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Chapter 1



The last few days I’ve tried to work up the courage to finally tell Jax that I just want to be friends. He’s so sweet, so the last thing I want to do is hurt him. I’ve spent the entire flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas trying to work up the courage to finally talk to him. I’ve done well avoiding this topic at all costs since returning from Hawaii.

It makes it even harder when I can’t talk to Savannah about it. After the way things blew up between Dixon and I, she’s been all ‘Team Jax’. I’m afraid that she’ll be disappointed in me for giving Dixon another chance.

I’ve battled with myself for a week over this decision. Sure, when I balance the pros and cons of Jax and Dixon, the smart choice is Jax. He’s the safe choice. But when I listen to what my heart is telling me, it’s saying that it wants Dixon. All of this is so new to me. It’s like I’m venturing into unknown territory here. I’m used to casually dating guys. With that, you don’t have to deal with all this crazy drama. If Dixon didn’t make me so damn crazy without him in my life, I’d cut my losses and move on. But no matter how hard I’ve tried, the man is simply impossible to move on from.

He’s been blowing my phone up ever since I texted him, informing him that Savannah and I were flying to Vegas to track down Kayden. He’s relieved they’re going to kiss and make up because he said Kayden’s been a miserable asshole since the day Savannah left. It didn’t take long for the conversation to swiftly shift to Jax. He’s adamant that as soon as I land in Vegas, I’m to find Jax and break things off with him.

How the hell did I get myself into this situation? Being shoved into a damn love triangle between two friends— no less— is not how I imagined my life. I don’t want to hurt Jax, but I feel like that’s what is going to happen once I break it to him that I’m not into him that way. I dread confessing to him that I want to see where Dixon and I go from here.

It’s all one big mess, and I find myself wishing I could climb back onto the airplane, go back to my parents’ house and hide out in my blanket fort. Where I can pretend that my life isn’t a big freaking mess.

Since I can’t do that, instead I’m diving head first into the sand as I put off talking to Jax as long as I can while I focus on helping Savannah fix things with Kayden. Once things with them are smoothed over, then I’ll tackle the situation of talking to Jax.

“Wow. Talk about swanky.” I find myself getting dizzy as I try to take everything in as we enter Kayden’s penthouse. This place is hands down the nicest suite I’ve ever stepped foot in. He’s slumming it compared to his Penthouse suite back in Houston. I don’t even want to think about the amount of money it would cost to book this suite for a night.

Shutting the door behind her, Savannah lets out a sigh of relief. “It is really nice. Being Vegas it’s no shocker that it’s this over the top. I’m just glad the guys are all out so we have time to clean up. I feel like I smell like airplane food right now. I’m going to take a quick shower. How about you?” she asks as she walks across the marble foyer, wheeling her luggage behind her that the bell hop brought up for us.

“Once we find the showers, I’m definitely taking one. Then after we get all dolled up, Mission: Reunite Kavannah will be set into motion.”

Savannah cracks up laughing as she raises her eyebrows up toward the ceiling. “Kavannah? Did you just try to Branjelina Kayden and me?”

Shrugging my shoulder’s, I give her a questionable look as I furrow my brows together. “What? You don’t like it. What about Savayden? It has a nice ring to it, too.”

“How about neither. But it did feel good to laugh just now, though. So thanks for that.”

“I’m glad I made you laugh. Just my opinion, I really like Kavannah.”

Shaking her head, Savannah walks through the suite as she attempts to find a bathroom.

“With your love life recently, you’d have a handful of stupidly-cute nicknames. Brookxon or Dixlyn for you and Dixon. Jaxlyn for Jax or BroJax is kind of funny, too. Ohh and we can’t forget bad boy rocker, Xander.” She glances at me over her shoulder before turning the corner and walking down a long hallway filled with doors. “You two could be Xanlyn…I can’t think of anything else because his name is too hard to rhyme things with.” The amusement and sarcasm in her voice is evident.

“You have quite the knack for coming up with these celebrity couple nicknames. You should so do an article in Envy about the crazy and cute couple names in Hollywood.”

Rolling her eyes and making a gagging sound as she dramatically sticks her tongue out, she tells me, “How about not.”

After walking around for a few minutes scoping the place out, we finally find the master bedroom and an unoccupied guest room so we get cleaned up.

Before climbing in the shower I send Dixon a quick text:


We just got into Kayden’s penthouse. This place is off the hook. I don’t think I ever want to leave! Where u guys at?? We’re going to shower quick then try to find u guys.


Not wanting to waste time waiting to hear back from Dixon—because let’s face it—they’re in Vegas! I won’t hold my breath on hearing right back from him. I texted him this morning on our way to the airport and it took him almost an hour to get back to me because they were all out to breakfast at the restaurant downstairs and he’d forgotten his phone in his room.

Stripping out of my leggings and top, I toss them onto the floor and turn on the shower. Climbing under the warm, relaxing spray of water, I try to push the racing thoughts of Dixon and Jax from my mind. I’m going to drive myself crazy if I don’t stop stressing over this.

I try to let the music playing from my phone distract me, but I swear every damn song that comes on reminds me of Dixon.

There’s no denying it. I have it bad for him. Which screams DANGEROUS in bright neon fricking colors.

Letting him have this kind of power of my body and emotions is risky. Because with Dixon, you never know what you’re going to get. I’m terrified that this is going to blow up in my face somehow.

There’s just something about Dixon that makes me think ‘proceed with caution’ every time I’m around him. I’ve never given a man my heart because I’ve never had the desire to. But for the first time in my life, I think I may actually be falling in love.

Of course, I have to fall for the biggest player of all time who has the power and the ability to shred my heart to pieces.




Swinging my hips, I sing along with Alex Clare as I belt out “Too Close: and curl my hair when Savannah appears in the bathroom looking drop dead gorgeous.

“Look at you, hot stuff. I don’t think you’re going to get a word in when we find the guys. Kayden will be too busy devouring you,” I joke, letting out a flirty, “Rawrrr,” as I pretend to swipe my claws at her.

“One can only hope. I can’t wait to put all this drama behind us and focus on planning our wedding and just being happy.”

I set the curling iron down and grab my phone turning down the music. “I hope so too, girly. After everything with Zak and Jacob and then Giselle with her Nadia bullshit, you two deserve to be happy.”

“I’m all ready when you are. Can you text Jax and see where they are? I don’t want to text Kayden and ask because I want to surprise him.”

“Sure,” I lie. I’m avoiding letting Jax know I am anywhere near Las Vegas until after I have a few shots of liquid courage flowing through my veins. Instead, I’m using Dixon to get all the deets on him and the guys.

“Thanks. I’m going to wait for you in the living room. You almost ready?”

I finish spraying my curls with hairspray before answering her so that I don’t get hairspray in my mouth. Picking up the curling iron I finish my last strand of hair. “There. Done with my hair. I have to finish my makeup and then I’m ready to roll.”

“Perfect. If you don’t hear back from Jax, we can try Dixon or Braxton. One of them has to have a damn cell phone on them.”

“Don’t you worry. We’re going to find them and reunite you two love birds finally so everything can be right with the world once again.”

I finish applying my makeup and head back into my room to dig through my oversized purse I brought on the plane. Dumping my bag onto my bed, I dig through the contents scattered. Finally, I find a spare hair tie, my favorite lip gloss, and my wallet, then stuff them all into the clutch I’ll be using for the night. Kneeling on the ground, I open up my suitcase filled with all of my shoes and begin dumping everything out as I try to decide on which shoes to wear.

By the time I’m through getting dressed, the room looks like a tornado hit it—but my outfit is on point. I step into my heels and walk back into the bathroom to grab my phone and almost jump out of my skin as it suddenly begins going off. “Clarity” by Zedd begins blasting throughout the bathroom, echoing off of the walls.

Immediately, I know it’s Dixon and eagerly answer it. Butterflies invade my stomach as I press answer and hear his thick, raspy drawl hit my ears.

“Hey!” I can’t hide the excitement in my voice as I answer.

“Sorry I’m just getting back to you. We were out to dinner. We’re getting ready to leave now and head back to the hotel. There’s a party at the club tonight for one of our friends to celebrate his UFC fight in Vegas this weekend.”

“Oh really, well sounds like you’re having a hell of a lot more fun than Savannah and me.”

“Haa. It hasn’t been all fun. We hit the casino before dinner, and I lost a few grand. But I’m determined to win it back later tonight.”

“Let’s hope I have better luck than you when I hit the tables later on. That’s one reason why I avoid Vegas. It’s so easy getting wrapped up in the fun of gambling. When you’re flying high and winning big it’s a lot of fun. But you always end up losing one way or another. I swear these places are rigged or something.”

Dixon lets out another sexy chuckle that sends my heart fluttering in my chest. “Yeah, that’s why I have a love-hate relationship with Sin City. Well, the guys are waving at me to hurry up. Our driver just pulled up to the curb. I don’t know if they’re going to want to come up to the room for anything. So if you two plan on surprising Knox, I suggest y’all finish getting ready and get out of there.”

“We’re all ready to go, so I’ll let Savannah know. Maybe we’ll go hang out at the slots or something for a bit. Once you guys are at the club, shoot me a text and we’ll come find you.”

I hear muffled voices filling the phone as voices grow louder around him. “Alright, I’ll see you later. Okay?”


The second I hit end and go to toss my purse into my clutch, it vibrates in my hand. Glancing down at the screen I see it’s a text from Dixon already.


I forgot to tell you that I can’t wait to see you 😉 r u going to talk to Jax tonight? I know I keep hounding you. It’s just that no matter how exciting it is sneaking around, I’m ready to be able to touch you anytime I want to & not be worried about who sees.


The knot that had vanished only a few moments ago after talking to Dixon is now back and sending pains through my stomach. I want that more than anything also. I only wish there was a way to do it so no one would get hurt. Why couldn’t Dixon realize he wanted to see where things could go with us when I was all in weeks ago. Instead, he was so focused on proving to me that he didn’t have feelings for me that he practically threw me into Jax’s waiting arms.

They say women are the most complicated people on the planet? I think that statement should be reevaluated because I am pretty certain that whoever came up with that statement never dealt with a man like Dixon Beaumont.

He’s proven to me more times than I can count that a man can be far more confusing and a pain in the ass compared to a woman.

I type back a quick response, trying to pacify him on this subject for a little while longer.


I plan on talking to him tonight after Savannah and Kayden

get their love life situated. Then I’ll focus on mine.

One crisis at a time, Beaumont.


Tossing my phone into my clutch, I join Savannah in the living room. She’s standing in the middle of the room looking anxious, so I strut across the room effortlessly in my sky high heels and pull her in for a hug. Flashing my biggest smile, I catch her up on what the plan is. “Okay, so here’s the plan. Dixon said they’re all leaving dinner and heading back here for some UFC party they’re throwing at Vertigo. So we need to get our hot little ass’ out of here in case they decide to stop up here for anything beforehand.”

“Dixon? Seriously, Brooklyn?” The sarcasm in her voice is evident as we head out of the suite. Savannah shakes her head at me as she yanks open the door and heads out into the hallway. I speed walk past her as we make our way down the short hallway toward the elevator. I snap my head to the side, narrowing my eyes at her over my shoulder. “Hey! Don’t judge me! That guy is a rock star in the sack. Jax can rock my world; don’t get me wrong, but Dixon is in a category all his own. You can tell he and Kayden are related…that’s all I’ll say.”

I don’t miss the dramatic eye roll she gives me as an aggravated moan escapes her mouth. Her eyes cut from me to the elevator doors as she watches me press the call button. She avoids eye contact as her eyes grow large and she makes a cringing expression, waving her hands out in front of her.

“Brooklyn, I really don’t want to hear about Dixon’s penis at the moment.”

I can’t help but laugh. This coming from the girl who loves to brag about Kayden’s penis and all its wondrous talents. Which, by the way, I’ve had to listen to firsthand since we share a beach house together.

The doors ding as the cart reaches the top floor, and as soon they slide open we waste no time stepping inside and pressing the button for the lobby. I lean against the wall and fold my arms across my chest, flashing her a playful smirk as she leans against the wall beside me.

“Hey, I can’t allow you to be the only one able to brag about the Texas sized-dick her boyfriend has. I’ve had my fair share of Oscar Mayer wieners, so when I get a large Southern sausage, I’m going to freakin’ brag about it!” I playfully bump my hip into hers trying to loosen her up. She’s wound up tighter than my intestines right now. I can’t decide who’s more stressed out? Me or her? “Chill out, Savannah. You’re going to go find Kayden, have wild animalistic make-up sex, and all will be right with the world again.”



Chapter 2




It’s almost impossible to not people watch while in Vegas. I mean there are all kinds of crazy people that come out at night in Los Angeles—but I am almost certain Vegas takes the cake for the amount of crazy you see in a night.

I find myself eavesdropping on people’s conversations to help pass the time while we wait in line. It’s quite entertaining all in itself.

There’re two girls in line ahead of us wearing dresses that look like someone took a pair of scissors to them and hacked half of the fabric off. But sadly the sleaze balls in line are practically undressing the barely covered girls with their sleazy stares. They’re hanging on the arms of men who look like they could be their grandfathers. As I watch the old geezers grope the women’s asses and whisper in their ears, I find myself holding back the urge to vomit.

I have no idea how women are able to block out the fact that they are hooking up with a guy whose dick looks like a grape after sitting out the sun for about eighty years! It’s fucking disgusting! But money makes people do some crazy ass shit.

As we walk through the crowd of gambler’s toward The Pink Taco restaurant— because I need a shot before my ass goes any further—we watch an old lady who looks to be about 70 wearing a full body jumpsuit sans bra—just letting those titties of hers hang freely as she tears up the Blackjack table. It’s mind-blowing watching the guys flock to her table and flirt their asses off with this old lady as she chain-smokes and gambles.

At this rate, I need to make sure I find Dixon and protect him from the thirsty ho’s up in here. If they’re willing to go full on hoe bag over some old rich dude—I don’t even want to think about what they’d do to get into Dixon’s pants. I won’t think twice before I kick a bitch’s ass straight up the damn strip.

But we did meet a fun group here in Vegas for a bachelorette getaway. They took shots with us at the bar. Savannah and I paid for their drinks and wished the bride luck. Not just for her upcoming nuptials but for surviving Las Vegas. This city isn’t called Sin City for nothing. You can get yourself in all kinds of trouble in this place. Guys love finding bridal parties. They know they’re an easy target for hot, meaningless hookups. Way too many brides love coming here and getting their rocks off before committing to one guy for the rest of their lives.

I say it’s your last hooray! Do whatever float’s your boat; just make sure you don’t bring home chlamydia as one of your Vegas souvenirs.

After what feels like an eternity, we make it to the front of the line. The bouncer glares down at us with his clipboard in hand, looking oh so professional. I flash my megawatt smile at him as he asks, “Names?”

“Brooklyn Bennett and Savannah Livingston.” I glance at Savannah before turning my eyes back up to 6’5” solid wall of muscle as he looks over the list. If Dixon didn’t add us to the damn list, I swear to God I will kick his ass.

Narrowing his eyes at us, he slides his gaze from me to Savannah before glancing back down at the board. “Sorry, ladies, but I don’t see those names on the list. Due to the fire code, I cannot let anyone in who didn’t purchase an event ticket ahead of time.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Panic flows through my veins like ice. I take a deep breath and reel in my emotions. At the moment, my brain is saying tell the guy to fuck off and burst into the club. Which I know would only end with my ass being hauled out by the beefcake over here and Kayden being none too thrilled that I caused a scene.

Batting my eyelashes, I reach up and smooth his silk tie. “Can you please make an exception. This is my best friend, Savannah Livingston; you have to know who she is. Her fiancé, Kayden Knox…he kind of owns this place and is inside as we speak.

He doesn’t even blink.

The man is stone cold and not even caving a little bit.

Savannah cuts in, “For Christ’s sake. We already dealt with this earlier with check in. I’m going to be Mrs. Kayden Knox in a few months, and then I’ll be your boss. Do you really think this is the best way to handle this situation? I will call Kayden if I have to, but I really don’t want to do that.”

I feel his warm breath hit my face as he lets out a frustrated sigh. “Rules are rules. I don’t care who you are. If you’re not on the list, then you don’t get in.”

People behind us begin to grumble and complain, yelling at us to get out of the line because they want to get inside.

Reaching nonchalantly into my cleavage, I pull out two one hundred dollar bills I stuffed inside of my bra to use for drinks tonight. Instead, it looks like I’ll be using it to help bribe our way into this damn event.

Fisting the man’s tie, I pull him down to my level and smile extra hard at him as I lock my eyes with his before bringing my lips to his ear, pressing the money into his hand. “I’m pleased to see you’re taking your job so seriously. Really, I am. But listen here, buddy. My friend here needs to get inside. Her and your boss, Mr. Knox, had a little bit of a falling out. Dixon, who I assume you know, he was supposed to put us on the list. He forgot—no shocker there— he is kind of a bird brain when he gets around tits and liquor. If you look at the list and pretend to find our names, I’ll make sure you get a hefty bonus in your next paycheck.” Backing away from him, I smooth out his tie and lace my fingers together as I sweetly ask, “Sir, can you please check again…one more time. Brooklyn Bennett and Savannah Livingston. We were told we would be on the guest list. Please.”

I glance nervously at Savannah out of the corner of my eye. I can’t tell by the look on her face if she’s ready to turn on the water works or give up on surprising Kayden.

He clears his throat and begins scanning the stack of names on his clipboard. Finally, after getting to page three and making us stand here a nervous wreck, he barks out, “Oh, here you are. Sorry, I don’t know how I overlooked them.”

I let out a soft squeal of excitement as we walk past him and let the gentleman behind him check our I.D.s and mark our hands.

“I cannot believe you were able to get him to cave. I thought for sure we were going to have to text one of the guys to come let us into this damn thing.”

Pretending to be offended, I scoff, “How dare you ever doubt my skills!”

Shoving my arm, Savannah laughs, “Hey, it happens to the best of us. I’m happy for at least tonight that your luck has yet to run out because that would’ve been beyond embarrassing having to ask one of the guys to come out and get us inside.”

The club is packed and the music is so loud that we find ourselves screaming at each other while having our faces practically touching as we try to talk to each other.

I spot the bar and nudge Savannah, shouting into her ear, “Want me to go grab you a drink?” I know I need another drink. Especially since I’m on my way to wherever the hell Dixon is. If Jax is partying with them, that’s only going to be seriously awkward.

Savannah’s face is pale even with the rainbow strobe lights illuminating her face as she turns and looks at me. Her eyes are wide and her mouth is hanging open as she points her finger toward the DJ and the massive banner hanging above his head.

Oh my God!

Grabbing Savannah’s arm, I shake her a little more roughly than I planned and scream out in shock as I take in the face on the banner. It’s none other than Savannah’s belly-shot partner, Shayne, from the club last night. “Holy shit! Shayne Andrews is Shayne…L.A. Shayne?! He’s a UFC fighter?”

No fucking wonder the dude said he knew Kayden. Kayden’s throwing a goddamn party for this guy no less.

Grabbing my hand, Savannah drags me into the bathroom that thankfully is right beside the bar. She yanks me down onto the overly plush and chic looking circle couch in the corner of the room. Releasing my hands, she slouches over dropping her face into her hands.

Oh. My. God. Brooklyn. What am I going to do if I find Kayden and he wants to introduce me to the fighters he’s hosting this party for? What do I say? Oh hey, I already know him because he handcuffed me to his car and fucked my brains out last Halloween?!”

I feel awful, but I cannot help but find this slightly comical. Savannah has lived the most mundane life for the last four years and then BAM! She splits from Mr. Dirt bag also known as Logan and then suddenly her life is one hell of a fucking drama-filled rollercoaster. She can’t catch a damn break!!

My laughter fills the bathroom filled with girls touching up their makeup, gossiping, and taking selfies. “Your life is juicier than the damn soap operas, Savannah. You just can’t make this shit up!”

Lifting her face from her hands, she glares at me as she dramatically drops her hands onto her lap. “I’m glad you find this whole thing so entertaining.”

Well isn’t someone a tad bit snarky this evening.

Gripping her shoulder, I shake her maybe a little too forcefully but hey! I have to get through to this girl. The clock is ticking here!

I give her my best sympathetic smile and say, “Listen, that’s just worst-case scenario. This place is bursting at the seams with people. I highly doubt you’ll see Shayne. Hell, it’s going to be hard enough tracking down Knox in this place tonight.”

“You’re right. I need to stay sober and alert tonight. Let’s go to the bar, and I’ll grab myself water. I am not letting anything get in the way of Kayden and me again. I just want to find him and get the hell out of here.”

Climbing to her feet, Savannah smoothes out the skirt of her dress and struts with a little more confidence toward the vanity area.

“That’s my girl. Let’s go get you your man. If Shayne tries to cause any shit, I’ll put his ass in his place. Nothing like being a vague asshole last night skirting around the subject of Kayden. He knew damn well about this event tonight and everything going on with you and Kayden. That is bullshit. You have nothing to feel bad about because you—unlike Shayne— had zero idea about the connection between the two of them.”

Savannah’s face relaxes a little more as she finishes applying another coat of lipstick. Stiffening her spine, she tosses her lipstick into her clutch and lets out a deep, confident breath. “You’re right. I didn’t do anything wrong. Our past has nothing to do with Kayden and me. I’m freaking out over nothing.”

Hooking my arm with Savannah’s, I lead her out of the bathroom and pray to God that I’m right and we all leave her happy and better than ever. Because I don’t think Savannah can handle another shit storm which sadly I see brewing in the far-off distance.




Taking Savannah’s hand so I don’t lose her in the crowd of people, we maneuver throughout the club trying to get to the bar. It feels like it takes an eternity but we finally make it to the line for drinks.

“This place is a freaking mad house tonight. I’m glad we decided on dresses because it’s hotter than Hades in here.”

Waving her hand in front of her, Savannah blows a puff of air between her lips. “I know; I am dying over here. Can you order me an ice water? Between the dry desert heat and the body heat in this damn club, I’m going to need to stay hydrated.”

“Water? Alright, I’ll get my H2O from the ice cubes in my vodka cranberry.”

I feel my phone vibrating inside of my purse and quickly dig it out. I don’t know if maybe it’s Dixon maybe checking on us. I need to chew his ass out the second I find him for not putting us on the damn guest list—and he owes me two-hundred dollars.

My screen glows a text alert, but it’s not from Dixon. Instead, it’s a news update from Tinsel Town blog. I cringe as I slide open the text and read the header:


A scandalous night of revenge!

Click on the link to read how Savannah Livingston got back at cheating fiancé & billionaire mogul, Kayden Knox.


“Oh shit…you’re not going to like this, but things just got a little more complicated.” I can’t disguise the panic that is laced in my words as I try to figure out how the hell to break this to her. I click the link and immediately feel the weight of what this could possibly do to Savannah weighing heavily on my shoulders.

Our silly fun from last night seems to have blown up into something a whole hell of a lot bigger. For this to go viral right now is literally the worst timing ever.

I click the link and quickly skim over the story,


‘Savannah Livingston shows Kayden Knox his betrayal isn’t getting her down. She was spotted late last night— in Knox’s L.A. nightclub, no less—

partying it up with a sexy, up and coming UFC fighter, Shayne ‘Knock Out’ Andrews. Shayne has a fight against heavyweight champ, Juan Riviera next Saturday in Las Vegas.’


Of course, the picture plastered across the top of the story is Shayne taking a belly shot off Savannah last night at Vertigo.

Savannah looks fearful as she stares at me wide-eyed and asks, “Oh God! What now?”

The line begins moving again and we find ourselves finally up to the bar. I squeeze myself between a group of girls shouting their orders to the bartender and lean in closer to Savannah. “This is not good…God damn bloodsuckers,” I spit out between clenched teeth as I try to contain the urge to kick whoever’s ass that took this picture and sold this stupid fucking story to the press. Is it really that difficult to respect someone’s privacy? “They will do anything for a story.” Shaking my head, I hold my phone up in front of Savannah, showing her the story. Savannah’s hands are shaking as she reaches out snatching the phone from my hand.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Seriously, can I not go one freakin’ day without my name on this damn blog?!”

I feel awful. She’s been through so much already, and now because I wanted to go out last night this is happening. I wish I would’ve beat Giselle and Nadia’s asses last night because at least that would’ve been more headline worthy than this bullshit. This is all their fault anyway. If they hadn’t schemed and lied about Kayden, none of this would’ve even happened.

My features soften as I give Savannah a sympathetic look. My heart is breaking for her as she has her life once again talked about. Her and Kayden are on the road to reconciliation and then this story is put out there.

“What can I get you ladies, tonight?” the bartender asks, pulling us from the turmoil we’re lost in.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I lean onto the bar and shout over the music and loud chatter, “I’ll take an ice water and a vodka cranberry, thanks.” I pull my card out of my wallet and slide it across the bar to the bartender.

“Do you think Kayden’s seen this yet?” We haven’t heard from Kayden at all, but I’ve assumed they’re all busy celebrating with Braxton. I think if he did know about it, I would know because I don’t doubt he would’ve said something to Dixon. I know Dixon would text me immediately to find out what really went down last night. We can only hope that the guys are too distracted partying it up to pay attention to this stupid gossip. Of course, it just so happens that Kayden is good friends with this guy. Go figure! To make matters worse, we’re standing in the middle of a party being held in the honor of Shayne that Kayden and his club is hosting.

You can’t make this shit up. I swear I could write a scandalous and drama-filled novel based on the shit we deal with on a daily basis. The craziest shit seems to happen to us.

Letting out a long sigh, Savannah hands me back my phone and takes her water from me. She gulps down half the glass before slamming it on the bar.

“Well, it may explain Kayden’s lack of response to the text I sent earlier. I told him last night I talked to Nadia and she told me everything was a lie. He was fine. I told him I’d be heading back to Houston and would see him when he got back from Vegas.”

I refuse to sit back and let something so silly as an innocent belly shot hurt Savannah and Kayden’s relationship. We’re going to find Kayden right now and set this story straight. Savannah did nothing wrong. Kayden hopefully will be understanding and not let something this small blow up into something bigger. They need to shove the rest of the world to the side and focus completely on one another.

It pisses me off; we went from this amazing birthday bash in Hawaii with me helping Kayden plan this over the top marriage proposal, to all this meaningless drama popping up and threatening to destroy everything.

“We have to clear this shit up. Pronto!” Grabbing Savannah’s hand, I drag her away from the bar and into the crowd of party goers. We zigzag through the club and make our way toward the VIP section that is roped off and guarded by two bouncers. I feel my ass being groped by someone as we skirt through the small dance floor, but I don’t have time to deal with drunk assholes. Ignoring the sleaze balls, we finally make it to the VIP’s front entrance.

UFC is way bigger than I thought it was as I spot some pretty big celebrities hanging out, partying in the secluded section. There’s a line of people trying to get into the roped-off area more than likely hoping to get a chance to flirt with a movie star or get an autograph.

Us, we couldn’t care less about that shit. We just want to get to Kayden and the guys as soon as possible and get all of this crap settled so we can finally enjoy being in Las Vegas.

For some reason, the hods must be in our favor because it takes us barely any persuading and we’re being let into the VIP area. Which I’m grateful for; people I am fresh out of cash for bribing anyone, and at this point, I don’t have the energy to deal with trying to sweet talk my way inside.

The club is pitch dark, making it almost impossible to see anyone past a few feet in front of you. We walk at a snail’s pace past each table as we try to find which one the guys are hopefully hanging out in.

I’m grateful that everyone here tonight seems to be wrapped up in their own little worlds. Because Brooklyn and I look like creeps staring at everyone as we pass by their tables.

“Kayden knows better than anyone to believe the shit he reads on Tinsel Town blog, but that picture—like the one of Nadia and him— may hurt your case a little. And we know Knox has a temper, so let’s pray he doesn’t run into Shayne tonight,” I shout into Savannah’s ear at an attempt to help her relax. She’s squeezing my hand so damn tight I think the blood flow to my fingers has been officially cut off. I’m beginning to lose feeling in them. I wiggle my fingers as I speak to her, hinting for Savannah to chill on the death grip.

“I don’t see Kayden anywhere, Brooklyn. I think we should text Dixon to see where they are, or Jax…I really don’t care anymore. I need to find Kayden and fix this.” Savannah stops as we pass the sixth table. The sadness and frustration are written on her face as her shoulders sag.

I hate seeing her like this. Who the hell knows if the guys are even up here. They could be anywhere in here tonight. Admitting defeat in our search for them, I dig my phone out and quickly text Dixon.


Where u at? We’re in Vertigo at the front of VIP, trying to find u guys. Savannah needs to talk to Kayden ASAP!


I hit send and see immediately that the message is read. The bubble appears alerting me that he’s writing back, and I find myself letting out a deep sigh of relief. A message pops up from him, but before I can read it Savannah is shoving me and screaming, “Go…now!”

I lose my balance as my maniac of a best friend shoves me while I’m standing in 6” stilettos! Stumbling forward, I quickly react and reach out in front of me catching myself on a stranger. I give him a small smile and yell, “Sorry,” before whipping my eyes back around to Savannah.

She speeds past me, ignoring the fact that she almost snapped my fucking ankles in two. “Shayne is right behind me; move your ass. Now!” Grabbing my wrist as she walks past me, Savannah drags me along. I quickly pick up my pace as I try to keep up with her and not break my neck or my heels in the process.

“Damn it, Savannah! I practically snapped my frickin’ ankle! Shayne’s here? What the hell? Does he have a freakin’ GPS on your ass or something?” I scream at her as I look around trying to spot where he’s at now.

We maneuver through the crowd trying to make it out of the VIP area. Savannah glances behind her, and from the look of frustration and panic written all over her face, I’m guessing he’s still nearby.

Gasping for air, she blurts out with shaky words, “I don’t know…but I swear…out of all the people I could run into, how is it Shayne and I literally bump into each other. Thank God he didn’t realize it was me and try to talk to me. I just need to find Kayden and clear everything up.”

Pulling on her hand, I get her to stop and take a damn breath. “Dixon texted back. Let me see what he said so we can finally find them and figure this shit out.”

She releases my hand and folds her arms against her chest as she looks around nervously. I fish my phone out of my clutch and quickly pull up the message.


We’re in VIP. Just got a table toward the back. If she needs to talk to Kayden about what I think she does, FYI he knows and he is fucking ripping. How fucked up is it that Shayne was all over her last night when he’s friends with Kayden? Hell, Kayden just spent a lot of money to host this fucking event tonight. That is some shady ass shit right there. But hurry up and find us. I’ll keep an eye out for y’all.


“Well, I have good news and bad news.”

“Give me the good news first.”

I gulp down my drink and set it on a bottle girl’s tray as she tries to speed walk past us.

Damn, I needed that. My nerves can’t take all this shit.

“The good news is they’re here…the bad news is Kayden saw the blog post about Shayne.”

“Ugh. Why the hell did I get on that bar last night? I never should’ve let you talk me into it. I should’ve known someone would take a picture. Since I’ve started dating Kayden, nothing in my life is private anymore. Now I’m paying the price for my stupid lack of judgment. All of this only makes me loathe Giselle even more than I already did. This is all her fault. Kayden better make sure she and Nadia pay for all the stress they’ve caused us,” Savannah shouts as her frustration finally boils over.

Putting my hand on the back of hers, I give it a gentle squeeze and try to calm her down. “Dixon said they’re on the far end of the VIP area. Since we know Shayne is sitting with his posse at the beginning of the VIP section, we’ll go around the other way. Try to avoid another run-in.” Quickly, I lead her toward the back entrance of the VIP section.

Immediately, we spot their table and the second we do I immediately feel my blood begin to boil. Sitting beside Kayden is none other than the biggest whore of Las Vegas, Trixie LaRue.



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