You Haven’t met HOT ROCKER Jordon Valentine yet?? This scene is 100% going to make you want to change that STAT!

AGES 18+ ONLY!!! Due to graphic sexual content and language!

For all you readers still contemplating whether to read or not to read Tempt my Heart b/c of the UGLY CRY factor. Well this steamy scene should help push you into the direction to read. Sure you’ll cry but Jordon Valentine will work his way into your hearts and on top of your BBF lists making you forget all about the emotional break down you had the beginning of Tempt My Heart! 😉




Every time I’m inside of her, feeling her warm tight pussy wrapped around my cock, it’s like pure fucking bliss. Brittan is my heaven, hell and everything in between. When I’m fucking her, all is right in the world.
Dragging my fingers along her hips, I lift her up and down on my dick. She rotates her hips, massaging the head of my dick and practically making me pass the fuck out.
“Fuck…baby…you sure know how to make a man lose his God damn mind…” I hiss between clenched teeth as I toss my head back against the headboard.
Brittan moves her hands from my hair, down to my shoulders. Her nails dig into me and break the skin as she holds onto me for dear life while she slides herself from root to tip before slamming back down on top of me.
“Ahh…God…Jordon!” She screams, not caring that our driver can more than likely hear us. She tilts her head back and vocalizes for me how much she loves my cock.
Squeezing her ass, I begin rotating my hips, connecting our bodies with hard frenzied thrusts. I feel like I can never get deep enough inside of her. When we’re fucking, we’re no longer two people; we become one. It’s the most incredible feeling, especially as she comes around my dick.
I slide my right hand along the side of her body, loving the feeling of her hot, smooth skin under my fingers. I work my way up to her neck, fisting a handful of her hair, pulling roughly to tilt her head back and expose her neck.
The instant I yank on her hair, I feel her shudder around me. Like the fucking goddess she is, she gets turned on every time I pull her hair while she rides my dick.
I suck, bite, lick and kiss a fiery path from her collar bone up to those lush lips of hers. Biting down on her full bottom lip, I slide my tongue along it and gently tug. She drives her nails into me harder and grinds against me at a quickening pace.
Savoring the taste of her pink lemonade lip-gloss, I finally give her what she wants and crush my lips against hers. Our kiss is hard, lustful and raw. Our hunger for each other is all-consuming. It’s as if no matter how hard we kiss or how hard we fuck, we can never get enough of one another.
I’ve let her ride me long enough, now it’s my turn to take the reins.
Pulling away from her mouth, I take in the vision before me. Brittan looks like she’s floating on a high that only I can give her. With those lips, red and swollen from our kiss, bringing me to my fucking knees, stretching into an alluring smile that’s making my heart slam against my fucking chest; she knows she has all the power. She’s had me by the balls since the first night we met.

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