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“You like that, beautiful?” he asks in his sex-laced voice. I whimper as his mouth leaves my clit, screaming to put his tongue back on it.
Opening my eyes, I peer down at him over my stomach. Not able to find the words to speak, I just nod my head up and down, slowly telling him yes. All I want is for him to make me cum. My body is on the edge, just waiting to jump off and free fall into ecstasy.
Licking his lips, he moans, “Mmm…you taste so fuckin’ good.”
I feel my face flush red. I watch his tongue slowly slide across his bottom lip before he dives back in to finish what he started.
I fall back, thrashing my head fiercely against the bed. He goes balls to the wall, sucking and tongue-fucking my pussy like there’s no tomorrow.
Tightening my thighs, I squeeze his head between my legs and pull on his hair. I grind my mound against his mouth over and over, chasing my orgasm.
Finally, my body shakes and tingles from my head to my toes as an orgasm tears through me. I feel like I’m floating as euphoria settles over me, making my body hum with pleasure.
Smiling slightly, I let out a small moan of pleasure as I relish in my first orgasm of the evening. I drape my arm over my forehead as I catch my breath.
I inhale and exhale small breaths as I allow my heart rate to slow back down to normal. Opening my eyes, I look down at Xander, who’s now standing and stripping his briefs off. His face, covered with my arousal on his chin and lips, is glistening in the light glowing from overhead. The most erotic element is seeing your excitement on a man’s face after he just ate you out like a fucking champ.
“That was amazing,” I tell him as I beam up at him with a goofy grin plastered across my face.
Xander lets out a soft chuckle, then runs his hand over his head, never taking his eyes off me. “That won’t be the last time you’ll be saying thattonight. Now come here and suck me, beautiful.”
A shiver of excitement shoots through my body. I sit up as commanded, and my eyes fall onto the pierced perfection that is his penis.
I hit the fucking jackpot with this one. He has the reverse Prince Albert, also known as a Cleopatra. It’s one of the most painful penis piercings a guy can get…but it feels fucking amazing while he’s ramming it into you.
Gripping his shaft, I slide my hand up and down it, watching the head turn dark purple. I lick my lips with the anticipation of taking it in my mouth.
Lifting my eyes up to his, I flash him an impish grin, then with my voice soft and sultry I tell him, “Call me Cleopatra because I’m ready to sit on my throne and moan all fucking night long.”
Xander tightens the grip on his dick and lets out a low growl as my words hit him. His eyes grow dark as he watches me. I can’t help but become even wetter as I watch his right tatted-up arm move slowly as he slides his hand along his shaft.
“Fuck…keep saying shit like that, and I’ll blow my load all over you before I even get a chance to try out that delicious pussy of yours.”
For a split second, the thought of him jacking off on me turns me on even more. I ache for him to fuck me rough and feverishly while saying dirty things with his dangerous, make-me-wet-when-you-talk raspy voice.
His piercing screams, ‘I’m going to become your G-spot’s best friend’,and I for one hope-the-fuck-so.


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Prepare to laugh your butt off and become extremely hot & bothered! Brooklyn Bennett breaks the mold when it comes to female heroines, she is not your average chick! She loves sex, hot guys, and her best friend Savannah fiercely and has a slight obsession with Jared Leto.

You got to know me in my best friend Savannah’s series. Now it’s my turn to tell you my story and for you to see my best friend’s journey to her happily ever after through my eyes.

My life is far from the norm. First off, I’m not your average girl. I’m wild, crazy, and everyone who knows me say’s I’m a free spirit. I guess I am, because I don’t sweat the little things.

˃˃˃ Life is too short.

I love hard and live harder. My dream is to become a star and that dream comes first and foremost before anything and anyone…except for my best friend Savannah, who I’d go to hell and back for. At 24 years old, I’m not looking for love. I’m just looking for a good time and a nice distraction after busting my butt on a movie set all week. The thought of falling in love has never crossed my mind. I’m too driven for love and everything that comes with it.

˃˃˃ Meet Dixon Beaumont

That is until I meet a certain Southern hottie by the name of Dixon Beaumont, who just so happens to be the cousin of Kayden Knox. He flips my world upside down the moment we meet.

˃˃˃ My Dilemma…

The only problem is he’s the male version of me: Career driven and enjoys having a good time with no plans on settling down.

Throw in a bad boy rocker and a sweet Aussie and I find myself going from a simple, carefree life to a full-blown love square. It’s going to be dramatic. But hey, what’s life without a little drama?