Excerpt #1 Wasted Love, By Danielle Jamie RELEASES Oct 28th! PRE ORDER TODAY! AGES 18+ ONLY

I know everyone’s SUPER EXCITED for Brooklyn’s first book Wasted Love to FINALLY RELEASE!!!!! Eekkkkkkkk! Soo to hold y’all over a little longer I’ll be posting an Excerpt Every Wednesday Until Release Day!!

Here’s is one from the night at Lance’s Honky Tonk when the gang went to watch Xander and his band Slither Tongue play there. All of you Savannah & Kayden fans will love seeing this NEVER BEFORE SEEN moment!! 😉

****AGES 18+ ONLY****


“So, am I at the top of the list?” Xander asks standing and leaning in to give me another virtuous kiss.
Laughing against his lips, I slide along the wall to escape his kiss. I make my way toward the door, making an extra effort to shake my ass as I walk across the room. “Almost. You got some more work to do.”
My vagina is freaking numb and tingling as I make my way into the ladies room. After using the bathroom I check my make up to make sure I don’t look like I just had a mind blowing orgasm in the green room before going back out into the bar.
When I step out of the ladies room Xander is leaning against the wall waiting for me surrounded by three women. Normal girls would feel jealous and have their claws out within seconds, ready to scratch their eyes out. But not me. All I have to do I take a step and feel that delicious sensation between my legs and remember where his mouth just was that they are gawking at.
Unless they want to taste my snatch I suggest they move on to another conquest.
“Ready?” He asks, as I approach causing the girls to turn their attention from him to me.
I flash them a mega-watt Hollywood smile, “yup. I need a good strong drink. Especially after that performance.” I can barely keep a straight face as I walk up and take his hand to pull him from the wall.
One of the girls beams up at him, “oh my gosh I know! Wasn’t he amazing tonight? That performance was one of your best yet.”
Oh how true that is. If only she knew the performance I am actually referencing. She is right, it was one of his best yet.
Xander excuses himself from the groupies and finally after what feels like an eternity we make it to the bar. His bandmates are still hanging out at the stage talking with the fans, mainly girls. I spot Savannah, Kayden, Reagan, Jacob and Zak at the bar.
“Hey guys! So what did you think? They totally rocked, right?” I ask sliding up onto a bar stool beside Savannah.
Kayden has his arm around Savannah, while sipping on a cup of ice water. Setting it down, he reaches his free hand out clapping Xander on the shoulder, “You guys are really good. You’ve got a unique sound that I think will help get you far in the industry. You can branch out into other genres and in the music business right now that’s really important. I will definitely be adding y’all to my iPod.”
“You missed the other show here tonight.” Reagan interjects. I can’t help but notice the sly smile on his face and Savannah’s cheeks grow red like they always do when she’s put on the spot.
Resting my hands on my hips I ask shouting over the music, “what did I miss?!”
Jacob sets his beer down and stands next to Kayden to rest his arm on Kayden’s shoulder and beaming ear to ear, “Savannah here helped me win a hundred bucks tonight.”
“What?” I ask whipping my head from Jacob to Savannah.
“Yup. I lost a hundred frickin’ dollars to this jackass.” Kayden says bitterly, but his lips curl up just enough for me to tell he’s only yanking Jacob’s chain.
“I rode the mechanical bull! Can you believe it?! And not just for a second but thirty seconds!”
Reagan lets out a loud chuckle, “I told her all the wild cowboy sex she’s been having prepared her for that moment.”
I am the one laughing now. I press my palm to my side to try and stop the cramp forming in my stomach from laughing so hard. “Oh my God Reagan that is so something I would say! Gosh, I’ve missed you!” I tell him pulling him in for a hug. “Now get me a drink. I need a Jack and Coke. STAT.”


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