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Fourth of July is a very important date not just to America but in my novel Tempt my Heart also.

On the fourth of July, my character Brittan  met Cane for the first time. Then a few years later on the fourth of July he proposed to her during a fireworks show on the beach in Miami ❤ If you’ve read the book you’ll also know its a very important day for Brittan again near the end of the book but I don’t want to give that away for anyone who’s not read it yet.

Since its a fan favorite I thought it’d be sweet to post the scenes on here to remind everyone of this amazing love these two shared in Tempt My Heart. I hope you all have a safe & wonderful 4th! Thank you to our amazing military who fought in the past and fight now to keep this country free!

July 4th 2000



The beaches of Miami are jam packed with people. Everyone’s coming with their lawn chairs, trying to find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks show. With my best friend, Roxie by my side, we trudge through the cool sand; lawn chairs in one hand, and our rocket popsicles in the other. We find the perfect spot by the shore. A place where we can dip our feet in the warm Atlantic water and watch the show without a million heads bobbing in front of us.

The first set of fireworks explodes; illuminating the sky in bright colors of blues, silvers, and reds. It’s breathtaking…my favorite thing about Fourth of July has to be the fireworks. Different patterns and color combinations light up the sky for over an hour; providing a magnificent show that I never want to end. The grand finale begins with hundreds of fireworks bursting into the sky at once, leaving me in a state of amazement. I glance towards my right, noticing the hottest guy walking towards me.

He smiles down at me, and I instantly melt. “Crap, looks like I missed them? At least I made it in time for the finale.” He says to the two guys standing next to him. They all plop down in the sand beside my chair. In all of my fifteen years, I’ve never felt butterflies like I’m feeling right now.

Elbowing Roxie, I signal my eyes towards the group of boys that just sat beside us. At first she’s annoyed because I’m bugging her while she’s trying to watch the finale. Once she gazes in my direction and follows my line of sight to the hotties sitting on the sand beside me, her mood quickly changes.

Flashing an impish grin at Roxie, I turn back towards the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. “You made it just in time; the finale is the best part,” I say a little louder than I wanted.

The loud detonations from the fireworks make it impossible to have a normal conversation.

“I couldn’t agree more, the finale is my favorite, too.” Giving me a wink, he extends his hand towards me. “I’m Cane.”

I hesitantly reach my hand out, taking his into mine. The contact sends my heart racing, and I’m suddenly covered with goose bumps. I manage to squeak out, “Hi, I’m Brittan.”


July 4th 2004


It’s been almost a year since Cane joined the military. He’s only home for a few weeks before he deploys to Afghanistan. I’ve been a nervous wreck since he broke the news to me last week. Terrified does not come close to describing how I feel. I’ve been trying to distract myself with work, and spending every chance I get with Cane.

Since he’s been home, we’ve had almost no time for just the two of us. We’ve had to go to each of our parents’ house for dinner and Matt and Dalton have called almost every day to get together, either to go surfing or fishing. Roxie and Matt finally gave in to what they’ve been fighting since high school, and are finally together. So at least when they want to hang out with Cane and me, Roxie is there to keep me company.

We’ve spent the day out on the boat; it’s been in the nineties all week, and I couldn’t wait to get into the water. The boys took turns driving Matt’s speedboat and pulling us all on the inner tubes. After a few hours of tubing, we parked the boat for the boys to fish while Roxie and I read Soap Opera Digest and gushed over Nick Newman.

At the end of the day, we pulled into the marina and walked down the boardwalk to decide on a restaurant. Tonight is the annual fireworks show at the beach and we want to grab something to eat before heading down to the beach with our chairs to find a spot by the water to watch the display.

Today also marks four years since I first met Cane. Before then, the Fourth of July was always one of my favorite holidays…but now it’s definitely number one.

After stuffing ourselves on fried shrimp, burgers and fries, we head down to the beach. The guys are carrying our chairs so Roxie and I can race each other down to the water. I was excited to see the spot where Cane and I met was vacant. Dalton surprised us with a box of sparklers that we lit and swirled around in the air while waiting for the fireworks to begin.

I’m sitting on Cane’s lap, with him holding me tightly against his chest while I rest my head on his shoulder. We are watching as the fireworks shoot off, one after the other. There’s something about the loud boom of the fireworks and the fizzling sound as the colors explode across the night sky that’s takes my breath away. The guy hosting, the fireworks, comes on the loud speaker to wish us all a Happy Fourth of July, and announces that it is time for the Grand Finale.

I can feel Cane wiggling as he tries to slide out from under me. I stand up to allow him to get up and plop back down on the chair. “Where are you going?” I ask, “It’s the Finale!”

My jaw hit the sand, as I take in the image before me. Cane is down on one knee, pulling a ring out of his cargo shorts; transforming this moment into something extraordinarily special. Even more amazing is the fact that there are about a hundred fireworks going off above us.

Roxie is bouncing on Matt’s lap, screeching with excitement.

It’s hard to see in the dark, but with the glow from the fireworks, I can somewhat make out the ring he’s holding. It completely takes my breath away. It’s a small diamond with two butterflies on each side. The butterflies have tiny rubies in their wings and tiny diamonds along both sides of the band.

Taking my hand into his and holding the ring up with the other, Cane stares into my eyes with so much love it’s astounding.

“Brittan Nicole McKenna; four years ago I met the most beautiful, funny, and charismatic woman right here in this very spot. After four years of calling you my girlfriend, I now want to be able to call you my fiancée and then my wife. You are my best friend and my rock. You’ve stayed by my side through everything and supported every decision I’ve made, even if it wasn’t the one you wanted me to make. I want to spend every day, for the rest of my life, falling more deeply and madly in love with you. Please say you will be my wife?”

Covering my mouth with my free hand, cries of joy erupt from the deepest part of my soul. If I could pick the perfect proposal, this would be it. I gaze up at the night sky watching the fireworks spread across the sky. Turning my eyes back to Cane, I can’t help my scream, “Yes! Oh, my God Cane, I cannot believe this!” With shaky hands, he carefully slides the ring onto my finger. I can’t control my excitement and I tackle him, making us both fall to the ground.

“You’ve just made me the happiest man on earth.” Cane leans down kissing me with so much passion and love, I get a little giddy.

“No, you’ve made me the happiest woman on this entire planet!” I say into his mouth, happily kissing him back. Our moment is celebrated with explosions of bright, vibrant colors mixing and dancing together in the skies as we are surrounded by our friends and total strangers clapping and cheering for us and offering their congratulations. Cane climbs to his feet, extends his muscular arm and reaches for me. Taking his hand, he helps me stand; I can’t help but blush as I brush the sand off my body. Everyone is still staring at us as I quickly wave and sit back down in the lawn chair.

“The ring is just perfect Cane, I love it!” I gaze down at my left hand, now donning the most beautiful ring I’ve ever laid eyes on.

“I was hoping you’d love it; I’ve been saving up for months to get it. I know you love butterflies and the rubies are for July; the month we met and now the month we got engaged.” Taking my hand into his he pulls it up to his mouth; fluttering gentle kisses over my fingers and hand. A thousand butterflies invade my stomach at once, as our overpowering love and commitment rushes through my veins.

“I have an idea…Let’s go!” I say, jumping up out of my chair and yanking Cane across the beach. He yells back to Dalton and Matt to grab our chairs. Everyone is following behind us as we make our way through the thick crowd of people. After what feels like an eternity we finally make it to the parking lot.

Walking over to Cane’s Silverado he finally tries to pry my idea out of me. “So what is this great idea that has popped into this beautiful head of yours?” He asks tapping my temple playfully.

“You’ll find out. Give me your truck keys…I’m driving!” Shaking his head, he reaches into his pocket and drops the keys into the palm of my hand. He’s learned over our past few years together not to question me when I have a surprise. Nothing he says or does will get me to spill.

“Hurry your ass up, Roxie, we got somewhere to be!” I shout climbing up onto the step bar of the truck. Matt and Dalton toss the chairs and cooler into the back of the truck. After everyone climbs in, I roar the truck to life and head downtown.

“Where are we going?” Roxie asks popping her head between the front seats.

Turning, I give her an impish smile, “You’ll have to wait like everyone else. You’ll find out soon enough.” I answer in a high pitched valley girl tone. I know how much it irritates Roxie when I try to mock her voice.

After driving almost twenty minutes, we finally pull up to Tattoo & Co. “A Tattoo? You just got a freakin’ music note behind your ear when you aced your last semester!” Roxie shouts in my ear as she practically jumps into the front seat.

“Yes, a tattoo! God you can be such a prude.” Rolling my eyes, I smile at Cane. “So what do you think? I want to get one to celebrate tonight. You up for some ink?”

“I’ve wanted to get one before I leave for Afghanistan, so what the hell,” Cane says.

I jump out of the truck, bouncing with excitement. Since getting my first tattoo in May, I’ve been dying to get another. Tonight is the perfect time to do it!

After looking through the books, I finally decide on a butterfly with the body of a music note. I told the tattoo artist to add 07-04-04 under it. Cane decided on a Bald Eagle on the middle of his back with an American flag design behind it and the words ‘No Regrets’ on a piece of paper the eagle is holding. It’s beautiful, very symbolic and means a lot for the both of us.

We spend the rest of night partying with everyone at Ocean Side Dive, drinking and playing pool. Beyond Redemption, the most popular Miami based band around here played tonight for the bar’s Fourth of July party. They were impressive.

Seeing people on stage and performing sparks something in me; all I want to do is jump up on the stage and join in. I live and breathe music; it’s my passion and my world. If I had a choice between four years of majoring in Music or actually performing on stage; I would pick performing, hands down.

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