New SNEAK PEEK at Heart Of Dixon!

I ruined Fall Out Boy’s Light ‘Em Up in Tempt My Heart for readers’ and I’m doing it again this time with Taylor Swift in Heart of Dixon 😉

PicMonkey Collagehod4

He lets out the sexiest chuckle as he cups his dick through his slacks. “Believe me Brooklyn. I will never hear Taylor Swift again without imagining your face as you come.”

“Thanks to you I’ll never hear that song either without remembering the most mortifying moment of my life.”


2 thoughts on “New SNEAK PEEK at Heart Of Dixon!

  1. Lisa says:

    Danielle, I stumbled onto Kayden and Savannah searching on Amazon for a good read and I can’t tell you what a great read it is. I always wondered about Texas cowboys but never took the plunge before until I found your series and it was so much more than I ever could have imagined. Adding the country singers was an added bonus, Blake and Miranda, the Voice which is the only show on T.V. I view other than professional football! You won me over to country tunes. I’m from New York and country is NOT popular here. Many times I wanted to leave a review on Amazon but never did. I was so happy to see you were giving Brooklyn (btw luv her name as I spent a great time of my childhood in Brooklyn, NY) her own series. Normally I wait until an entire series has been released to avoid cliffhangers but I was too tempted with Wasted Love because the Savannah Series left readers with too many questions with Brooklyn and Dixon’s rollercoaster relationship. I was not disappointed, in fact it’s the only book that brought me to tears. The ending where Brooklyn collapsed in his arms when she entered her best friends hospital room had me balling for her and it’s rare that I cry from a book, out of hundreds or reads there are only a handful that stir such emotion from me. Thank you for writing her story and I can’t wait until the second book comes out. Please keep sharing your talent with us!

    • daniellejamie85 says:

      Awe! Thank you so much Lisa for writing me ❤ You have made my night! Readers like you is why I'm writing Brooklyn's story. Many said why write her book we know what happens she ends up with Dixon. The point for me is Brooklyn and Dixon had a LONG journey with many bumps due to their stubborn ways haaa and their story has so much to be told as to what happen from the moment they met until they got their HEA. I am enjoying soo much but at the same time wanting to pull my hair out for writing such IRRITATING people!! haa they are soo stubborn its killing me LOL. I plan on adding some crazy twists we never saw in Savannah's book going crazy and just having fun with her books. I am thrilled you loved the ending of Wasted LOve and felt the devastation she did when she saw her best friend's life hanging in the balance ❤

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