Sneak Peek at Christmas Wish my new holiday novella! 99cent sale ENDS TONIGHT

SNEAK PEEK at Christmas Wish it’s #99cents ONLY FOR A FEW MORE HOURS!!

Wow. I think my brain just short-circuited. Standing before me, looking way too delicious for this early in the morning, is Brody in loose fitting jeans that are hanging off of his hips, his shirt in his hands, and his dark red hair damp from a shower. The ends are slightly curls, and I feel my fingers twitch as he walks towards me, slipping his shirt over his head.
I’ve never wanted to run my hands over every inch of a man so badly in my entire life. My eyes slide from his waist, following his happy trail that appears from beneath his waistband and trickles up his solid six-pack and perfectly defined, wide and muscular chest. My eyes hesitate as they take in his deeply cut V.

Damn, damn, damn.

My pregnancy hormones are in high gear right now. I suddenly feel myself grow wet just from taking in his freaking Adonis-like body. I guess all the woodcutting does a body good!

“Oh, sorry. I thought you were Ella. You sounded just like her.” He gives me an apologetic smile before slipping his long sleeve thermal tee onto his body. With every step he takes towards me, I feel my heart rate increase and my body flush. I went from being freezing cold five minutes ago to scorching hot, just from looking at this man.

I laugh nervously and tuck my hair behind my ear. “Yeah, sorry about that. She’s feeding your son, who by the way is the cutest little guy I’ve ever met. She sent me out to find you to let you know breakfast is ready…oh, and I’m Callie. I’m Ella’s niece.”

God, I don’t know how I am even speaking right now. He’s smiling at me with this perfectly straight, sparkling white smile. I normally go for the bad boys with tattoo-covered bodies, but for some reason, I’m finding his ink-free, chiseled body to be turning me on faster than anyone I’ve ever met.

His neatly trimmed beard, which I’m assuming he keeps because he either hunts or because he works outdoors all winter, is giving him a rough, dark, and mysterious persona, and I find it extremely attractive.

I blame it on becoming addicted to the Outlander TV series, because I’m crushing like a school girl on this guy, who looks a whole hell of a lot like the sexy Scottish Jamie-dude on the show. All I can say is damn.

Christmas Wish (A Holiday Novella)

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