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I cried and cried while I read this. I am not talking teary eyed. I am talking makeup running down my face, that kind of ugly cry.

Brittan takes you on the emotional ride of losing the love of your life, the man who was your soul mate. How can she move on and live life without him.

Enter in hotter than hot rocker Jordan. I will not give any spoiler with him. All I can say is where the hell can I get me one? Do men like that really exist?

LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! It had love and sadness. Happiness and possibilities.

My advice to the next reader: You will need Kleenex and by Kleenex I mean the whole damn box.

5 Stars…Tracy (AMAZON REVIEWER)!!

★★ Tempt My Heart (A Brittan McKenna Story) ★★

PicMonkey Collagesong


I think my heart just stopped and then started again, as I take in the site of Brittan wearing boy short panties and a tight tee. A ghost of a smile creeps across my lips as her eyes land on mine.

Her mouth makes an O shape and she screams, “Holy shit, Jordon!” while trying to tug her very tiny tee down.

I kick my foot up on my knee and stretch my arms out along the bench seat as I relax against in the booth. Her all of a sudden shyness is adorable and making my dick stir to life in my jeans. I let out a low raspy laugh, “I don’t know why you’re all of a sudden all bashful. It’s not like I haven’t been up close and very personal with what’s under those adorable leopard panties of yours.”

Plopping down across from me she furrows her brows as she snatches the latte from in front of me, “Sorry I’m a little more self-conscious when I’m not drunk.”

“Well with a body like that, you should never feel self-conscious because I swear on this blueberry muffin,” I actually got a small smile out of her with that one, “You have the hottest body to ever grace this earth…and believe me I’ve seen my fair share. So you need to take my word for it.”

Breaking off a piece of her chocolate muffin she’s been nibbling on she chucks the chunk of muffin at my head and lets out the cutest little laugh, “You’re such a pig. But thanks, I guess.”

“You’re welcome. Now that you’re caffeinated is it safe to ask you about last night without being kicked in the baby makers and tossed out on my ass?” I ask as I sip my latte, and prepare myself for a Brittan bitch slap.

Brittan doesn’t speak for a few moments; she just stares down at her muffin while scooping whipped cream off of her latte and licking it off her finger.

Fuck. I am trying to be Mr. Concerned but it’s really hard when she is doing shit that’s making me hard.

Now I know why guys and girls aren’t normally ‘just friends’.

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