SNEAK PEEK at my new Erotic Holiday novella: A Tempting Christmas

Fans of Jordon and Brittan from my standalone Tempt My Heart will be thrilled to know I’ve been asked to be in an erotic holiday anthology this December. I’ve decided to write the erotic holiday story about Brittan and Jordon’s first Christmas together!!


(thank your Kelli for the amazing collage!)

Here’s CHAPTER ONE! (It is NOT edited I just finished writing it haa) ENJOY!!! ❤
These last six months off has been amazing even though I’ve gotten very little rest. I’ve spent the last six months with Jordon traveling back and forth between Miami and Chicago. I’ve loved being up north and experiencing fall. I even went all crazy and jumped on the whole pumpkin spice latte craze which I swore I never would. I’ve grown up in Miami where we wear bikinis year round! So I rejoiced when I got to go all fall chic rocking leggings, oversized sweaters and cute scarfs with boots.

We only have a few more weeks to enjoy our down time though because soon we’ll be jetting off to Paris to kick off our European Tour. We’ll be going a week before the tour officially starts to do a special USO performance for some troops in Afghanistan. I was honored when my tour manager asked if I would be interested in doing it. Years before I always said no. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. It was that I physically couldn’t. It was too overwhelming being over there around soldiers like Cane. Who put their lives on the line every day and live with the chance they may not return home.

There is only one reason I said yes and that is Jordon. He has helped me heal when I thought it was impossible. I always assumed I’d go through life being this sad and depressed woman until the day I died. Unable to ever cope and move past losing my fiancé. But then I met Jordon and fell in love with him. He showed me it is okay to love again and helped me deal with the demons I’d been refusing to cope with for all these years.
When I started our U.S. tour with Jordon and the rest of Tempting Tomorrow headlining I was certain it would destroy my career and myself, little did I know in the matter of six months together on a tour bus that he would completely change my life for the better.
Now here we are in Chicago celebrating our first Christmas together. I couldn’t be happier. We just flew in from Miami yesterday. We did an early Christmas with my parents and had a holiday feast at my house with Roxie and Matt. I invited Dalton but he was busy with his in laws but we promised to get together before we jet off for our European leg of our tour.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about spending Christmas with Jordon and his family. We come over every Sunday for dinner when we’re in town and they always welcome me with open arms. So I don’t know why I am so nervous. I still need to shop for his family which has me a wreck. But Jordon promised to tag along and help me get everyone the perfect presents.
I know I’m going to marry this man one day. So making a good impression with his family is huge. He has told me over and over they’ll love anything I get them but it doesn’t help ease my anxiety.
For right now I’m pushing the worry about presents into the back of my mind and focusing on the one thing that matters most to me and that’s Jordon.
I want to experience a real Christmas the way Jordon has his entire life. So he said we’ll be spending the next few days doing his Christmas traditions. First thing on our agenda is teaching me to ice skate. I’m seriously scared right now. I told Jordon I wanted to get butt pads and he laughed at me. He thought I was joking but I was dead serious. I’ll probably be icing my ass for the entire week after attempting to ice skate. I’m a beach bunny. I don’t do ice and snow. I grew up in Miami!
But for Jordon I’ll try anything once. Plus he told me there’s a nice little café at the skating rink where we can get hot cocoa and just enjoy the beautiful snowy afternoon.
It’s in the thirties today with tiny snowflakes falling slowly making the city appear majestic. I rarely see snow ever. When touring we’re in and out of cities so fast there isn’t a lot of time to site see. I’m not really big on the cold but I’m toughing through it since I know I’ll be back in warm and sunny Miami soon enough. I can handle winter as long as it’s for a short period of time. I don’t know how these people can live in this weather for five to six months out of the year.
Right now I’m nice and cozy in my leggings, oversized sweater and Ugg boots but before we leave this house I’ll be bundling up like the kid in the Christmas story! It’s cold enough outside but then you add that wind and its freezing. They don’t call Chicago the windy city for nothing.
Jordon’s apartment he shares with his brother Eric has floor to ceiling windows that open up the entire family room to the city below. I’ve spent the last hour laying on the couch beside the windows watching the Hallmark channel and enjoying the warmth from the electric fireplace taking the chill off. Every once in a while I found myself getting lost in watching the tiny flakes of snow falling slowly from the cloud filled sky. It’s so peaceful. Being around the snow is actually putting me in more of a holiday mood.
I feel as if I’m living inside a Christmas movie right now. It’s a lot different being here seeing houses decorated in holiday lights and blow ups with snow covered yards compared to lit up palm trees beside the ocean.
My phone starts blasting Fall Out Boy, Light ‘Em Up startling me and immediately causing my body to flush with desire as images of Jordon doing all kinds of naughty things to me with that song. Grabbing my cell off the coffee table I open the text and bite back a smile as I read it.
I’m in the parking garage I’ll be right up.
Are you fired up baby? I know what my ringtone does to you.
I’m down if u r for a quick game of what’s ur fav song b4 we go 😉
He is insatiable I swear. I would really love a quickie with him especially after listening to our song blast throughout his apartment but I’m too excited to go ice skating. I type a quick reply before grabbing the remote and turning off my movie. I better get bundled up now or we’ll never get out of here.
We can save the hot steamy sex for after we get back…I’m going to need it since my ass is use to warm sunny days not frost biting induced weather like y’all have here in Chicago! Now drag ur hot ass up here I’m getting ready. As. We. Speak. 😉 xoxo

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