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Beautiful bride in her bedroom. Soft light. morning bride

She’s the hot new professor.
He’s the star quarterback.
A scandalous new app is about to make their two worlds collide.
What happens when that line is crossed? Because once you step over it—there’s no going back…



I’ve done this many times.
More times than I would like to admit.
Desperation makes people do things they normally wouldn’t do. I heard that line more times than I could count growing up. I never fully grasped the severity of those words until three years ago.
I can now say with full honesty: I’m as desperate as they come, and I’ll do anything to make my dreams a reality.
But, the thing is I have standards. Very high standards.
Doing what I do—it isn’t easy. I not only want, but need to be able to enjoy myself since I have to do this three nights a week.
Right now I am finding myself torn between wanting to follow through with this evening or walking away before the secret life I built so well gets blown wide open.
For the first time in three years, I find myself contemplating climbing off of this bar stool I’m sitting on and going home. My fingers shake slightly as I grab my martini glass and bring it up to my lips. If there was ever a moment that I need liquid courage—this moment would be it. No way in hell am I doing this sober.
You’re making the biggest mistake of your life. The nagging voice whispers to me in the back of my subconscious as I watch Nate Preston walk towards me with a swagger in his step that screams confidence and a smile that can stop a million hearts, as he makes his way through the packed hotel bar and towards me.
The moment his eyes lock with mine butterflies invade my belly. If he’s shocked to see me sitting here, he isn’t showing it. His face is as relaxed and inviting as it was the moment I spotted him entering the bar.
A few people stop him to congratulate him on the football team’s win last weekend, and with each step he takes, bringing him one step closer to me, the faster my heart races.
I’m expecting him…but he most certainly is not expecting me.
He’s expecting to meet, Phoebe: my alter ego, named after a character in one of my all-time favorite books, The Catcher in the Rye.
Part of me thinks I can still leave. I can come up with some reasonable excuse as to why I’m here at the bar wearing the tiny black dress and red suede heels that Phoebe told him she’d be wearing. But my desire to finally be with him overpowers the fear storm brewing deep inside of me.
I let out a shaky breath and try to push the fear into the back of my mind as I smile back up at him.
“Miss Rose?” The familiar deep, husky drawl hits my ears and instantly I feel as if a bucket of ice has suddenly been poured over the top of my head and my insides have been set on fire.
Feelings of elation and fear are at full force right now as I toss back the remainder of my drink before slamming my glass back down onto polished wood bar and watch as he casually slides onto the seat beside me.
There’s no turning back now…

Beautiful bride in her bedroom. Soft light. morning bride


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