Happy Valentine’s Day from Kayden Knox





I can’t believe we’re spending our first Valentine’s Day together as husband and wife. It still feels surreal when I wake up beside you every morning. I can’t help but lay beside you, taking in the exquisite beauty that is you. From your pink, full lips, that I thank God for allowing me to kiss every single day, to those big beautiful electric blue eyes of yours, that I swear turns me stupid the second they lock onto mine. Lastly, to the most priceless gift you have ever given me…your heart. It is hands down the most beautiful feature you have. I have no idea how one woman can hold so much love inside something so tiny, but somehow that beating vessel that is locked tightly inside of your chest holds the most power—being able to bring me to my knees, and make me climb the tallest mountains, if it means that you’ll continue loving me. Your heart, Angel, is the most precious thing I’ve ever had the honor of owning. My love for you is immeasurable…it knows no bounds. I know without a doubt that I was put on this earthly with the sole purpose of loving you.

I love you more than the moon & all the stars in Texas, baby. Too infinity & beyond.


Love, Knox


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