Deleted Scene Infinite Desire- Savannah & Mya’s POVs for New Years Eve 2013


Deleted Scene:

New Years Eve Dec 31st 2013


“Ready to ring in the New Year baby?” Kayden asks as he draws circles on my arm. We’re in the back of a limo Braxton and Mya sent over to Sugar Land to bring us to their house for their annual New Year’s Eve party.
Shifting on the seat, my satin gown slides easily across the leather, I flash Kayden a small smile, “I am beyond ready! I finally get to experience Mya and Braxton’s party instead of just hearing about it.”
Sliding his fingers down the side of my face I relish in the feeling of his rough warm fingers on my skin. His green eyes are sparkling in the over head lights of the limo as they smile at me, “I for one and ready to finally get my New Year’s kiss, seeing that I didn’t get one last year.” Leaning down he brushes his lips against mine.
My skin is instantly blanketed in goose bumps; just the smallest touch from Kayden sets my body on fire.
Breaking away from our kiss, Kayden lets out a low growl as he rakes his fingers through his hair, “You think we have time for a quicky?” He asks as his eyes roam over my body, stopping momentarily to take in my now another cup size bigger breasts that are bursting out of my low cut silver and black satin gown.
Kayden’s words make my body ache for his touch, lately I feel like no matter how many times he fucks me, I just can’t get enough of him.
Not wasting any time I hike up my dress and slide onto Kayden’s lap, mentally thanking myself for opted not to wear any panties tonight.
Gripping my thighs Kayden stares up at me with desire erupting in his eyes, the pure predatory fire is smoldering hot. I swear I’m melting under his gaze.
“God, you look so beautiful tonight…” Kayden murmurs against my skin as he trails kisses along my breasts as his hands make their way under the skirt of my dress.
Sliding my fingers into his hair I grip it as I bask in the feeling of his lips on my body, the hypnotic music pumping out of the speakers of our limo mixed with his lips and fingers all over me.
Bringing my lips down to his ear, I slide my tongue over Kayden’s lobe, before clamping it between my teeth. “Fuck me Knox…”My voice comes out sultry and laced with sex.
The massive erection pressing against my throbbing clit lets me know Kayden is just as ready as I am.
“Oooh believe me baby, I plan on it.” I love how cocky he comes off when he’s about to fuck me senseless.
Within seconds Kayden has his dress slacks unzipped and his cock sprung free. Gripping my hips he lifts me and slides me on to his cock stretching and filling every inch of me. I scream out in pleasure chanting his name as I rotate my hips sliding along his long shaft before crashing back down, each thrust is a concoction of pleasure mixed with pain as the head of his cock hits against my cervix.
We don’t have much time; the excitement of knowing we need to hurry only enhances my pleasure. We have the privacy window up so the driver can’t see us, but he sure as hell can hear me. I’m not holding back.
“Fuck baby…I’m about to fuckin’ explode…” Kayden hises between clenched teeth as he tosses his head back against the seat, locking his eyes onto mine.
I flash him an impish grin as I slide my hands over his and lead it to my clit that’s starving for attention.
A deep husky growl resonates in his throat as he massages his thumb firmly against my nub giving me exactly what I want and need. “Yes…Kayden! Ohhh…God!” I scream as I ride out an intense orgasm that’s causing my entire body to go numb as it consumes me.
I swear my house is ready to burst at the seams with the amount of people we have here tonight. It doesn’t help that almost all of Braxton’s friends are seven foot tall. I practically have the entire Houston Texans football team in my ballroom. We definitely had to triple our food order with the caterers because these guys can clear out a place within minutes.
I spot Savannah and Kayden at the bar with Brooklyn and Dixon, so make my way over to visit with them. I feel awful, they’ve been here over an hour but I’ve barely had a second to spend with them because I’ve had so many guests to attend to.
“Hey guys! So what do ya think?” I ask cheerfully as I raise my arms up and wave towards the DJ and all the fabulous New Year’s decorations. We have a flat screen on the wall above the bar with the Rocking New Years on getting ready to count down to midnight in a few minutes.
Dixon draping his arm over my shoulder lets out a small chuckle, “This party is off the fuckin’ charts.”
A nervous laugh escapes me as I drag my eyes from Dixon to everyone else. “Really? I’m happy y’all are enjoying yourselves. It means a lot that y’all came tonight.”
Savannah and Brooklyn both look from each other to me as we hear Pitbull start thumping out of the speakers. They both start swaying their hips to the music as they make their way over to me, “We’re having fun, but it isn’t a party until our feet hurt from dancing!” Brooklyn laughs as her and Savannah drag me onto the dance floor.
I glance over my shoulder and see Dixon and Braxton heading over to Braxton and a few of his teammates with their beers in tow.
“Alright…alright! We’ll dance for a few minutes but then we gotta watch the ball drop!” I can’t contain my laughter as Savannah begins to shimmy her very voluptuous breasts at me.
“Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven…!” We all are shouting in unison as we watch the giant sparkly ball in Times Square on the TV. Braxton is standing behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist hugging me tightly against him. With each number we shout, we sway side to side. Looking around I can’t help but smile.
This time last year was awful, we were going to cancel the party with of what happened with Savannah, but Kayden insisted that we didn’t. They knew we had almost a four hundred guests coming for our annual event.
I couldn’t enjoy myself though, no matter how hard I tried. All I could think about was Savannah lying in the hospital fighting for her life. Knowing this year that Zak is in prison, and we’re all happy and healthy is an amazing feeling.
As we get down to the number three, I spin around locking my fingers together behind Braxton’s neck. I get lost momentarily in his dark brown irises. “One! Happy New Year!” We shout at one another before Braxton cups the back of my head pulling me in for our first kiss of 2014.

Deleted Scene Infinite Desire Brooklyn’s POV


Deleted Scene Brooklyn and Dixon
Infinite Desire
Taking my hand into his Dixon leads me down the corridor of the hotel. “Wasted or not, they’ll give me a tattoo, don’t you worry babe.”
I can’t help but laugh as I shake my head at the drunken fool pulling me towards the tattoo shop in Knox’s hotel. I thought he was joking when he said he wanted to get a tattoo.
My eyes keep lingering on our entwined fingers that are now dawning cheap gold wedding bands. I still cannot believe we just eloped. I have a picture in my clutch of us with an Elvis impersonator that married us. That will definitely be a conversation starter when people spot it on my mantel.
“You sure you won’t regret this wonderful idea in the morning?” I ask as we stop in front of the twenty-four hour tattoo parlor.
Flashing me a cocky grin, Dixon tugs on my hand causing me to crash into his rock solid chest. I rest my hand against his shoulder as I steady myself, with all the shots I took, I am surprised I can even catch myself and not fall flat on my ass.
Slipping his hand into my hair, he cups the side of my face, and pulls me in for a quick kiss. “Believe me darlin’ there is nothing about tonight I’ll ever regret.”
I can’t help but become giddy as he says those words to me. Never in a million years did I think I’d be Mrs. Dixon Beaumont. I thought just a few weeks ago we were done for good. I was over being just a bed buddy to him, I wanted more and he didn’t. Then all of a sudden he was texting me saying he missed me. Now look at us, eloping in Vegas.
I need to tell Jax, but that can wait until the morning. He’ll understand, it’s not like we were serious or anything. We were just friends who hooked up time to time, he’s known since day one, I’ve wanted Dixon. I never met a guy who consumed my every thought like Dixon has.
I just hope once we both sober up nothing changes, because nothing is worse than getting a taste of what you’ve dreamt of to just have it vanish before your eyes.
Holding my cell up I snap a picture of Dixon lying down with his arm above his head as the tattoo artist Skit, I really hope that isn’t his real name, is working on is new ink.
I still can’t believe he’s tattooing my name on his arm. Kayden is going to have a field day with this after Dixon busted Kayden’s balls the entire plane ride home from the Bahamas for tattooing Savannah’s name on his ribs.
“How’s it lookin’?” Dixon asks dragging his gaze from me to his arm.
Climbing off of the stool, I make my way over beside Dixon and observe the tattoo, it looks pretty bad ass. “It’s turning out really awesome babe. I love it!” Leaning down I kiss him before going back to watching Skit finish the detailing around my name.
“It sure hurts like a mother fucker…” Dixon says between clenched teeth as Skit fills in the swirls around my name.
He did Brooklyn in a cursive font, with really interesting swirl like details around it. It’s a work of art on his arm. I can’t wait to show it off with him tomorrow to everyone.
Reaching into his jeans Dixon pulls out his chrome flask, “Nothing like some Jack to numb the pain.” He laughs and flashes me a cocky grin as he holds it up to me. “Can ya help me out babe?”
Rolling my eyes, I take the flask and twist the top off for him, “I don’t know how you’re not numb already I think you drank an entire bottle of tequila back at the club!”
He takes a long swig from the flask, “Ahhh.” He says as he slaps his lips together, and slowly drags his tongue over them licking the remaining whiskey off. “It takes a whole lot more than that to make me numb baby. As soon as this tattoos done, we’re heading up to the suite to consummate our marriage…hell maybe we can do that on the way up to the suite.”
Skit sure is finding this conversation interesting, he slides his gaze from Dixon’s tattoo up to me before focusing back on the tattoo, “So I take it you two got married? Let me guess, by a guy dressed up like Elvis?”
Dixon lets out a loud chuckle, “Yup! Damn it’s the best fuckin’ idea ever. It was a spur of the moment thing, but shit, it beats dealing with all that crazy ass weddin’ plannin’ shit!”
Wow. Isn’t he just romantic?
Biting back a smile, I run my hand over Dixon’s arm, “You’re right Dixon, Savannah and Kayden should save themselves the headache of planning a wedding and just elope too.”
A devilish grin spreads across his lips as he flashes me a mega-watt smile, “We’re fuckin’ geniuses. I will so be telling Knox tomorrow he should ask Savannah to elope.”
I highly doubt Savannah will go for that idea, but I’ll just let him enjoy his moment of glory.

Deleted Scene Infinite Desire Rebecca POV

Deleted Scenes:
Deleted Scene Jax and Rebecca
Infinite Desire
I don’t know if it’s all the alcohol I’ve consumed tonight but every time Jax gets near me I feel my entire body react to his nearness. I have a good buzz going between the few sips of apple pie moonshine Mya got me to drink, and then all the beer I’ve had from the keg. It’s the only logical reason.
I mean he was with Brooklyn, I know they weren’t serious, but still, its girl code…never sleep with someone your friends been with.
God. I really need to keep my distance from him. We’ve been playing beer pong for the last hour and every time he looks at me with that freaking melt-your-panties right the fuck off smile, I swear my knees go weak. I made the mistake of becoming overly excited when we whooped Mya and Braxton a few minutes ago, and jumped into Jax’s arms squealing like a freaking teenager at a Justin Beiber concert.
The second his arms wrapped around my body, I felt myself melt into him. I took a long inhale of the cologne on his t-shirt, it’s the most masculine, intoxicating scent. The instant our eyes connected as I giggled uncontrollably with excitement my entire body felt an electric charge shoot through it prickling my skin.
I immediately snapped out of my Jax enchantment and jumped out of his arms, making a b-line for the keg. I downed my entire solo cup in record time before returning to the beer pong table to play against Savannah and Kayden.
This beach is full of gorgeous single men, hell they don’t breed them better than they do in Texas. I’m used to seeing overly skinny wannabe rockers in LA, or more feminine than me model types who are more into themselves then anything.
Down here you have real men, who don’t wear jeans that look like they stole them out of my closet and for a date take you four-wheeling, rather than to the mall to get a frickin’ mani-pedi with you.
The sexy Southern drawl is a plus too; there is just something about a man with an accent, which brings me back to Jax. Damn, he is hot, funny, has the sexiest Australian accent that makes me tingle all over when I hear him talk, and then his delicious muscles covered with tattoos make him just downright irresistible. There’s something about a guy with a gun, the whole knight in shining armor thing is a huge turn on.
I just have to push those thoughts away. Focus on finding a sexy Southern boy here, who can show me a good time. Jax is OFF LIMITS.
I’ve tried to chat it up with a few different guys tonight, but I’m not feeling that overwhelming attraction to any of them. No matter how hard I try I can’t stop my eyes from roaming over to Jax. I know he’s feeling the pull between us because I keep spotting him watching me too.
Feeling the need to get away from this the entire situation before I do something I’ll regret, I excuse myself and let Savannah know I’m heading to the guest room I’m staying in.
Making my way onto the deck, I glance over the railing one more time before heading inside. Jax is taking a long pull from his bottle of beer as he’s nodding to something Kayden and Dixon are saying. Feeling my eyes on him, he drags his gaze from them up towards the house and his eyes land on me.
I quickly spin around and maneuver through people hanging out up on the deck and make my way into the house. As soon as I make it to the second level I stop in the hallway and rest against the wall. I relish in the peace and quiet.
My head is spinning as I lay against the wall with my eyes closed, I’ve drank way more than I normally do and I’m definitely feeling it.
I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, assuming it’s just someone heading up here to use the upstairs bathroom, I pay no attention.
“Rebecca…” I hear my name in that all too familiar Aussie accent. I snap my eyes open to find Jax standing in front of me. His eyes are glazed over, but the fire burning in them is impossible to miss.
He slowly drags his tongue over his bottom lip as he slides his eyes over my face as he waits for me to respond.
I let out a shaky breath as I clamp my teeth down on my lip. God I want him more than I’ve ever wanted another man. Why does he have to be so freaking hot. My body is aching everywhere for his touch, it’s as if I’m a moth and he’s the flame. No matter how hard I try, I can’t fight it. I’m drawn to the flame.
I know I’m bound to get burned, but I just can’t turn away.
“Hey…” Is all I can manage to say at the moment; my mind is distracted, it’s too busy daydreaming about Jax fucking me against this wall to form a coherent sentence.
He takes another step closer, setting a hand against the wall beside my head, with his face only inches from mine. “This is crazy. I don’t know why but I just had to follow ya up here.” His breath is hot and smells of whiskey and beer. I can’t take my eyes off of those lips. All I can think about is his lips on my body. The ache between my legs is almost unbearable.
“We can’t do this…Brooklyn…” I stammer out as I try to convince myself more than Jax. “Fuck it!” Throwing caution to the wind, I throw my arms around his neck, cupping the back of his head and pull his mouth to mine. It’s like the fourth of July mixed with Christmas as his lips collide with mine.
My head is swimming and it’s no longer because of the alcohol. No it’s all because of Jax. If he fucks anything like he kisses, the regret I’ll be feeling in the morning will be so fucking worth it!
I moan into his mouth as he presses his body against mine pinning me against the wall. I’m completely lost in the moment I forget we’re in the middle of the hallway.
Sliding his hand into my hair, Jax deepens the kiss slipping his tongue into my mouth. He caresses the roof of my mouth, as he eagerly fucks my mouth with his tongue. It feels like a thousand tiny butterflies fluttering against my skin as his kiss causes my entire body to react to his touch.
I can feel his hardening cock through his jeans pressing against me; I slide one hand slowly down his chest working my way to his pants. I cup his erection and rub it through his jeans, the sounds he’s making against my lips is like an aphrodisiac.
“Come to my room.” I murmur against his lips.
Not having to ask him twice, he wraps his arms around me and bouncing against the walls, never removing our lips from one another’s, we make our way to my door.
Before I can process what’s happening we’re bursting through the door, Jax kicks it shut, as he slams me against the door. Within seconds my tee is being pulled over my head, and he’s trailing kisses down my neck working a fiery path to my breasts.
Feeling as if my body is being possessed I tear at his shirt needing to remove it so I can see every inch of him.
“I have never wanted someone as badly as I want you right now.” Jax whispers against my skin as he works his mouth across my collar bone.
Sliding my fingers into his hair, I press my lips against his ear, “Then what are you waiting for.”
With those words Jax doesn’t hold back, we’re both completely naked, consumed in darkness, “Wrap your legs around me.” He husks as he grips my hips lifting me in the air.
Doing as told I quickly snake my legs around his waist, hooking my feet together tightly behind him. Pressing my against the door, he slams into me, his cock filling me, the feeling of it sliding in and out is absolutely overwhelming. I scream out in ecstasy, “Ohhhh God!” as he fucks me against the door.
The only sounds we hear is the music traveling through the open windows and the short sharp breaths and moans as Jax pushes me to towards climax.
“Fuck baby…” He hisses against my shoulder as he grips my ass, his fingers biting into my skin.
I can feel him getting close to finishing as his cock hardens and his girth expands he picks up his pace, each thrust is a delicious concoction of his pubic bone stimulating my clit, and his cock slamming against my g-spot.
Tossing my head back I slam it against the door with force, and tighten my legs around him, as one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced rips through my body.
Cupping the back of my neck, Jax presses his lips to mine. My body goes numb and my skin tingles, as our tongues tangle together. I moan into his mouth, as he thrusts his hips into me forcefully groaning against my lips climaxing along with me.
Looking at the clock I see it’s almost ten in the morning. My entire body aches and my head is pounding. Rolling over I stare at the spot where Jax was just a few short hours ago. After last night my mind is a mess. I have so many thoughts running through my head right now, it’s only making my hangover worse.
Jax was like the energizer bunny last night, with all that alcohol in his system, he was able to rock me with three more orgasms before sneaking out to his room. The ache I felt in my chest as he slipped out the door was unlike anything I’ve felt in a very long time.
It scared the shit out of me.
I cannot fall for Jax. No way in hell. It will only cause trouble; I cherish my friendship with Brooklyn way too much to risk losing it over a guy. It hurts like hell knowing I can never be with Jax, but there is just no possible way.
I doubt he would want to be with me anyways. I more than likely was a means to an end for him. I helped heal some wounds he has from Brooklyn stomping on his heart when she eloped with Dixon.
I could shoot myself right now, I was stupid and had unprotected sex with Jax. I’m on birth control, but that’s not a one hundred percent guarantee. So I never risk it, I always make the guy I’m with use a condom.
Even my ex I was with for two years, never once had sex without protection. I can’t risk getting pregnant. I will not bring a child into this world without being married first. I will not allow my baby to grow up in a split home like I have.
Climbing out of bed, I head into the bathroom. Glancing in the mirror I gasp at my reflection. I look like shit!
 “Thank God!” I mumble under my breath as I spot a bottle of Advil in the medicine cabinet. I pop two into my mouth and wash them down. I hope they start working fast because my head feels like a marching band is marching inside of it.
 Starting the shower, I quickly get to work washing my hair and body. After twenty minutes, I’m showered, dressed and sprinting down the stairs. Everyone’s still asleep thank god. Spotting the keys to Brooklyn’s jeep, I grab them and quickly jot a note letting her know I borrowed it to run to the store quick.
Climbing into her jeep, I crank up the stereo and get lost in Imagine Dragon’s song, Radioactive. I sing along with the words and try to ignore the images of Jax and me last night.
After a quick stop at the pharmacy a weight lifts off of my shoulders. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so I picked up Plan-B. I will not take a chance of getting knocked up after a one night stand.
I swing by Dunn Bros and grab Savannah, Brooklyn and I iced coffees, and head back to the house.
I fly back to LA tonight thank god, because I don’t know if I can handle being around Jax. I pray things between Jax and I stay the way they were, and our hook-up last night doesn’t make things weird between us especially since we’re in the wedding together.

I have to go home focus on work, do something, anything to get him out of my head. It’s going to be hard, but it has to be done.ImageImage

ACA Awards Deleted Scene in Kayden’s POV Infinite Desire


ACA Awards

I’m sitting next to Savannah and her parents at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the American Country Awards. They’re up for Album of the Year and Best Country Duo. It’s a tough category but I have my finger crossed for them. This is our third time this year attending awards for her parents; nothing is more fun than a country music award show. We get to see some of our closest friends performing our favorite songs on stage. The awards are fun, but the after party’s are kick ass. Nothing like a bunch of country folk gettin’ drunk and partyin’ it up, especially when we’re in Las Vegas!
The red carpet was insane. The press was lined up along both sides of the red carpet, shouting at anyone who walked past firing off a thousand questions or wanting you to pose for a picture. Thankfully Savannah’s dress hides are tiny baby bump while emphasizing her tits that look fuckin’ amazing right now.
We’re not officially announcing we’re expecting until we find out the sex of babies in two weeks. I’m happy to be in our seats now and done answering the same questions over and over as we made our way inside.
The room goes dark and spot lights shines down as music starts to play; Lady Antebellum is opening the award show singing their newest single Compass. Taking my eyes off of Hillary, Charles and Dave, I slide my gaze to Savannah; she looks absolutely awe-inspiring in her tight fitting emerald dress. She insisted on me wearing an emerald tie to go with her dress. My girl loves me in green, she rambles on and on about my eyes, one look and she’s putty in my hands.
She’s softly singing along to her new favorite song at the moment. I lace my fingers into hers and give them a gently squeeze. She gazes up me, her big baby blues twinkling in the lighting; she takes my breath away without even tryin’. No one can hold a candle to my Angel.
“They’re amazing aren’t they?” Savannah whispers to me before focusing back on the stage.
Leaning towards her, resting my lips against her ear, I feel her shiver as my breath caresses her skin, a faint smile creeps across my mouth, “Yeah, they sound great, baby.”
After they’re opening performance, the first award is Male Artist of The Year, I couldn’t help but scream out, “Hell yeah!”  When they announced Luke Bryan won!
After an hour into the show it’s finally time to learn who the Duo Of The Year is, Savannah is squeezin’ my hand so fuckin’ hard, I think I lost blood flow to my fingers five minutes ago. I’m practically holding my breath as they announce the winners, there’s her parents face up on the big screen next to my boys Florida Georgia Line, and the other nominees. It’s a hard category, and I can’t help but feel torn. Tyler and Brian have had a stellar year so far.
“God, I think I’m going to puke.” Savannah mumbles under her breath. With her morning sickness, I wouldn’t doubt that she could puke, and we’re pretty fuckin’ far from a bathroom. So I am prayin’ she doesn’t get sick!
I rub my thumb over the back of her hand trying to help calm her nerves, “Whether they win or lose, they were nominated that’s pretty awesome.” I say trying to lighten the mood.
Fuck me and pregnancy hormones.
Savannah flashes me the look of death, “Thanks for the positive vibes Knox.” Before snapping her eyes back to the stage.
“The winner of Best Country Duo is…Maverick and Paisley Livingston!”
Thank FUCK!
Shit, I feel bad for my boys though… I scan the room and spot Tyler and Brian a few rows ahead; I nod, and give them both a smile. They are cool as shit, and don’t even seem fazed, they’ve already won Single of The Year for Cruise so they’re on cloud nine right now.
“Oh my God!” Savannah is shouting as she bursts with excitement hugging her parents as they squeeze their way down the aisle.
I give Maverick a man hug, “Congrats!” I shout over the cheers and clapping, before pulling Paisley in for a hug, I plant quick kiss on her cheeks, and can’t help but laugh as I notice her blush the same way Savannah does.
“See baby, nothin’ to worry about, they won!” I shout scooping my crazy hormonal wife into my arms and planting a big kiss on her lips for the world to see as the camera zooms in on us before focusing on her parents making their way onto the stage.
Sitting back down beside me Savannah gives me a sexy smile, “Sorry baby, for biting your head off, my nerves are getting the best of me. I feel bad for our friends, but I gotta root for my parents.”
God I love her.
“It’s okay darlin’ don’t even worry about it, I love you even when you’re gettin’ all hormonal on me.”  I tease and let out a small chuckle as she flashes me an impish grin and furrows her brows at me.
Letting out a small laugh, she rolls her eyes before looking up onto the stage at her parents. They are in their element when they are on stage. The crowd loves them. I love that I get to experience this with them and Savannah. It’s definitely a great story to tell the twins when they’re older.
As her parents are making their way back to their seats, Thomas Rhett is being announced as the next performer. As he begins singing It Goes Like This, Savannah rests her cheek on my shoulder and presses kisses to my knuckles. I can’t help but think back to last spring when I sang this song to her when we took our trip to Austin.
The last hour flies by, it’s the end of the show and my boys from Florida Georgia Line are closing the show with their new song Stay. I can’t help but think of Savannah while listening to the lyrics, and back to the pain time in our lives when Savannah left me and went back to LA. We’ve come so far since then. All the pain no matter how much it fuckin’ sucked to have to go through it, it was worth it because now our relationship is stronger than it’s ever been.

Savannah’s Interview with Eloise at Envy Magazine


Eloise: Thank You Savannah for agreeing to this interview. I know how hard it is for you during this time to talk about everything that’s happened.

Savannah: You’re very welcome. I’m honored to be on the cover and to be doing this interview with Envy. I love this magazine, and can’t think of any other I would want to do my interview with.

Eloise: Well we are honored that you agreed to this, and even though we wish it was on different terms. I think it’s wonderful you want to set the story straight, and get the truth out about yours and Logan’s breakup.

Savannah: Believe me it’s the last thing I really want to talk about, but with Logan running to magazines and television shows. I feel that this is something that I have to do. Any person who’s ever been cheated on I think can relate to my situation.

Eloise: I have a list of questions here for you. If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable answer just let me know. You’ve watched me do enough of these to know how this whole thing goes.

Savannah: Yes. All to well, but I think it’s actually beneficial because I know what to expect.

Eloise: Okay. First question that everyone has been writing on our website. Did you have any idea that Logan was cheating on you?

Savannah: Sadly, I had no clue. I was totally in the dark. He had me fooled along with everyone close to me. He seemed to me like the perfect boyfriend. We were both career driven, and supported each others goals. I just assumed the time away from me, was for him to work on building his Agency. Little did I know he was busy sleeping with his models, while he was signing them.

Eloise: Ouch…I can only imagine how you were feeling after finding out. There has been a lot of different stories floating around about how you found out. If you are comfortable with discussing it, what really happened the night you caught Logan with this Cara woman?

Savannah: Well, it happened the night of Logan’s masquerade ball. After he proposed to me. We talked with the press, did the whole picture thing with them. Then when we went back into the party I left Logan to show off my engagement ring to my friends. He got a text and excused himself. A few minutes later a woman approached my friends and I with a key card to one of the rooms at The Roosevelt Hotel. She was to say the least, not the sweetest person I encountered that evening. After she gave me the room number, myself and everyone else assumed Logan booked it to celebrate our engagement. I was way wrong! When I entered the room, I found champagne glasses and a woman’s pair of high heels. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the hell was going on.

Eloise: Oh my, on the night you got engaged that’s awful! Did you confront him?

Savannah: Yes. At first I contemplated just turning around and leaving. Then I realized I needed to see what I thought was going on with my own eyes. Opening that bedroom door to find my Fiancé getting a blow job by one of his model’s, was like a sucker punch to my stomach. I flipped out. Screamed at him, her…I was furious and mortified. When she revealed to me that this wasn’t the firs time. It was in fact one of many times, and she wasn’t the only one. I literally thought I was going to pass out. My entire world was crashing down around me. It went from the happiest day to worst day of my life all within a few hours.

Eloise: I can only imagine! I am surprised Logan Sanders along with that Cara woman weren’t checked into the hospital after that altercation. I would of gone postal on his ass and hers. Major props to you Savannah.

Savannah: Thanks, that night my eyes were opened to the life I’d been living. I thought after that there was no way I could ever handle falling in love again. It wasn’t worth the heartache I new I may feel again if I allowed myself to love another man ever again.

Eloise: Well, now that brings me to my next question. You were blowing up the website and blogs the night of the Envy Party in Houston, and the morning after. All due to a certain Billionaire who graced our cover of Envy’s January issue. When he dipped you back and planted a hot kiss on those little lips of yours out front of Vertigo. Are you two an item now?

Savannah: Oh. My. Godd. I’ve been preparing for this question, but thinking back to the night fries my brain! Kayden Knox is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. When we got together in Houston. I thought I was just having fun, and trying to move on from Logan. The last thing I ever expected was to actually fall for him. I fell fast and hard for Kayden Knox! I keep pinching myself daily trying to let it sink in that he is really with me. He could have anyone he wanted, I mean look at him! He’s freakin’ gorgeous! He wants me, it’s totally insane. To answer you question…yes we are a couple now. It’s scary, I never thought I would find a man who would make me want to give love another shot. When I’m around Kayden it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s like we are two magnets being pulled together. No matter how hard we try to fight it, in the end we are going to come together. So we thought why fight it?

Eloise: Well, I think I can speak for every female around the globe when I say you are one lucky lady! For my next question, I know the answer to this since I am your boss…but our reader’s do not. So…for my next question. How do you and Kayden plan on making your long distance relationship work? You live in California, and he in Texas?

Savannah: Actually, I’ve thought about this a lot. I think with my trust issues and Kayden’s also. If we tried to do a long distance relationship, our relationship probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Thanks to my amazing boss, I have the opportunity to have my dream job, and my dream guy without picking between the two. I’ve decided to move to Galveston, Texas, and live at my parents beach house they have there. That way Kayden and I are close to each other and can truly give us a chance. See where it leads.

Eloise: Believe me, if I had a hunky man like Kayden Knox I would haul ass to Texas too! Now that it’s been a few months, and you have this new thing with Kayden. How are you with the whole Logan thing?

Savannah: I’m getting better every day. It’s still hard. I loved Logan for four years. But after what he did I could never go back to him. I know some people do and with therapy or whatever, they get through the betrayal together. I just can’t do that. A part of me will always love Logan and the good times I shared with him. But I am looking forward, and I’m excited to see where things go with Kayden.

Eloise: Okay last question and this is a very personal one so if you don’t feel comfortable answer, you don’t have to. We’ve seen Logan talking to the press claiming sex addiction. What do you believe? Do you think he truly suffers from it? Or using it as a way to pass the blame for all the women he cheated on you with. Also did you fear that you were maybe exposed to an STD or god forbid AIDS since you learned he had so many different sexual partners while with you?

Savannah: This is a difficult question, but I want to answer. Because even my own parents have asked me this. I feel that I need to answer it to try and stop the publicity Logan is getting. I do not believe for a single second that he has a sex addiction. I believe he is power hungry, money hungry, and got a thrill from being able to seduce so many women. He is using this to get attention and sympathy. I do believe people do suffer from sex addiction, and that it is a real thing. But after reading up on it and learning the facts. I just don’t believe that is Logan’s problem. He is just finding yet another way to get his name and face out there. If he really wanted to fix things and get me back. He would of sought out a local therapist and asked me to go with him. Not sign up for a celebrity rehab reality television show.

Eloise: I agree. His action do make him come off as a person who’s thriving on the attention he’s getting. I was so impressed with your maturity through out this whole ordeal. You could of fought fire with fire and gone to all the media outlets he went to. Selling your story to them also, but you didn’t you kept your head up, and was the bigger person. America and the world has taken notice, and all agree with me that Logan Sanders is the biggest fool to do to you what he did.

Savannah: Thank you Eloise. It really means a lot to me that you think that. To answer the second part of your question. Yes I did have the idea cross my mind that maybe Logan had exposed himself to something, with all the women he had slept with. Even though we never once had unprotected sex. I went to my gynecologist and had tests run to make sure I was healthy. I was happy to learn I got a clean bill of health.

Eloise: Well thank you again Savannah for doing this interview. I wish you the best of luck with Kayden.

Savannah: Thank you for allowing me to do this interview. There isn’t another magazine I think would be better then Envy to cover my one and only interview.

Interview for Savannah & Kayden with First Class Books Blog

Thank you both so much for granting First Class Books the first official interview with you as a couple. I don’t want to waste your time because I know you are both so busy. Let’s start off with a question for you Kayden.
photo.jpg(First Class Books) Kayden, how did you feel the first time you saw Savannah?

(Kayden)I was in Shock! I’ve met a lot of gorgeous women, but Savannah has to be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Then I was definitely curious. I had to know who she was, and if she was single. Because if so I was not going to stop until I got her to go out to dinner with me, or something, anything! 

(FCB) Savannah, what was going through your mind when Logan showed up in Galveston?

(Savannah) What the fuck is going on! I thought I was hallucinating, because he was the last person I ever imagined would be knocking on my door. Then after I processed the fact that the person I despise most in this world was really here in Galveston. I was trying to figure out how the hell I could get his ass back to LA, A.S.A.P!

(FCB) What is your favorite thing to do with each other?

(Savannah) Sorry Kayden but I have to go first! haa. I love going riding with him. It is so relaxing, but we can be competitive too. I just love it! 

(Kayden) Well mine is rated R. So I think I better keep that one to myself. 

(Savannah) Oh my God, seriously Kayden. You are to much. Haaa. 

(FCB) Kayden, how are you handling all the attention that comes along with dating Savannah?

(Kayden) Lucky for me I’ve been in the spotlight most of my adult life. So paparazzi following us around I can handle. The only time it really affects me is when they write shit in their magazines or on blogs about us, that are not even close to the truth. I love Savannah more than life itself. So to read things saying we are on the rocks. Or I am flirting with other girls. It just pissed me off. We try to support each other. It’s important that we have trust above everything else, because they can make any lie seem believable. At the end of the day we have to be able to say I know it isn’t true, that its all total bull shit. 

(FCB) Name one funny thing about each other that you love.

(Kayden) I’m going first this time, so zip it motor mouth. I love her sense of humor. Savannah is one of the most laid back chicks I know. She can chill with me and my friends and take all the shit they spit it at her and give it right back. We spend most of our time together laughing.

(Savannah) Aww thanks baby! I think the same thing. I think that’s why we clicked right away and our relationship is as amazing as it is. We don’t take life seriously. We just have fun and enjoy every minute we have with each other and our friends. 

(FCB) Kayden, how was it really meeting Savannah’s parents?

(Kayden) I put on a few extra strokes of deodorant that day! I was a nervous wreck. Savannah kept telling me it was fine, they would love me. But I could sense she was just as nervous as I was, so then I was even more nervous. I think because I knew how her parents felt about everything with Logan. I was scared they would hate any guy she dated after that, expecting us all to be total douchebags. But I was really surprised when Maverick and Paisley were so welcoming towards me. We are all down to earth country folk, so kicked it off right away. They welcomed me into their life with open arms. I am blessed to have an amazing girl, and lucky that her parents see that I truly love her with all of my heart. 

 (FCB) You recently went to Savannah’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. You got to meet pretty much her entire family all in one day. How did that go? 

(Kayden) I was nervous again, but it was so much fun. Her family is as laid back and funny as Savannah. Like her parents they all welcomed me into their family with open arms. Her grandpa’s are so funny old men. They remind me of the two old guys on grumpy old men. They bickered the entire time we fished, but I could tell they are really great friends. I look forward to going back, and Savannah and I have talked about maybe building a house on her family’s land. A home away from home so to speak.

(FCB) This question is for you Savannah. How has life been since moving to Texas? I imagine it’s completely different Los Angeles. 

(Savannah) Oh, I love it. I’ve vacationed here a few times. Just fell in love with Galveston and the city of Houston. Thanks to Kayden I’ve made an amazing new friend Mya. She’s the fiance to Kayden’s best friend Braxton. They’ve made life in Texas a lot more fun! 

(FCB) Thank you for taking the time to do this Interview! 
(Savannah) You’re welcome I think I can speak for Kayden as well when I say it was a lot of fun.

(Kayden) Yeah, for our first interview together, I think we can say it was a success! Thanks for having us.

Deleted Scene from Inescapable Desire

Savannah & Kayden at the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio Texas




Game time is fast approaching, excitement swell in the air around us as we all clean up our chairs, tents and food, packing everything into the trucks. Closing the tailgate Kayden turns to look at me. “Ready to watch Texas kick some Oregon ass?” Wrapping his strong arms around my waist, he pulls me up against his hard slab of muscles; engulfing me in his warm embrace.  
Gazing into his eyes, happiness washes over me, I smile an all tooth on display smile “I am super excited! The energy and excitement is so contagious!”
Leaning down Kayden brushes, his lips against mine bestowing a swift but tender kiss upon them causing my heart to flutter as my core tightens at his words “you look hot in your Longhorns Jersey, tonight I want to see you in this and nothing else.”
Smacking his chest playfully, I wiggle out of his embrace. Slipping my hand into his, lacing our fingers together. I tug on his arm leading us through the crowd of people. There is a sea of people around us everyone coming from all directions, making their way to the stadium.
 “If Texas wins, you gotta deal Cowboy.” Winking at him, I can’t control my giggles as a big ass grin spreads across Kayden’s gorgeous face.
“Deal…because baby, I know Texas won’t let me down!” Kayden says slapping me playfully on the butt.
Rolling my eyes I let out a small chuckle, “You’re confident, but this isn’t a fair wager, I need something if they lose?”
“What do you want to wager, my sweet Savannah?”
Trying to keep a straight face, I say the one thing I know Kayden will absolutely hate to do if Texas loses. “You have to wear an Oregon University State Championship T-shirt out to the bars tonight.”
“Fuck that! Texas better win, because the only way that’s happening is if hell freezes over! I thought you would pick something fun like have my body to live out all of your wildest fantasies, something hot not torturous!”

Kayden & Savannah’s interview with crazies r us book blog.

Interview Session with Kayden & Savannah


Today, we welcome to our blog Danielle Jamie’s characters, Kayden Knox and Savannah Livingston, from Inescapable Desire. We have been dying to meet this beautiful hot young couple for some time now…squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Crazies – Tell us one thing about Kayden that no one else knows.

Savannah – “He’s secretly metro sexual, haaa. He likes facials and lets me groom his eyebrows!”

Crazies – Kayden, are you a boob or butt man?

Kayden – “I love me some boobs, but nothing is like a fine ass. I hit the jackpot with Savannah because she’s the whole package.”

Crazies -Aww, that’s so sweet : ) What was your first impression of Savannah?

Kayden – “Shy, but could have a kinky fun side buried deep down just begging to be released! I knew she was a spit fire who spoke her mind without holding back. I new that the minute she blurted “Holy Shit” when her eyes landed on me.”

Crazies -Boxers or briefs?

Kayden – “Briefs and some days Camando, haa.”

Crazies -Oh my(fanning ourselves) !! Savannah, If you and Kayden were stranded on an island, what is the one thing you would take with you and why?

Savannah – “Whiskey because if I’m going to be stranded on an island, I’ll need to be drunk, haaa.”

Crazies – Kayden, same question?

Kayden – “A four-wheeler for us to go riding around on. It will definitely keep things fun!”

Crazies – We are sure you have plenty of ideas to keep things fun Okay, Savannah, where do you see yourself 5 years from now??

Savannah – “Hopefully still Assistant Editor at Envy and married with a little Kayden or a mini me running around in Sugarland.”

Crazies -Kayden, being so young and successful, tell us what drives you?

Kayden – “After injuring my knee my senior year, I gave up the dream of being in the NFL. So instead I focused on opening up my night clubs since I majored in business. My father owned the hotels and after I graduated I got half of the company. So I worked my ass off trying to be a successful entrepreneur. After my grandfather died, I took over our oil business. It was just another thing to add to my many business ventures. I love it. I love the feeling of knowing something is successful because of me.”

Crazies – Savannah, what do you REALLY think of Kayden’s parents?

Savannah – “I love Lorelai! She’s so sweet and funny. Reminds me a lot of Kayden. His father Victor, I don’t really know. I don’t recall even having a single conversation with him. I just know Kayden and him are not close. So really can’t say much about him.”

Crazies – This question is for both of you. What song best describes your relationship??

Savannah – “When we first met I would say Stay by Rihanna. I thought I was the only one out of the two of us with commitment issues. But soon I learned it took as much for Kayden to open up to me as it did for me to open up to him.”

Kayden – “Now I would say Boyce Avenue’s Find Me. I love that song and it speaks volumes for our relationship.”

Crazies – What is something Savannah does that no one knows about?

Kayden – “When she’s drank too much she craves French fries and will even fry them up naked as a jay bird. We keep her freezer stocked with bags and bags of seasoned curly fries, her favorite.”

Crazies – Savannah, what is the one thing about Kayden that absolutely annoys you?

Savannah – “His BOOTS. Omg ok. I am obsessed with shoes, I have like two hundred pairs. If they EVEN GET SCRATCHED OR SCUFFED then I chuck ’em. Kayden on the other hand…insists on wearing this one pair of cowboy boots. He says he’s had them for like 10 years. They look like a cow ate them and then shit them out!! But he refuses to let me buy him a new pair!”

Crazies – Kayden, whats with the boots?

Kayden – “They are my favorite boots. I still got a couple years left in ’em.

Crazies- Well Kayden, WE LOVE YOUR BOOTS and you can park em under our bed anytime hehe(giggling). Thank you both for taking time out of your day for us and agreeing to do this interview. It has been a blast : ) We wish you all the best!

Kayden & Savannah – “Thank you guys for having us and it was a blast for us as well.”