To Celebrate hitting 13k Fans on my Author page here’s Wasted Love’s First 3 Chapters!!!!

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Danielle Jamie

Wasted Love Cover

April 27th 2004

People are everywhere as we walk up to the frat house. The entire front yard is packed with party goers and music is blaring across the yard.
I glance to my right where I hear a loud commotion and see a girl being held upside down by two guys, while a crowd of people stand around cheering her on. We’ve been to tons of high school parties, which are crazy, but they don’t even come close to anything like this.
I see a guy passed out in a lawn chair wearing nothing but his boxers. A mustache is drawn on his face along with “I love dick,” written on his forehead.
“Remind me to never get that drunk. Ever.” My best friend Savannah says, cringing as we pass by the poor guy who’ll be sporting that lovely artwork for a few days.
“I, for one, will…

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