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THIS IS AN UGLY CRY BOOK so get your wine, chocolate & tissues ready and ENJOY Linc & Raven’s final story!



If you would’ve asked Raven four years ago if she was in love with Linc, she would’ve answered, YES! In a heartbeat.

Now four years later, the thought of Linc instills nothing but anger and hurt—Linc broke her heart into a million pieces and ever since she’s been trying to piece her heart back together.

When Linc was given the opportunity of a lifetime that meant he was one step closer to being in the PGA, he knew what he had to do—walk away from Raven and sacrifice his happiness for his dreams. He had no idea that his decision to go to Scotland would haunt him for years to come.

Fate tore Linc and Raven apart, now in a surprising twist it’s bringing them back together—but the question is: Can they let go of the pain from the past giving them a fighting chance at finally having a future together?

**This book touches on sensitive subjects that can be triggers for some people.**


**Prologue & Exclusive Excerpt!**


They say life can change in the blink of an eye. I never knew those words to be true until the moment my entire world was pulled out from underneath me. I thought Linc walking away from me and moving to Scotland would be the hardest thing I’d have to deal with.
I soon figured out that him leaving was only the beginning.
Five months after he left for St. Andrews, Scotland, fate reared her ugly head and hit me harder than a freight train, and in the process, sent my life shattering into a million tiny pieces.
You always wonder when you hear about other people’s tragedies—How were they able to move past it? How does one find the strength to piece their life back together after watching it fall apart before their very eyes?
When it happens to you, you find yourself collecting all of the sharp, jagged edges, overwhelmed and wondering if it’s even worth trying to put it back together.
Because the reality of it is no matter how hard you try, there is no way to make what has now been broken completely whole again and like it was before. It will forever be filled with cracks and missing pieces, reminding you every single day of what you endured. So I wonder…is it even worth it? Or is it better to clean up the mess, throw the shards of glass away, and try to move on and adapt to the new life before you?
I never thought I’d be one of those people having to make this life-altering decision. I’m like millions of others in the world who scroll through their Facebook feed and see a video or article about a heartbreaking story that brings tears to your eyes. But we’re then able to exit the screen or keep on scrolling, going about our lives, not being fazed by the loss or tragedy this person or family has endured.
We can’t fully comprehend what it’s like to be in their shoes until we actually have to walk in them.
December 21stth, 2015 will be a date forever imbedded in my mind as the day everything changed.
It’s the day that I learned sometimes God can’t grant you the miracle you desperately beg and bargain with him for. At twenty-one, I felt invincible, but the cold, hard reality of it was that I wasn’t. When the truth of that truly sinks in, it makes you look back on everything you’ve done in your life and regret every time you had the audacity to complain about how hard you thought you had it, because the truth of the matter is I had it pretty damn good. I had supportive and loving parents. I didn’t have to worry about bills or buying food. I had a nice apartment, great friends, was attending the university of my dreams, and had my future all mapped out. The only thing missing was Linc. But, I realized if we truly loved one another, a year or two apart to finish college and for him to get into the PGA wasn’t that big of a sacrifice.
Looking back now, I see everything I should’ve done, and could’ve done, but it’s all too late. What’s done is done. The only thing I can do now is focus on moving forward and trying to piece my life back together, one shard of glass at a time. The true struggle will be accepting what I have to in order to move forward once the final piece is put into place.
This is far from the way I imagined my life when I wrote out my ten-year plan. But the sad truth is tragedy can strike anyone at any time. It doesn’t discriminate, and it sure as hell doesn’t always come with a warning. Sometimes bad things happen when you least expect it, blindsiding you and making the ability to come to grips with it that much harder to accomplish.
It’s been almost four years since my innocent and carefree outlook on life was torn away from me in the blink of an eye. Even now, I still don’t feel I’ve fully come to grips with what happened, or discovered how to heal and move on from it. If I’m being honest, I’m not quite sure I ever will.


My body feels numb as we stand there in my foyer, with us both naked only from the waist down and our bodies still connected. She buries her face into the crook of my neck as we gasp for breath and wait for our bodies to float back down to Earth.

I’m afraid to move, pull myself out of her, and break the spell we’re both under. The fear of her vanishing before my eyes is almost paralyzing.

Raven is like the sparrow tattooed on her shoulder. Bright and awe-inspiring with her beauty…and always ready to take flight, soaring off into the unknown to chase her next adventure. All the while, leaving me here all alone to once again try to piece my life back together without her.

Finally, I slip myself out of her and set her down on the hardwood floor. “There’s a bathroom this way, so we can get you cleaned up.” Lacing my hand back with hers, I lead her toward the bathroom. I smile to myself as I see her looking around the suite, trying to take it all in. Since it’s only me here, I chose one of the small penthouse suites the hotel has to offer. It has a small but top-of-the-line kitchen that flows openly into my living room. There’s a private laundry room, home office, and guest bedroom downstairs. Followed by my bedroom, en suite, and walk-in closet upstairs. I also have a balcony that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, the harbor, and Golden Gate Bridge, along with the city of San Francisco below.

The second I get her into the bathroom, I release her hand and head straight for the shower, turning it on and allowing the room to fill with steam. Fisting my shirt, I yank it over my head and toss it onto the floor, followed by my shorts. I slide my gaze along her body, which is still flushed from the orgasm I just graced her with.

“Your turn, Spitfire. Strip,” I tell her as I take another step toward, her and help pull the sundress up over her head.

Her tongue darts out of her mouth, wetting her lips, and then she gently bites down on her bottom lip, dragging her teeth lightly over it. Instantly, I feel my dick begin to grow hard all over again.

“I don’t know what it is about you that makes me turn into a horny, sex-crazed woman, Linc.”

I cause a squeal to escape her as I wrap my arms around her waist and yank her against my chest, lifting her feet off the ground. “I don’t know what to tell ya, baby. But all I know is the feeling is mutual. I think by the time we’re through ‘catching up’, we’re going to have to spend the entire afternoon with you icing that sweet little pussy of yours, while I ice my goddamn balls. But it’ll sure as hell be worth it.”