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Cover Designed By: Cover Me Darling
Cover Model: Cassia Brightmore

Release Date: February 9th
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A little sweet, a little dark just enough to ignite a spark.
This Valentine’s Day, prepare to have your darkest desires and hottest fantasies realized in one explosive anthology as four dark romance and four contemporary romance authors join forces to bring you eight all new tantalizing tales.
From a deranged stalker to a sweet-talking matchmaker, immerse yourself in this pairing of scorching hot romance and depravity in an action-packed experience certain to satisfy all of your delicious and dark desires.
AUTHORS: Kimberly Blalock, Danielle Jamie, Skye Callahan, Cassia Brightmore, Ella Emerson, A.M. Willard, Heather Dahlgren, Courtney Shockey



Sexy. Forbidden. Addictive new #StepbrotherSeries by #NYTimes & #USAToday Bestselling author Danielle Jamie


Bloggers & Readers are calling The Stepbrother Series one of the hottest Stepbrother books they’ve ever read!

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“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Danielle Jamie is brilliantly evil with her talent for writing angst that has me crying big ugly tears, and I never merely read her stories, but experience them like I’m in them. The sexy scenes are SMOKIN’ HOT goodness, while the love is all consuming. I will end with this, her books are kindle crack, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

-Jennifer Pierson, Goodreads


New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Danielle Jamie brings you the complete Stepbrother Series together into 1 book!

Forbidden: Linc or as my friends like to call him ‘Forbidden’ is my future stepbrother and the one person who can get under my skin unlike anyone else. We all call him Forbidden because, like the fruit in The Garden of Eden, Linc, is gorgeous, tempting and completely untouchable. I’ve hated the arrogant jerk for as long as I can remember. But a week alone together followed by a drunken bet leads me onto a path that once taken there is no turning back.

UNTOUCHABLE: I should hate her. Part of me does. But another part of me wants her more than I’ve wanted anyone–ever. Now she’s back in town. Everything I feel…Anger. Lust. Desire…it’s all coming to the surface at full force. I keep telling myself she’s untouchable. But that’s easier said than done when I have the devil on my shoulder telling me to forget about everything and everyone, and take what I want. I’m the sex God of San Francisco. I get who I want…whenever I want them. No matter the consequences.

RAPTURE: Fate tore Linc and Raven apart, now in a surprising twist it’s bringing them back together—but the question is: Can they let go of the pain from the past giving them a fighting chance at finally having a future together?

“Although short, this book is filled with sexual tension and steamy moments between Linc and Raven which makes for a very amazing read. You will wish you had a stepbrother, like Linc. I could not put this book down for anything!” – Ashley, LLEP Book Blog

PicMonkey CollageUT12.jpg

“The connection and chemistry between Linc and Raven literally smacks you in your face while your reading, it’s so believable. Then when they come together it’s HOT HOT HOT!!
I thought Forbidden was an amazingly hot little novella but Danielle tops it 100% with Untouchable. It’s hotter and sexier. And if you loved Linc in Forbidden your going to adore the pants off him in Untouchable.” – Sophie, Bookalicious Babes Book Blog


Rapture is told in both the past and the present, and is a heartbreaking story that will have you screaming, crying, and falling in love with these two all over again. – Chrissy, Reading Between The Sheets


Following me to my room, Linc stops only a few inches from me. I back into my dresser, trying to put a few inches between us so I can try to catch my breath.
Not allowing me to have a safe distance between us, Linc steps closer to me to the point that we are now toe-to-toe. My lungs are burning as I try to force them to work. My mouth parts slightly as I attempt to inhale a gulp of air.
“Thanks for helping with Heath. Even if you did go way over the line with the whole sex thing…but seeing that Facebook has been filled with pictures of him with a lot of random, gorgeous women, he deserves everything you gave him. But I want you to understand that if you answer my phone again, I’ll snap your fingers.” I try my best to look angry, but I’m failing terribly, because the only look I have right now is a ‘fuck me now please’ look as I slouch against the dresser for support.
A sexy smirk curls up the corner of Linc’s lips as he brings his hand up to my left arm, slowly tracing his fingers up my shoulder and along my collarbone before stopping to cup my face with his hand, resting it just below my ear. I exhale a slow, shaky breath as my entire body shakes with desire and my senses shoot into overdrive.
His cologne is blanketing my body as the smell of it sends a warmth cascading over every inch of me. He smells like sex and sin. I find myself practically panting with want as he presses his body against mine, revealing to me a very nice-sized erection bulging through his jeans.
“You’re welcome.” Leaning into me, I feel his warm breath on my ear as he whispers, “I’d really like to see you try to bust my fingers, Spitfire. Preferably in your bed.” His voice is laced with sex as it takes on a deliciously raspy tone.
My heart literally stops. In. My. Fucking. Chest. Then kickstarts again as my knees buckle beneath me.
I bring a hand up to his chest, pressing my palm firmly against it before slowly sliding it down a few inches and fisting his t-shirt, tugging him closer to me. His hands come to rest on my hips as he tightens his grip and lifts me effortlessly into the air before slamming my ass down onto my dresser.
“Whoa!” I squeal with surprise as my bare ass hits the cold wood.
His tongue darts out of his mouth and slowly slides between his lips, making my sex clench as thoughts of him using that tongue between my legs invades my thoughts.
He towers over me a good eight inches or so, but at this level, his erection is pressing perfectly through his jeans into my bare skin, teasing my clit and making my body ache for an orgasm as he slides between my now spread legs.
“Fuck. The things I want to do to you,” he murmurs as his hands work their way back up to my face.
This whole seducing thing is working out even faster than I thought.
I keep my grip on my towel as I continue to pull on Linc’s shirt with my other hand, yanking him to me. “Like what?” I ask seductively.
He lets out another low growl as his eyes burn into mine. “I’m not sure you can handle me, Spitfire. Once I start, I don’t stop—so you better think long and hard about what you’re asking me.”
Holy. Fuck.
I think my towel is most certainly soaking wet from how turned on I am right now. Linc has to be the hottest, most irresistible asshole I’ve ever met. He’s cocky as fuck, but he has the dick and the reputation to back it up.
The feel of his lips on my skin short circuits my brain momentarily as they kiss a path from my right breast to my left. It feels like hot pokers branding my skin with every press of his lips against my flesh.
“Mmmm.” A soft moan leaves my lips as he rocks his hips in between my legs, teasing my clit with the hard roughness of his cock pressing against his jeans.
Nipping at my skin, he whispers, “Your body is screaming to be fucked, Raven. But I won’t touch you until you tell me with that spitfire mouth of your that you want me to fuck you.”
The sound of The Neighbourhood’s Sweater Weather playing from the bathroom consumes me, blending with the feeling of Linc’s mouth and hands on my body. It’s hypnotic; I feel as if I’m floating outside of myself as Linc captivates my body, making it succumb to his every touch, kiss, and caress.
I’m just about to resort to begging him very vocally to shut up and fuck me, but a knock at my bedroom door shatters our moment into a million tiny pieces.
“Fuck…” Linc curses under his breath as he pushes away from me so fast you’d think he’d burned himself touching me.
“Linc, you still in there, man?” I hear the familiar voice of Tyler through the door.
“Shit. If he knows I’m still in here, he’ll think something’s up. Fuck,” he curses again as he paces in front of me, fisting his hair.
Pushing my way around him, I pad across my room to the door. Whipping it open, I put on my best pissed-off face and point my hand towards Linc, who looks almost physically sick.
Ugh! He’s seriously the biggest asshole on the goddamn planet!
The thought of his friends knowing that he wanted to fuck me two seconds ago is so damn bad that it makes him physically sick?
Why does my body want this douchebag?
Why did I agree to this fricking bet?
I’m so mad that I’m five seconds away from taking matters into my own hands and slapping some sense into myself.
“The asshole’s right over there. Now, please take his sorry ass back downstairs with you before I toss him out of my fucking window.”
I’m seething. Tyler, of course, assumes it’s because of Linc answering my phone and pulling his little stunt with Heath. But in all reality, I’m thrilled he did it. Serves Heath right. The jerk dumps me, hooks up with girls in Cabo, and then calls me for what? More than likely to ask me to take his sorry ass back. I think not.
I’m teeming right now, because my brain is screaming, Kick Linc in the hard-on that was just teasing you through his jeans, while my body is shouting, Slam the door in Tyler’s face, and then tackle Linc’s ass and make him show you just how good he is in bed.
“You gotta admit what Linc did was fucking funny as shit,” Tyler says with an amused tone as Linc stalks past me out into the hallway to join him on the other side of my bedroom door.
Laughing sarcastically, I say, “Yeah, it was fricking hilarious. See? I’m still laughing.” Pointing at my mouth, I let out another sarcastic giggle before slamming the door in their faces. I shout through the door, “Now let me get dressed in peace! And in case you need another reminder, keep your hands off of my phone, jackass!”
My chest is heaving as I fall against the door and listen as their footsteps fade away down the hall.
If I were smart, I would’ve taken my mother’s offer to fly far away from this house and Linc, but instead, I find myself trapped in this house with him and torn between hating him and wanting him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my life.
Damn you, Tessa.

#99cents New #Student-Teacher #romance by #NYTimes & #USAToday Bestselling author Danielle Jamie


She’s the hot new professor.
He’s the star quarterback.
A scandalous new app is about to make their two worlds collide.
What happens when that line is crossed? Because once you step over it—there’s no going back…

‪#‎99cents‬ HOT student-teacher romance goes live Thursday!

Book 1 in hot new serial by ‪#‎NYTimes‬ & ‪#‎USAToday‬ bestselling author Danielle Jamie




Exclusive sneak peek at SCANDALOUS!




I’ve done this so many times.
More times than I would like to admit.
Desperation makes people do things they normally wouldn’t do. I heard that line more times than I could count growing up. I never fully grasped the severity of those words until three years ago.
I can now say with full honesty: I’m as desperate as they come, and I’ll do anything to make my dreams a reality.
But, the thing is I have standards. Very high standards.
Doing what I do—it isn’t easy. I not only want, but need to be able to enjoy myself since I have to do this three nights a week.
Right now I am finding myself torn between wanting to follow through with this evening or walking away before the secret life I built so well gets blown wide open.
For the first time in three years, I find myself contemplating climbing off of this bar stool I’m sitting on and going home. My fingers shake slightly as I grab my vodka cranberry and bring it up to my lips. If there was ever a moment that I need liquid courage—this moment would be it. No way in hell am I doing this sober.
You’re making the biggest mistake of your life. The nagging voice whispers to me in the back of my subconscious as I watch Nate Preston walk towards me with a swagger in his step that screams confidence and a smile that can stop a million hearts, as he makes his way through the packed hotel bar and towards me.
The moment his eyes lock with mine butterflies invade my belly. If he’s shocked to see me sitting here, he isn’t showing it. His face is as relaxed and inviting as it was the moment I spotted him entering the bar.
A few people stop him to congratulate him on the football team’s win last weekend, and with each step he takes, bringing him one step closer to me, the faster my heart races.
I’m expecting him…but he most certainly is not expecting me.
He’s expecting to meet, Phoebe: my alter ego, named after a character in one of my all-time favorite books, The Catcher in the Rye.
Part of me thinks I can still leave. I can come up with some reasonable excuse as to why I’m here at the bar wearing the tiny black dress and red suede heels that Phoebe told him she’d be wearing. But my desire to finally be with him overpowers the fear storm brewing deep inside of me.
I let out a shaky breath and try to push the fear into the back of my mind as I smile back up at him.
“Miss Rose?” The familiar deep, husky drawl hits my ears and instantly I feel as if a bucket of ice has suddenly been poured over the top of my head and my insides have been set on fire.
Feelings of elation and fear are at full force right now as I toss back the remainder of my drink before slamming my glass back down onto polished wood bar and watch as he casually slides onto the seat beside me.
There’s no turning back now…





#Free Standalone by #NYTIMES & #USAToday #bestsellingauthor Danielle Jamie

Dollarphotoclub_73xmas free.jpg


Christmas Wish is #FREE until January 7th!
If you love Hallmark Holiday Movies you will LOOOOOVE Christmas Wish!
Brody & Callie’s story is unique and beautiful full of heartbreak, secrets and the perfect dash of steaminess to make this a must read this holiday season!!!
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*If you love Hallmark Christmas Movies and steamy romance novels then this is the perfect holiday read for you!!*

Callie Greenwood’s life has never been easy. Her father up and left when she was six and her mother passed away from breast cancer when she was just thirteen, leaving her grandparents to raise her. But since her grandfather passed away and her grandmother was put into a nursing home, she’s been on her own.

Desperate for love, Callie foolishly settled for the cliché bad boy, thinking he would change his ways for her. Sadly, she learns the hard way that life doesn’t care how bad you have it, and that you can’t make someone love you. When Callie needs Jase the most he abandons her, just like her father did sixteen years ago.

Determined to not spend the holidays alone, Callie decides to spend the holidays at her Aunt Ella’s bed and breakfast in Lake George, New York.

Little does she know that everything for her will change when she checks in to the quaint town at Christmas. Callie expected to spend two weeks sipping cocoa by the fire place, listening to Bing Crosby and spending time with her Aunt. The last she ever expected was to meet the handsome but mysterious Brody O’Reilly…

This Christmas heartbreak, secrets, and romance will collide making it a holiday she’ll not soon forget.