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New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of the Savannah Series brings you a steamy new story! Fans of Savannah & Kayden are going to love this sweet & sexy new novella!

This Valentine’s Day, escape to the snowy mountains of Aspen, Colorado with your favorite book couple, Kayden Knox and Savannah Livingston-Knox. It’s been almost two years since they welcomed their twins, Brayden and Colton, into the world. Since that day Savannah and Kayden have yet to have a romantic getaway with just the two of them—until now!

Savannah’s birthday and Valentine’s Day will be one she’ll not soon forget. When Kayden surprises Savannah with a much needed romantic getaway sparks will fly! Desires will be explored and the number one rule: No Clothes Allowed, will be enforced by the sexiest Southern book boyfriend to ever steal our hearts, Kayden Knox.

So grab your skis and fuzzy handcuffs because you’re about to board the Beaumont Jet and set out on an erotic vacation you won’t soon forget.


Chapter One


“There’s the birthday girl,” Kayden says as he presses a kiss to the side of my exposed neck.

Pushing brew on my Keurig, I spin in his arms and lean against the countertop as I peer up into the mesmerizing green eyes of my husband. Even after all of these years he’s able to take my breath away and send butterflies fluttering frantically in my belly. I hope I never lose this feeling because nothing compares to the overwhelming emotions that your mind and body go through when you’re madly in love with someone.

“Here I am,” I say sweetly as I run my hands up the back of his arms loving the feeling of his hard, muscular biceps as they flex against the cotton fabric of his crisp, white shirt.

His hands, big and powerful, grip my hips pinning my backside to the cupboards behind me as his body slides perfectly up against mine.

Our bodies are like gravity— unable to fight the temptation…unconsciously gravitating towards each other against our will. It’s undeniable the pull we feel to each other. The spark burns too brightly. It’s a hopeless task to try to fight the love between us; it’s like a raging forest fire in a world without water—simply impossible to put out.

People have tried and failed…they’ll always fail because one thing we know to be true after everything we’ve been through: Our love is indestructible and every obstacle we face we conquer together as a united front and only become stronger because of it.

Squeezing the back of his arms, I lean up onto the toes of my stilettos and purse my lips up towards his. His fingers dig into my hips as his lips brush against mine. We already made love in the shower while Sylvia fed the babies their breakfast, but our need for one another is insatiable. I crave his kisses the moment his lips leave mine. I’m addicted to this man and thank the Lord every day for blessing me with him in my life.

I let out a squeal of surprise as I feel his hands lift me effortlessly into the air before placing my ass firmly onto the granite countertop. Kayden’s kiss becomes more intense as my fingers slide into his hair and I cup the back of his head. I pull his mouth closer to mine if it’s even possible as I part my lips to welcome his talented tongue. My body quivers as a jolt of desire courses through me. His tongue licks the inside of my lips as a low rumble comes from his chest and vibrates into my mouth.

Even with my body still aching for the amazing shower sex we just had, I find myself running scenarios through my head for a way to have a quickie before we have to head to work.

His hands slowly make their way from my waist and run down the sides of my thighs across the fabric of my dress before connecting with the exposed skin just above my knee. I arch my back as he leans me further backwards and I wrap my legs around his waist. We’re in the middle of our kitchen with staff all around our house and the babies upstairs getting ready to go into work with me, and yet none of that seems to matter to my brain at the moment. I’m too kiss drunk to care about any of that. Instead, the only thing on my mind is my husband carrying me into his office just off from the kitchen and pounding his glorious penis into me as a nice way of saying, ‘now have a nice day at work, sweetie’.

“Fuck, baby. Do we have time?” he murmurs against my lips, reading my mind.

Panting, I tighten my legs and pull him further against me as I shift my hips grinding my soaking wet core against his hard erection.

“I don’t have any meetings this morning…” My words come out breathless as I lean into the crook of his neck and drag the tip of my tongue across his light stubble. I feel his cock jump in his slacks and a low growl rumbles from his lips.

Wrapping his arms around my hips he tightens his hold on me before lifting me off of the counter. He takes two steps backwards and turns to walk towards his office when the sound of his phone going off on the kitchen island fills the room.


“Ignore it, Knox. Whoever it is you can call back in five minutes tops,” I plead as I lean back in his arms and peer up at him.

“I can’t. You know I can’t,” he says with disappointment before setting me down onto the hardwood floor.

It’s my birthday, dammit. I want to scream at the person persistently calling. I deserve melt your panties off sex. Not lady blue balls!

I really, really, really hate that our lives are so damn chaotic and filled with work, work, and more work. Oh and twins! Let’s not forget that.  Somehow we manage to still have a sex life, praise the Lord, because I don’t think it’s even humanly possible for Kayden to not fuck all thoughts straight out of my head on a daily basis. But gone are the days of lazy, sex filled nights and weekends. In their place is a life of quickies before work if we’re lucky—because most days Kayden’s up at the ass-crack-of-dawn and off to the office before I even roll out of bed.

We only have Sylvia, our nanny, Monday through Friday with weekends off. On Tuesdays and Thursday, I bring the kids with me to work so she can spend those days doing laundry and picking up our dry cleaning since we usually get back to Sugar Land after the cleaners is closed.

“Sorry, baby. I’ll make it up to you tonight. Don’t forget I’ll be picking you up at the office around five so don’t even think about working late. It’s your birthday, and I plan on wining and dining you tonight before bringing you home and doing every naughty thing that I didn’t get to do to you this morning.”

A shiver of excitement shoots down my spine and explodes in my belly.

Wrapping my arms around his waist, I lean up onto my toes and give him a quick peck on the lips. “I can’t wait.”

“Now I really have to get this. Why don’t you go check on the boys and see if Sylvia needs any help? I’ll go pull the truck up while I take this call.”

I give him a slight nod and slap his nicely toned ass as he grabs the phone off of the island and puts it on speaker phone.

“Knox,” he yells at his phone as he grabs his mug off the counter along with his keys and disappears into the corridor.

I hear the front door shut as I turn back to the coffee I was in the middle of making before I got distracted. Adding cream and sugar, I twist the lid on my travel mug and head upstairs to see if the boys are ready for the day. They love when I bring them into work with me because everyone spoils them rotten while they’re there. I love that I’m able to run my own company so that I can bring them to work with me. I’d hate having to spend every single day away from them. Them, along with their daddy, are my entire world.

With today being my birthday, spending the day with them only makes today that much more special.