I Feel Your Love- a poem by Joyce L. King

I’ve been re writing my grandmother’s journal and wanted to share one of her poems from it. It makes me feel closer to her reading her work. It was always her dream to be an author. I remember when I brought her signed copies of my books after I came back from my first signing in Texas she was so proud. She told me that seeing me travel to book signings, and having my books published for the world to read made her so proud. She teared up and said that I was living out her and my aunt Bev’s dreams for them. I get emotional every time I think back to that conversation. I had dedicated my first book to my gram because she was the reason I loved reading so much. She encouraged my passion, always bringing me to the store to buy new books or surprising me with the latest VC Andrews book when it released. I just wish I would’ve had the chance to help her publish her work before she passed so she would’ve had the opportunity to hold a book she wrote in her hands and see people around the world enjoying it. But I know she’s still here with me and led me to her journals so I could help her dream finally become a reality.

A poem by Joyce L. King

I Feel Your Love

I feel your love,
As the strings of music flow through the night air.
One cannot see the music
But with ears the sound can be heard.
I cannot see or hear your love
But I can feel it surely as the music flows to me.

Whenever you reach out to me
a tidal wave of love flows through my very being.
Your love reaches me,
Even though we are miles away,
restlessness , sadness and loneliness disappear.

The closeness and oneness with you brings a fulfillment of joy,
That sweeps over me,
I become truly one with you in peace, love and joy.

A collection of poems and readings written by my grandmother 💖 coming soon!

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