Happy #TeaserThursday Here’s Excerpt #2 for Wasted Love: A Brooklyn Novel #1 Available World Wide Oct 28th

Only five more days until Wasted Love’s release!! To help ease everyone’s eagerness for this novel I’m posting an excerpt today & again on Release Day October 28th!!!!!!

Damn. Normally I’m not one to listen to sex–but wow. This is sizzling…I know for a fact they are now putting on a show for me.
They are so freaking crazy and hot all at the same time.
I love it!
The wild, crazy Savannah from college is back, baby!
A show like that needs applause, followed by a cold shower…no, forget the cold shower; I need a visit with my vibrator after that performance!
Holding my hands up, I clap loud enough for them to hear while yelling to Savannah and Kayden through the wall, “Hot damn, you guys! I just had an orgasm listening to you two fucking like damn animals in there!”
“Happy we could be your entertainment this morning, Brooklyn,” Savannah says, with laughter in her voice.
I slap the wall three times and yell back through it, “You fuckin’ know it, bitch! I need to go use my vibrator. That was beyond fucking hot. Damn, Kayden–I thought you were going to kill her with that last orgasm!”
I seriously need to find myself a multi-orgasm giving cowboy because fuck me, I so need a morning like this to kick-start my day.



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