Exclusive first look at HEART OF DIXON by Bestselling Author Danielle Jamie

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Danielle Jamie


“I swear if I never see you again. It’ll be too soon.” Brooklyn spits at me as tears stream down her face. She’s standing outside her bedroom door in nothing but a silk robe. Even though I just had a night of hot, wild, no holds bar, meaningless sex with two strangers I find my dick twitching with desire for her.
I’m an asshole.
She knew this from the start.
I thought we were both on the same page but now seeing her standing here looking completely devastated I know that we are not even in the same damn book.
I say nothing.
I just stare at her from across the lavish hallway of my cousin Kayden’s mansion here in the Bahamas where we’ve come to escape the media circus that is my cousin and his girlfriend Savannah’s lives right now.
There’s no reason in sugar coating it…

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