COVER REVEAL Bittersweet Seduction Book 1 in my Bittersweet Series

#‎CoverReveal‬ Available Late 2014 early 2015 Add to your TBR lists!

Cover by Pink Ink Designs, Photography by Kruse Images & Photography: Models & Boudoir & models Sean Smith: Extreme Performance Athlete and Bodybuilder & Rachel Kyburz



This book is intended for readers 18+ due to language and adult content.

This isn’t your every day romance. When two very different worlds collide sparks will fly and danger will come to the forefront.

Can love be found in a time of war?

When Jayde’s dreams lead her on one path to NYU to major in fashion and her boyfriend’s lead him on another to Harvard Law they both agreed it was best to take a break.

On a night out to celebrating her birthday, Jayde meets Dante, a modern day Casanova with a passion for pleasure. He’s a partying bad boy with no intentions for relationships.That changes, however, when he meets Jayde.

Sparks fly between the pair,but when her past walks back into her life after three years, Jayde is thrown into a world of emotional turmoil.

Two Men. Two Directions. One Heart.

When buried secrets are exposed Jayde’s world will be shaken to the core leaving her wondering if the decision she makes is the right one.

Who will Jayde choose?

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