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I’m soooo excited to give y’all this book!!! We all fell in love with Emelyn and Lawson in my standalone Mine Would Be You and first book in the Sweet Home Alabama Series. I never in a million years thought everyone would love these two as much as you do. To thank you for supporting me, my books and their story, I wrote a fun, sexy and laugh out loud hilarious wedding story.

It’s lap dances, scavenger hunts and one of the most EPIC bachelorette party’s EVER!

So hurry & #oneclick today and rejoin this crazy group of friends in Lincoln, Alabama for a wedding adventure unlike any other!

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Just South of Heaven: A Wedding Novella

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Lawson has been the love of my life since the moment we met when I was just eight years old. We’ve had some bumps along the way—heartbreak, followed by years apart, and then found ourselves falling back in love. Even though we both know we never really fell out of love. The four years apart were the hardest of my life. But, fate works in mysterious ways. I think the years separated only make us appreciate each other that much more. I love this man with all of my heart and wouldn’t want to spend forever with anyone else.

For anyone just discovering our story, here’s a quick recap of our journey.

We met when we were kids after I moved in next door to Lawson and his sister, Delilah. She and I instantly became best friends over our love of the show Rugrats. We have been inseparable ever since. I found myself, even at the young age of eight, crushing hard on her brother. Fast-forward a few years and, finally, my crush turned into my high school sweetheart when Lawson and I start dating. We became the ‘it couple’ of our high school, Lincoln High, in Lincoln, Alabama.

Even when he went away to the University of Alabama, we made our relationship work. Distance was hard, but before he left for college, he proposed to me, promising we’d spend forever together. I was over the moon!

But, sadly, our happiness was cut short, and my happily ever after I thought we were working our way towards, when Delilah and I started college at Alabama University. Then, when we least expected it, tragedy struck our simple, carefree lives. After a night of being normal college students, partying at a fraternity house, we left in Lawson’s truck along with our friend, Lilly. Lawson was drunk, but we thought nothing of it. We had been going to parties since high school. Lawson would always drink a few beers and then bring us home afterward. We always thought he was okay to drive, because he wasn’t ‘drunk’, or what we thought drunk was.

We were teenagers thinking we were invincible. You always hear about drunk drivers killing people because they chose to get behind the wheel after a night of partying. We heard the entire spiel from our parents, teachers, television commercials—but we, like many teens, thought it would never happen to us. It was something that happened to other people.

Sadly, after that evening, we learned the hard way life is short and anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

Lilly died that night. Our lives were forever changed.

Lawson especially changed, and not for the good. Which, in turn, lead to us breaking up and me believing what we had wasn’t meant to be.

Then four years later, we got our second chance. A chance to get the happily ever after with the other half of our souls.

I believe wholeheartedly that Lawson McCoy is my soul mate. I was destined to move to Lincoln at eight years old and meet him.

Now, fast-forward to July 22nd, 2014, eight years to the day from when Lawson first proposed to me. We’re the proud parents to a beautiful baby girl and renovating our dream house, and the only thing missing is a ring on my left ring finger.

That all changes today.

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