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Title: Heart of Dixon
Series: The Brooklyn Series #2
Author: Danielle Jamie
Release Date:  Winter 2015

Life can change in a matter of seconds. One minute you’re laughing and enjoying life feeling invincible. Then BAM! Everything changes in a blink of an eye.

My life has always been one big crazy party. That is until everything spiraled out of control. We made a catastrophic misjudgment putting trust in two people with evil intentions. Sadly none of us knew until it was too late. Now my best friend’s life is hanging in the balance and danger still lurks in the shadows.

To make matters worse the never fall in love motto I had all of my life just flew out the window at the worst time possible as I find myself torn between two men. What do you do when your heart is pulling you in one direction…

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Wow. I think my brain just short-circuited. Standing before me, looking way too delicious for this early in the morning, is Brody in loose fitting jeans that are hanging off of his hips, his shirt in his hands, and his dark red hair damp from a shower. The ends are slightly curls, and I feel my fingers twitch as he walks towards me, slipping his shirt over his head.
I’ve never wanted to run my hands over every inch of a man so badly in my entire life. My eyes slide from his waist, following his happy trail that appears from beneath his waistband and trickles up his solid six-pack and perfectly defined, wide and muscular chest. My eyes hesitate as they take in his deeply cut V.

Damn, damn, damn.

My pregnancy hormones are in high gear right now. I suddenly feel myself grow wet just from taking in his freaking Adonis-like body. I guess all the woodcutting does a body good!

“Oh, sorry. I thought you were Ella. You sounded just like her.” He gives me an apologetic smile before slipping his long sleeve thermal tee onto his body. With every step he takes towards me, I feel my heart rate increase and my body flush. I went from being freezing cold five minutes ago to scorching hot, just from looking at this man.

I laugh nervously and tuck my hair behind my ear. “Yeah, sorry about that. She’s feeding your son, who by the way is the cutest little guy I’ve ever met. She sent me out to find you to let you know breakfast is ready…oh, and I’m Callie. I’m Ella’s niece.”

God, I don’t know how I am even speaking right now. He’s smiling at me with this perfectly straight, sparkling white smile. I normally go for the bad boys with tattoo-covered bodies, but for some reason, I’m finding his ink-free, chiseled body to be turning me on faster than anyone I’ve ever met.

His neatly trimmed beard, which I’m assuming he keeps because he either hunts or because he works outdoors all winter, is giving him a rough, dark, and mysterious persona, and I find it extremely attractive.

I blame it on becoming addicted to the Outlander TV series, because I’m crushing like a school girl on this guy, who looks a whole hell of a lot like the sexy Scottish Jamie-dude on the show. All I can say is damn.

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Release Blitz: Christmas Wish by Danielle Jamie

Originally in Mistletoe & Kisses anthology. This is the full version with 16,500 more words added.

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Once Upon An Alpha

Originally in Mistletoe & Kisses anthology. This is the full version with 16,500 more words added.
*If you love Hallmark Christmas Movies and steamy romance novels then this is the perfect holiday read for you!!*

Callie Greenwood’s life has never been easy. Her father up and left when she was six and her mother passed away from breast cancer when she was just thirteen, leaving her grandparents to raise her. But since her grandfather passed away and her grandmother was put into a nursing home, she’s been on her own.
Desperate for love, Callie foolishly settled for the cliché bad boy, thinking he would change his ways for her. Sadly, she learns the hard way that life doesn’t care how bad you have it, and that you can’t make someone love you. When Callie needs Jase the most he abandons her, just like her father did sixteen years…

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By: Danielle Jamie

Love comes to those who still hope
after disappointment, who still believe after betrayal,
and who still love after being hurt.
– Unknown
November 14th 2009

My head is pounding, and every inch of my body hurts. I blink my eyes awake and slowly take in my surroundings. I quickly realize after seeing stark white walls and hearing the sounds of beeping monitors that I’m in a hospital room.
I bring my hand up to my head and feel gauze taped to my forehead. Taking in the room, I see flowers and stuffed bears beside me.
What the heck am I doing here, and what happened? I think to myself as I wrack my brain trying to remember where I may have been, or what might’ve happened for me to end up here. I squeeze my eyes shut and try my hardest to remember anything.
Slowly, I start to recall being at a frat party on campus, where I attend the University of Alabama. Images flash before me of my fiancé Lawson, my best friend Delilah, and our roommate Lily. We were all at the party together, but other than that, I can’t remember anything else.
I find the button to call for a nurse and push it as I shout out, “Hello?” My throat is dry and hoarse.
I attempt to call, “Hello?!” one more time, hoping someone will hear me, and finally come tell me what the hell is going on and why I feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train.
The instant I yell out again, my head pounds as if a snare drum is beating inside my skull.
I let out a sigh of relief when a few moments later, a nurse appears, along with my mother beside her. “Oh good, you’re awake,” the nurse, who looks like Mrs. Claus, says as she makes her way around my hospital bed.
“How are you feeling, sweetie?” my mom asks, bending down beside me on the opposite side and brushing my hair affectionately from my face.
“Like I’ve been run over by a bus. My head really hurts, and I can’t move my right leg without it causing a pain to shoot through it.”
I glance down at my lower half, which is covered in a blanket, and my mom looks in the same direction. She has a worried look on her face. Turning her eyes back to mine, I notice tears welling up in her eyes. “Do you remember anything from tonight, honey?”
Shaking my head, I look at her with confusion. “No, the last thing I remember is being at a party, but after that…nothing. Just tell me what happened, please,” I beg as I begin to feel a knot tighten in my gut. I have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as my mother lets a tear fall from her watering eyes.
“You were in an accident. Why, Emelyn? Why would you ever get into a car with someone who’s been drinking? Haven’t I told you enough times in your life to never for any reason ride with anyone who’s been drinking?”
What is she talking about? I was in a car with someone who was driving while intoxicated?
Squinting my eyes, I press myself to remember anything, but nothing comes. “I can’t remember, Mom. Will you please just tell me what happened?”
Grabbing a tissue from the rolling table, she dabs her eyes before sitting in the chair beside my bed. With each passing second, I grow more nervous.
Resting her hand on my arm, she smiles weakly up at me. “Honey, you were in a very bad car accident. Your side of the car was hit by a pickup truck when Lawson ran a red light at the intersection. You suffered a concussion, and your leg is broken in three places. The doctor said your leg is in really bad shape, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get back onto the softball field anytime soon.”
I am stunned. Car accident? No softball?
Shaking my head, I tell my mom with anger seething out of me, “No. I want another doctor. Broken legs heal quickly all the time. I will play softball. I need to play softball. Without it, I lose my scholarship!” My head is screaming out for me to stop talking, but I ignore the shooting pains that consume me.
Softball is my life. I cannot accept this.
It’s been my dream since before I can even remember to attend the University of Alabama. I worked my ass off all throughout high school to keep my grades up, and busted my butt to impress scouts to get a full-ride scholarship playing softball. Now, to be told it’s all being taken away from me…it’s as if someone just snatched the floor out from under me.
Tears fill my eyes as my mother’s words echo around inside me head.
“I’m so sorry, honey. I just wish I knew why you did it.”
My head is spinning; I can’t process this right now. “Did what?” I snap. I don’t mean to, but I am sad, angry, disappointed, and most of all, in shock.
“Let Lawson drive, for one, and for getting in the car with him. Did you know he was over two times the legal limit?”
I run my free hands over my face as I wipe the tears from my eyes. “He said he was fine. He’d only had a few beers. I can’t believe this.” I turn my head and try to find the courage to ask her the one question I’m afraid to ask. When I do, it comes out weakly. “Is anyone else hurt?”
It was Lawson and me in the front of his ‘99 F-150, Delilah sitting behind Lawson, and Lily was sitting in the middle with her feet resting on the console. In my mind, I hear Lawson’s thick, raspy voice telling her that her feet smell like a skunk’s ass, but I knew he was just teasing her. He always loves picking on her, because she gives it right back.
I squeeze my eyes shut for a few moments as I try to remember anything else. All I see are flashes of this evening at the party, and then leaving, but nothing after that.
Opening my eyes, I stare at my mother, who has fresh tears streaming down her face as she dabs a tissue to her cheeks, trying to wipe them away. “Lawson and Delilah are okay. Lawson has a cut on his head and a sprained arm, and luckily his sister walked away with just minor cuts from the broken glass.” She inhales a shaky breath and drops her eyes to the ground as more tears fall from her eyes.
My chest feels as if an elephant is sitting on it, making it impossible to catch my breath. “What about Lily?” I ask. My entire body is shaking as my mom’s eyes meet mine. They are filled with sadness as she shakes her and lets out a soft sob.
“Her parents are with her now, but it doesn’t look good. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and was ejected from the truck. The doctors have Lily on life support, but are talking with Molly and Derrick about turning it off. She’s been unconscious since the EMTs arrived at the scene of the accident.” She stops talking as another sob escapes her.
My hospital room is filled with the sound of our cries as I learn our poor decisions tonight had led to one of my best friends being put on life support. Lily is the sweetest, most caring person I’ve ever known. To realize one bad decision has steered us to this point in time is overwhelming, and it’s all too much to handle.

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Smut Book Awards 2014! Jordon, Brooklyn & Dixon are all NOMINATED!!!

I’m Nominated in 3 Categories in the #SmutBookAwards for 2014!!

Fav Rock God- Jordon Valentine, Tempt My Heart

Most Aggravating Male Lead Who Needs A Dramatic Slap – Dixon Beaumont, Wasted Love

Hottest Girl Crush Who You’d Totally Make Out With – Brooklyn Bennett, Wasted Love

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