and ordering herself a martini.

Making my way through the VIP area I spot Savannah and her friends heading up the stairs. I gave them a free VIP table if they decided to come out tonight. Usually they’re reserved for my regulars, who don’t blink an eye at my ten thousand dollar fee.  Seeing Savannah here, I now know that was the best thing I ever did. I’m so happy I decided to throw this party this weekend. It gave me a chance to get her here in Houston. Now I just gotta work my charm and hopefully before the nights over, I’ll have my dick buried deep inside of her. Hearing her sweet voice screaming my name until her voice grows horse.

Taking in a deep breath I work up the courage to walk over to her table. I feel like a teenage boy in high school trying to work up the nerve to approach his crush. What the fuck is wrong with me. Shaking off my nerves I walk towards her. She’s sitting thankfully on the end of  the wrap around couch. There’s a spot big enough for me to sit down beside her.

As I’m making my way over I hear Savannah laughing and tossing back a shot. Her laugh is one of the most amazing sounds I‘ve ever heard. I’m here, no backing out now. I push my fears into the back of mind and sit down beside her. I see her chest rising and falling. Her breast looking absolutely delicious peeking out of the top of her dress. Her breathing hitches as she turns her head and our eyes meet. I instantly feel like lightening just cracked between us, knocking me on my ass. Seeing her dressed like this, smelling like the sweetest tropical flowers mixed with coconut, it’s intoxicating. She looks sexy compared to when I first met her. She was dressed conservative for our interview, but still looked breathtaking.

“Mind if I join ya’ll?” I ask not taking my eyes off of her. I love how her body’s reacting to me.

“Not at all. We’re just about to play some drinking-games, if you are up for some “I have never…?” She smiles up at me, I can see she’s nervous. She keeps rubbing her hands along her legs to smooth out her dress. Every time my eyes linger down at her killer legs.

“I’m not one to back away from a challenge, Miss Livingston.” She’s going to be a challenge, and one I don’t intend to lose.

“Oh gosh, please, call me Savannah. Miss Livingston makes me sound so old,” She’s giggling non stop, which I image it’s a nervous trait. Usually it annoys the hell out of me, but with Savannah it actually turning me on more. If that’s even possible.

“Well then, Savannah, I would love to play, I’m eager to learn some of your dirty little secrets.” Imagining Savannah’s naughty side is killing me. I’m two seconds away from lifting her off of this couch and dragging her into my office. She keeps fidgeting and re crossing her legs. All I can think about is running my hands along her thigh. Making my way up in between them and dipping my fingers into that sweet little pussy of hers.

After playing drinking games for almost an hour, and watching Savannah lick salt off of her hand and seductively suck on limes. I’m about to explode. I saw a glimmer in her eye, she feels the sexual tension between us. She is loving the effect she’s having over me.

The waitress brings a new round of drinks for everyone. Savannah’s done with shots and is now drinking a Whiskey Sour. I eagerly take a shot of whiskey from the tray and toss it back. Welcoming the burn as it travels to my stomach.

“So much for your three drink limit. You passed that right after we stepped through the door,” Reagan smirks, “Are we all going to meet your wild side tonight?” He asks Savannah as she holds her glass in one hand and dangles her cherry in the other.

Turning and smiling at him she says, “I don’t know, maybe you will.” I about lose it right then and there as she puts the cherry onto her tongue and pops it off of the stem. All I can imagine is the head of my dick in her mouth. I run my fingers along her shoulder not being able to control myself. I have to touch her. Feel her silky skin, I want so badly to taste every inch of her body.

Looking over at me she sets the cherry stem on her tongue. A small growl escapes my lips, lucky for me between the loud music and her friends talking no one hears me. Sticking her tongue out at Reagan and I, she plucks the knotted cherry stem from her mouth.

“It’s been too long,” Reagan says as he raises an eyebrow at Savannah. “I miss that wild and crazy chick. She’s been locked away for far too long, but from the looks of things, she’s clawing her way out as we speak.” He points at her tongue and throws his head back in laughter.

“Wild and crazy Savannah is here, good girl Savannah is back in Los Angeles. I’m ready to have the time of my life,” She says turning and locking eyes with me again. This time resting her hand on my thigh.

I can’t take it any longer. Leaning down I whisper into her ear. “Impressive. I wonder what other things that tongue of yours can do,” I can feel her tremble as my words wash over her.

“Oh believe me, that isn’t all I can do,” she smiles back at me squeezing my thigh. It feels like the temperature just jumped a thousand degrees in here. Savannah is shocking the shit outta me right now. I am loving this side of her she’s showing me. Sliding my hand along her back I pull her flush against me. Needing to have her close.

Pressing my mouth against her ear, I whisper seductively to her “I would like nothing more than to have you show me your other talents. It would be a night to remember I bet, with the wild and crazy Savannah Livingston.” I feel drunk just off of her perfume. Throwing caution to the wind, I trail kisses down her neck. Gently sucking, she lets out a small moan and squeezes my leg again, she wants this just as badly as I do.

With shaky hands she tosses back the remainder of her drink. I love the way her tongue glides over her lips. Licking the alcohol from it. I want so badly to suck her lip into my mouth.

Standing she takes my hand into hers, “Well, then I think a good way to kick off this evening would be for you to dance with me,” We walk hand in hand towards the stairs and head to the dance floor. I will take any excuse to have her body pressed against mine.

We maneuver through the crowd of people until we make it to the dance floor and as soon as we do, I pull her against me. I slide one hand under her hair gripping her neck. Resting my other hand at the small of her back. It takes all I have to not take her ass into my hand.

Savannah runs her hand along my chest, instantly making my body tighten beneath her touch. Staring down into her smoky eyes and plump pink lips. Her dress accenting all of her curves, she has to be the most gorgeous woman to ever grace this earth. Tonight has definitely taken a turn for the better. The moment my eyes fell on her dancing on my bar. I new tonight would be ending with her in my bed.

“I don’t know what it is about you Kayden Knox, but you’ve got me under a spell. I never behave like this. It’s like I’m being drawn to you and I can’t turn away no matter how hard I try.”

“Well that’s good to know, because the feelings are definitely mutual. You drive me crazy. In just the last few hours I’ve thought of a million different ways to make you come,” Before I can even register what’s happening Savannah is lunging at my mouth. Crushing her lips against mine. Lifting her off of the ground and kiss her back with just as much passion, loving the feeling of her hair tangled in my fingers.

I can’t wait any longer. Still holding her against me, I make my way towards my office in the back of the club. Opening the door, I step inside quickly kicking the door shut and locking it.

Pulling my lips away from hers, I stare down at her. She’s gasping for air, and all flustered. Reaching down I rip her panties off. Needing her naked immediately. With in seconds Savannah is lunging back on me, gripping my shirt in her hands pulling my mouth back against hers. I love the sounds she’s making into my mouth as my tongue caresses hers.

Walking with her as our mouths are still connected, we make our way over to my couch. Mustering the last ounce of will power I have left. I pull my mouth away from hers. I love seeing the affect I have on her. Her entire body is screaming at me to fuck her. She plops down onto the couch and I kneel down between her thighs.

“All I’ve wanted is to taste you since the moment we met,” I says, working my body between her legs as I kiss a path down her neck. “Let’s get this dress off of you; I need to see you…all of you,” Wasting no time, I quickly unzip her dress, pulling it over her head and tossing it onto the floor.

Seeing her laying on my leather sofa naked and ready for me. I already know there’s no getting over this one. Savannah Livingston is going to ruin me for every other woman on the god damn planet.

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Kayden POV from Irresistible Desire Where he learns that Savannah & Logan have broken up

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There’s nothing like having a business meeting over a round of golf. Helps make them a little less boring. We’re finally at the 18th hole, once I sink my ball this meeting is over. I’ve been swamped with meeting, after meeting over the last several weeks; working out the plans for my wind energy project. I’ve welcomed the extra work load, it’s been a great distraction.

Ever since I flew back from L.A., my brain has been on overload. I can’t get that Assistant Editor out of my head. I’ve met many women over the last couple of years. Actresses, models, random chicks at my clubs and none have affected me this bad without even taking their freakin’ clothes off.

The kicker is she has a boyfriend, to top it off, it was all over the news that he proposed to her. I’ve spent the last few days doing everything I can to try and forget about it her. Nothing is helping; the only thing working is me going into business mogul mode. The thing is that it’s a temporary distraction. Yeah, I’m able to push thoughts of her into the back of my mind for a few hours, but then as soon as I lay down at night images of her are bouncing around in my mind again.

I’ve even gone as far as fuckin’ torturing myself Googling pictures of her. They don’t do her justice. Sure, she looks beautiful in every single one, but no picture can capture the beauty that is Savannah Livingston. I swear the moment I set eyes on her, I was fuckin’ done for. I need to go out tonight, find myself a hot brunette, someone way different then Savannah. It’s my last resort to try to forget about her.

Swinging my putter, I tap the ball, effortlessly sinking it into the hole for a par. After shaking hands with one of my many investors, he happily agrees to join my wind energy project. Saying our goodbyes, I walk him to his car, before heading inside. I need to head downstairs to my gym and try to work all this pent up frustration out of me.

As soon as I step into my foyer my phone starts buzzing. Pulling it out, I look at it and see it’s a Breaking News text from TMZ. Heading up the stairs to get changed into my work out attire, I click open on the text. I stop dead in my tracks when I see Savannah’s gorgeous face staring back at me. I’m even shocked further when I read what it says under her picture.

Breaking News! Savannah Livingston makes her first official press release confirming her engagement with Logan Sanders has been called off!

What the fuck? She called off her engagement? Running up the rest of the stairs two at a time, I toss my phone onto the bed and quickly undress, and toss my khaki shorts and polo shirt into my clothes hamper. Walking to my closet I grab a cut off and basketball shorts, tossing everything on quickly. Slipping my sneakers on, I head back out to my bedroom to retrieve my phone. I need to find out why Savannah broke off her engagement. Is it off? But she and Logan are still together? Or has the unimaginable occurred, and Savannah…the woman I’ve wanted in my bed since the moment I laid eyes on her is finally single?

Jogging down the stairs into the kitchen, I retrieve a bottle of water from the fridge and head down to my gym. Sitting down on the weight bench I scroll through TMZ’s website. They have a huge article they just posted, saying an anonymous source has confirmed that Logan was caught with another woman, the same night he proposed to Savannah.

That dipshit actually cheated on her? And on the night he asked her to marry him no less. That’s fucked up! Who in their right mind would want anyone but her? Savannah is fuckin’ gorgeous, witty, has a rockin’ body; she’s the total package.

I decide spur of the moment to do something. Anything to show her I’m thinking about her. If she felt what I did that day back in L.A., she has to have been thinking about me too; boyfriend or not. After a quick Google search I find a florist in Los Angeles. I told them I want the most beautiful and colorful bouquet, and to have it delivered to Savannah. I thought halfway through that I don’t have her address. I pay for order, and send a quick text to her friend Reagan asking for it. I’m glad now that I saved him in my contacts after the photo shoot.

I called back, gave them her address and tossed my phone onto the bench. I’m a ball of nerves now. I don’t know how she’ll take getting flowers from me. I’ll feel like a total ass if she thinks I overstepped by sending them. Only thing making me feel better is the florist said they were familiar with her address, because she’s had a dozen or so flowers delivered the last twenty-four hours. I am shocked by the fact that just the thought of other guys sending her flowers really pissed me the fuck off.

I’ve been very content with my life these last eight years; being single and free from the drama and heart ache relationships can bring. Loving someone allows you to become vulnerable.  I had learned the hard way; opening yourself up completely to someone, giving them all of your heart, then to just have it stomped on in the end. It’s beyond painful. I never want to feel that again, but Savannah stirred up something inside of me that I haven’t felt in a very long time. To be honest it scares the hell outta me.

Stepping onto the treadmill I crank it up and break into a full run. Maybe running until my lungs want to fall off will help me get my head on straight. I need to do something to get out all the energy coursing through my veins right now.

After my work out I took a shower and ordered dinner from Braxton’s Steak House. I don’t feel like going anywhere right now so decide to have it delivered. My plans to go find a girl to have a quick fuck with tonight, is definitely off the table. Knowing that Savannah is single has changed everything.

I know firsthand the hurt she’s going through from discovering the person she loved cheated on her, so, I will give her time and space to get over that douche bag. However, once she comes to Houston in November, I won’t be holding back. Call me cocky, call me arrogant, call me whatever the hell you want, but I know that once I’m in the same room as her again, she’ll be putty in my fuckin’ hands. Then it will only be a matter of time until I finally get to feel what it’s like to be buried to the hilt inside of her. Letting out that kinky sex kitten side I know she has and just hasn’t discovered yet.

I hear the delivery person at the door, after paying them; I make my way to the patio. It’s a warm September day in Sugar Land. So decide to eat my dinner outside by the pool. Before I can even finish chewing the first bite of my steak, a notification pops up on my phone that I have a new interaction on twitter. I almost ignored it, and eat first, but I decide to humor myself and see what my latest fan or one of my friends has tweeted me. I practically choke on my Goddamn steak when I see @SavannahLivingston tweeted me.

She thanked me for the flowers and I can’t help but smile as I read her tweet. We tweet each other back and forth a few times. The entire time I have this stupid grin plastered across my face. This girl has me all up in fuckin’ knots even when she’s thousands of miles away.

The gossip blogs will have a field day with this news that I sent her flowers. My mood is instantly much better; I love that everyone will know I sent her flowers. The fact that she searched me to write a thank you that made my day. I instantly follow her, and see she follows me back. Yup, its official I have it bad for this blonde beauty, Lord help me, but I do. If I get lucky enough to have her, I know one time will never be enough. That scares the shit out of me, but it’s a risk I think I just may be okay taking.

Kayden’s POV from Irresistible Desire “The Envy Interview”

PicMonkey Collageenvy1

Grabbing a bottle of water from the mini fridge, I exit my private jet and head down to the town car waiting for me. Paparazzi are always lurking around the corner, so I hope I can get in and out of L.A. without being hassled too much. I just want to get the interview and shoot done with and get back to Houston.

Slipping into the back seat of the Lincoln town car, I give the driver the address to Envy. Twisting the cap off of my water I take a quick swig and toss it onto the seat beside me. I hate interviews, only good thing is Eloise Fisher forwarded me her questions in advance, so I could let her know ahead of time which ones I will not be providing an answer to.

Looking out the window, there’s nothing but blue skies and shine; a perfect warm sunny Los Angeles day. My email from the photographer said we’ll be doing an outdoor shoot.

Pulling my phone from my pocket I call the Envy office, notifying them that I’ll be there shortly. After driving through bumper to bumper traffic, we finally pull in front of the Envy building. It’s a tall sleek modern looking building made completely of glass; extending about twenty stories into the sky. I inform my driver that I’ll text him before I come down, so he can go find a spot to park in the parking garage across the street.

Shoving my phone back into my pocket, I adjust my black cowboy hat and walk into the lobby of Envy. There are people everywhere coming and going from every direction. Envy is one of the largest magazine’s in the world. I am extremely honored they chose me as their Most Influential Man. I even beat out Leonardo DeCarpio who’s had a stellar year.

Stopping at the front desk, I flash the receptionist a small smile, laughing to myself as she giggles and plays with her hair while calling Eloise. It amazes me how one smile can turn any chick into putty in my hands. Thanking her for the directions to Eloise’s office, I give her another quick smile and head to the elevators. Stepping onto the elevator, I click the sixteenth floor. The small space is crammed with people who are more than likely returning from their lunch break. I’m early for my interview, since my plane arrived earlier than expected. I’m glad Eloise had no issues with bumping up my interview to an earlier time. I really didn’t feel like sitting around in her waiting room for an hour.

Exiting the elevator I make my towards Eloise’s office, there are people hard at work at their cubicle’s. No rest for the weary I guess. I laugh to myself watching everyone pounding away at their laptops, and working on their tablets. I can hear voices coming from her office, I recognize Eloise’s because I talked with her on the phone a few times over the last few weeks. The other voice, of the woman she’s talking to…it’s the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. Not too high and squeaky. I can’t stand those girls who talk like airheads. It’s not too deep to where you think you’re talking to a frickin’ guy, her voice is just perfect; soft and sweet.

Instantly intrigued by this mystery girl’s voice I step into the doorway of Eloise’s office; resting my arm against the frame of the door. I gaze in, and my eyes immediately fall on the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. She has long blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail with loose curls falling down her back. She’s wearing a tight little sleeveless dress and heels that make her legs look like they go on forever and is so fucking sexy. As soon as our eyes meet, her eyes get as big as saucers and I hear her sweet little voice say, “Holy Shit!” right away smacking her hand over her mouth and looking over at her boss who’s sitting right beside her. I can’t help but snicker at her, hearing her swear when her eyes landed on me made my dick jump.

I definitely want this girl…correction need this girl. She looks like she could give me the night of my life. I don’t usually give a girl more than one night, but for this girl…damn I would certainly consider going a few rounds with her. Smiling at her I walk into the office, Eloise extends her hand and greets me. “Nice to meet you Kayden, we’re so appreciative that you were able to come and do this interview face to face.”

Flashing another smile, and loving the affect it’s having on her, “It was no trouble at all. I’m honored to be named the Most Influential Man of 2012, so flying in to do this interview and photo shoot is the least I can do, Mrs. Fisher.”

“Please call me Eloise, Mrs. Fisher is my mother-in-law.” Turning her attention towards the gorgeous blonde beside her she smiles back at me, “And this is my assistant editor, Savannah Livingston. I imagine you know her parents; I heard you‘re a huge fan.

Savannah. I really love that name, she is not only gorgeous, but has a hot southern name to boot. Livingston, I knew that name was familiar; I cannot believe she’s the daughter of one of my favorite country duos. I’ve met them before, but never her. What a shame.

“Hi.” Savannah, says her voice sounding shaky. I love that I’m affecting her like this. I usually affect all women like this, but could care less. Savannah on the other hand, it makes my dick hard just thinking about fuckin’ her until she’s screaming my name….Digging those sweet little fingers into my ass. I need to shift my thoughts, before my dick gets any harder. Dead puppies…dead puppies…shit.

Snapping from my erotic fantasy, I focus my attention back on Eloise, and try to not look like a total idiot or creep Savannah out. I can’t stop staring at her, it’s like my eyes are being constantly drawn to her.

“Yes, I am a fan of Maverick and Paisley’s music. I had the honor of meeting them a few years ago at an event in Nashville. You’re very lucky to have such amazing parents.” I say locking eyes again with her. Her big blue eyes can easily bring me to my knees. I reach out to shake her hand, as her delicate, small hand touches mine a shock of electricity courses through my entire body. Now it’s my turn to shout Holy Shit! What the fuck was that?!

Shaking my hand with a shy smile, “Thanks, my parents will be thrilled to learn you’re such a huge fan. They love your hotels. They stay at one in Hawaii every time they vacation there.”

I am still in shock over what the hell I am feeling from touching her hand, and don’t want to let go of it. Trying to focus, I pull my hand away. “That’s great to hear, the next time they’ll be staying let me know, and I’ll make sure they receive complimentary spa passes.” I take a seat in the chair across from them. I can’t keep my eyes from drifting to hers. I can’t stop myself from drinking in the vision before me.

Eloise starts the interview right off, distracting me momentarily. I am prepared for the questions so I can sit back and relax, answering them with ease as they come at me. When she brings up my love life and whether I’m single or not; I can’t help but look back over at Savannah. She seems very intrigued by this question, and is hanging on my every word for what my answer will be. Staring into her gorgeous pools of baby blues, she is staring right back at me. Caught ogling she immediately shoots her eyes towards the window. I can’t help but grin.

Losing my smile, and turning serious, I look back at Eloise and I answer flatly, “Single and not looking; I’ve done the whole relationship thing and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” Looking back towards her to see if she’s watching me again, I don’t know why, but I’m happy to find that she is. “I’m enjoying the freedom that comes with casual dating.” Man I would love to casually date you. Savannah has that sweet innocent, girl next door look, but I have a feeling she would be wild in bed.

Damn it, I need to snap the fuck out of this. I’ve been around her thirty minutes and she’s got me all tied up in knots. I know this more than I know anything: I need to fuck this girl, get her out of my system, because I already can tell, she’s going to be stuck in my head the moment I step out of this office. Gazing at her left hand, I don’t see a ring. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. A girl this fuckin’ hot can’t be single. I doubt she’s a lesbian, because she is looking at me like she wants to pounce on me, just as badly as I want to pounce on her.

We spend the next fifteen minutes going over the remainder of Eloise’s questions. Wrapping up the interview she discusses the photo shoot with me; informing me that we’ll be doing the shoot at Greystone Park. I instantly take the opportunity to try and get some alone time with Savannah. Try to work my magic on her. But she shocked the hell outta me and actually turned down my offer to let her ride with me. No girl has ever passed up a chance to be alone with me. I can tell; she’ll be a challenge and I love a challenge.

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