I was tagged by Author Brandace Morrow to share an excerpt from my current WIP! (Work In Progress)

Soooo here’s a snippet from FORBIDDEN: A Stepbrother Novella out in 3 more days!!!!!!!!

Pushing my way around him I pad across my room to the door. Whipping it open I put on my best pissed off face and point my hand towards Linc who looks almost physically sick.
Ugh! He’s seriously the biggest asshole on the Goddam planet!
The thought of his friends knowing that he wanted to f%ck me two seconds ago is so damn bad that it’s makes him physically sick?
Why does my body want this douchebag?
Why did I agree to this fricking bet?
I’m so mad that I’m five seconds away from taking matters into my own hands and slapping some sense into myself.
“The asshole’s right over there. Now please take his sorry ass back downstairs with you before I toss him out my f%cking window.”
I’m seething. Tyler of course assuming it’s because of Linc answering my phone, and pulling his little stunt with Heath. But in all reality I’m thrilled he did it. Serves Heath right. The jerk dumps me, hooks up with girls in Cabo, then calls me for what? More than likely to ask me to take his sorry ass back—I think not.
I’m seething right now because my brain is screaming, kick Linc in the hard on that was just teasing you with through his jeans while my body is shouting slam the door in Tyler’s face and then tackle his ass and make him show you just how good he is in bed.
“You gotta admit what Linc did was fucking funny as shit.” Tyler says with an amused tone as Linc stalks past me out into the hallway to join Tyler on the other side of my bedroom door.
Laughing sarcastically I say, “Yeah, it was fricking hilarious. See I’m still laughing.” Pointing at my mouth I let out another sarcastic giggle before slamming the door in their faces. I shout through the door, “Now let me get dressed in peace! And in case you need another reminder keep your hands off of my phone jackass!”
My chest is heaving as I fall against the door and listen as their footsteps fade away down the hall.
If I was smart I would’ve taken my mother’s offer to fly as far away from this house and Linc but instead I find myself trapped in this house with him and torn between hating him and wanting him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my life.
Damn you, Tessa.


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