EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at Heart Of Dixon!! Here’s a BRAND NEW Snippet for all the Brooklyn & Dixon Fans

Unedited SNEAK PEEK at a scene I wrote last night as a thank you for all your support!!! ENJOY!


WTF? Have u lost your fucking mind?

By the time I slam the door to Kayden’s office she replies to my text.


😉 Yup…I sure did!

Because I stupidly allowed a world class asshole

to fuck the brains straight out of me today…

xoxo -B

She has lost her fucking mind all right. She has also just lost the chance to ever have the honor of me fucking her brains out ever again. She doesn’t even apologize. It’s as if she’s proud of herself for the stunt she just pulled!

I shove my way through the club and ignoring everyone who tries to start up a conversation with me I storm out the club doors into the cool Houston night air. Immediately I spot the blacked out SUV waiting curbside. I nod at the driver who opens the door for me as soon as he spots me exiting the club.

Slipping into the back seat I sink into the seat resting my head against the cool leather and shake my head and laugh. It’s all I can do now. Laugh at the fucked up world I am now living thanks to Brooklyn Bennett blowing into my life.

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