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Dixon  & Brooklyn

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~*~ Blog Tour ~*~ Just For The Summer (Chasing Carolina #0.5) By Danielle Jamie

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TITLE: Just For The Summer

AUTHOR: Danielle Jamie

Cover Model~Chase Ketron

 **This summer fall in love with Chase and Ashlynn. See how their love story began in Just For The Summer. A hot steamy novella showing the ups and downs of a hot summer romance**
Chase Kenzington loves two things: fast cars and women. At twenty-one, he has the entire world at his feet. With his father being Hank Kenzington, who is one of the best drivers in the Sprint Cup Series and his grandfather, Arnold Kenzington, a legend in Nascar, he’s used to getting whatever he wants when he wants it.
When he and his friends decide to spend the summer at his father’s beach house in Myrtle Beach, he expects to spend…

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Brooklyn Bennett Fans!!!! Wasted Love is LIVE!!!!!!!! Pre Order you copy today!!!


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Brooklyn’s first book is LIVE for Pre Order!!! Available Oct 28th!! This is by the far the hottest & funniest book I’ve ever written && over 80k words! You’re going to LOOOOOOOVE seeing her side of the story!

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Prepare to laugh your butt off and become extremely hot & bothered! Brooklyn Bennett breaks the mold when it comes to female heroines she is not your average chick! She loves sex, hot guys, and her best friend Savannah fiercely and has a slight obsession with Jared Leto.


You got to know me in my best friend Savannah’s series. Now it’s my turn to tell you my story and for you to see my best friend’s journey to her happily ever after through my eyes.

My life is far from the norm. First off, I’m not your average girl. I’m wild, crazy, and everyone who knows me say’s I’m a free spirit. I guess I am, because I don’t sweat the little things.

Life is too short.

I love hard and live harder. My dream is to become a star and that dream comes first and foremost before anything and anyone…except for my best friend Savannah, who I’d go to hell and back for. At 24 years old, I’m not looking for love. I’m just looking for a good time and a nice distraction after busting my butt on a movie set all week. The thought of falling in love has never crossed my mind. I’m too driven for love and everything that comes with it.

That is until I meet a certain Southern hottie by the name of Dixon Beaumont, who just so happens to be the cousin of Kayden Knox. He flips my world upside down the moment we meet.

The only problem is he’s the male version of me: Career driven and enjoying having a good time with no plans on settling down.

Throw in a bad boy rocker and a sweet Aussie and I find myself going from a simple, carefree life to a full-blown love square. It’s going to be dramatic. But hey, what’s life without a little drama?

**Available October 28th!!**


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Happy #TeaserTuesday!! Here’s a teaser from a novella I’m writing right now for an Anthology out around the holidays!!

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~*~ Sale ~*~ Just For The Summer By Danielle Jamie

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JUST FOR THE SUMMER By Danielle Jamie has being on SALE for ONLY $.99c for the last few weeks BUT the SALE must come to an end on Monday September 22 and return to its FULL PRICE OF $2.99.
TITLE: Just For The Summer
AUTHOR: Danielle Jamie
Cover Model~Chase Ketron
 **This summer fall inlove with Chase and Ashlynn. See how their love story began in Just For
The Summer. A hot steamy novella showing the ups and downs of a hot summer romance**
Chase Kenzington loves two things: fast cars and
women. At twenty-one, he has the entire world at his feet. With his
father being Hank Kenzington, who is one of the best drivers in the
Sprint Cup Series and his…

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To Celebrate hitting 13k Fans on my Author page here’s Wasted Love’s First 3 Chapters!!!!

Wasted Love Cover

April 27th 2004

People are everywhere as we walk up to the frat house. The entire front yard is packed with party goers and music is blaring across the yard.
I glance to my right where I hear a loud commotion and see a girl being held upside down by two guys, while a crowd of people stand around cheering her on. We’ve been to tons of high school parties, which are crazy, but they don’t even come close to anything like this.
I see a guy passed out in a lawn chair wearing nothing but his boxers. A mustache is drawn on his face along with “I love dick,” written on his forehead.
“Remind me to never get that drunk. Ever.” My best friend Savannah says, cringing as we pass by the poor guy who’ll be sporting that lovely artwork for a few days.
“I, for one, will watch how much I drink once I move in here,” Jaden says as he pulls me across the yard, glancing back at the passed out dude one more time.
This is our first college party; my boyfriend of two months, Jaden Rivers, is the quarterback of our high school team and coming here to UCLA in the fall to play football. We plan on attending UCLA too, but we have two more years before we graduate. Everyone has been asking me how I feel about him going off to college while I’ll still be in high school. In all honesty, I’m not stressing over it because I doubt by fall Jaden and I will still be a couple.
All of my relationships seem to come with expiration dates. I just get bored after a few months. The guy always ends up too clingy. Which is crazy because, as a chick, I should want a guy who wants to be with me all the time…but I just don’t.
Jaden is two years older than me, and I guess the fact that every girl in our high school wants him, makes him more desirable to me. He’s a fantastic kisser and if tonight goes as planned, I’ll finally know how he is in the sack. We talked earlier and decided tonight is the night I’ll finally take the plunge and lose my virginity.
I know…so romantic! Planning is necessary when each of us constantly has at least one parent at home. You have to improvise. After hanging out here with his college buddies, tonight’s plan is to drive to the lookout where our friends always go when they want to hook-up.
“I so need to do a keg stand! It looks so fun!” I am bursting with excitement as I squeeze Jaden’s hand and pull him faster towards the group of party goers.
“I’ll be right back, babe and then I’ll help you do one.” Jaden says as he hooks his arm around my waist and presses a quick kiss to my neck, before walking away from Savannah and I to go bro hug a few of his friends standing around the keg.
I can’t help but notice a few girls eying him like a fresh piece of meat.
Sorry, ladies, but this one is mine and I will not hesitate to slap a bitch.
Savannah grabs my shoulder, taking my attention away from the girls that are looking at my man like he’s the last celery stick at the salad bar. She leans up on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear, “So tonight’s the night?”
I can’t help but laugh at her question. We tell each other everything. Last night we were on the phone for hours talking about Jaden and I taking our relationship to the next level.
Turning to her, I flash a big, all teeth smile, “Yup. I told him last weekend if we won our softball game this week he’d get lucky. We won…so he’s getting lucky.”
Savannah shakes her head, as she nibbles on her lip. It’s a habit she has when she’s nervous or wants to say something, but is afraid to.
“Spit it out already, Savannah. I know you want to say something.” I tease, as I rest my hands on my hips and purse my lips.
Twirling one of her long blonde curls around her finger, she leans in and asks quietly so no one else can hear. “Are you sure about this? I don’t want you to regret this decision in the morning.”
Ahh. My best friend is a hopeless romantic. She, like me, is also still a virgin. I know it won’t be long before her and her boyfriend, Matt, finally go at it like bunnies. She has this impression that you have to be head over heels in love before you have sex. I believe as long as he’s hot and we have off the charts chemistry that’s all that matters.
Do I get butterflies in my stomach when he smiles at me? Yes.
Do I love him? No.
Lust? Maybe.
My focus right now is on softball; keeping my grades up so I don’t get benched and my acting career. Boys come last on that list because I have dreams that I want to achieve.
My dream isn’t to end up as someone’s Stepford wife. It’s to become a star.
Nodding, I tell her honestly, “Yes. I’m more than sure. Thank you for being concerned about me. Now let’s move on from all this heavy shit and party!”
Laughing, Savannah looks over her shoulder at me as she grabs us each a Solo cup of beer from a guy standing by the keg, “Okay. I promise, for the rest of the night, we will focus on having fun and not getting so drunk that you end up puking on Jaden before anything can happen.”
“Good thinking. That would totally ruin our evening. If you see me getting out of hand just smack me and remind me of the whole up chucking thing.”
Poking me with her elbow she smiles, “Hey, what are best friends for?”

After dropping Savannah off at her house, Jaden and I drove to the spot that overlooks the entire city of Los Angeles that all of our friends park at to hook-up. I have to admit the view of the city is breathtaking from up here.
We’re now sitting on the hood of his ‘69 Mustang as I snuggle into his side, admiring the view below. Luckily, everyone is too busy partying on a Friday night to be up here, so we have the entire area to ourselves.
I can’t believe I just lost my virginity in the backseat of his car. Having sex in a car is nothing like they depict in the movies I’ve watched. It definitely wasn’t hot and steamy more like uncomfortable and awkward. It doesn’t help that his Mustang has a very small backseat!
Jaden was gentle and really sweet. It hurt, which I was expecting, but I was hoping it would be more enjoyable than it actually was. There were no fireworks or mind blowing experiences. Those damn romance novels blow smoke up your ass with all their virgins finally having sex and wanting to pass out from an orgasm.
At least I had talked to a few of my teammates and they warned me how it would really be. They definitely weren’t exaggerating when they told me it would hurt and pretty much suck. But Jaden promised me it will feel better next time.
I still can’t believe we finally did it. My head is reeling at the moment because, as Jaden was finishing, he gazed down into my eyes and with so much love pouring out of them and told me the three words I was praying he wouldn’t say.
When he said he loved me I froze.
What do you do in that situation? Lie? Or just say it back?
I really like him. I love being with him, but I don’t love him. I’m only sixteen and we’ve only been dating two months!
I lust him, I know that for certain.
He more than likely doesn’t even love me. I’m sure he just got caught up in the moment with having his dick buried inside of me and all. I’ve heard guys and girls get caught up in the moment and say I love you, then later realize it was just the hormones talking.
But I did what I think any girl would do in the situation; I ran my fingers through his hair, smiled up at him and repeated the three words back to him. I can’t not say it back. That’s just wrong, especially since we were in the middle of having sex for the first time.
Now we’re sitting outside in the warm spring evening and breathing in the fabulous California smog as Jaden hugs me against him in his false sense of lover’s bliss.
“How are you feeling?” Jaden asks breaking me out of my thoughts.
Snuggling tighter against him, I press a kiss to his cheek and smile up at him. I get lost in his eyes that are reflecting all of the city lights below us. He is really good looking and the nicest guy I’ve dated so far. I hate that I am not feeling what he is. I feel guilty lying to him.
“Feeling great.” I hug him a little tighter, “I’m glad you were my first, Jaden.”
A sly grin appears on his lips, as he stares down at me, “Me too. I’m sorry it couldn’t be more romantic. I meant what I said earlier…I love you, Brooklyn. I’m not just saying it because you let me take your virginity tonight.”
There are those three words again. I love you. Then he clarifies to me that he really loves me.
I need to get over my guilt of saying ‘I love you’ to him without meaning it because I am starting to think that he is going to be saying them to me a lot now.
“It may not have been the most romantic spot to some people, but to me it was romantic. So thank you for tonight….and I love you too.”
After Jaden had dropped me off at my house, I showered then climbed into bed. The first thing I did was call Savannah. She knows me better than anyone. Thankfully, she understood completely what was going through my head tonight. She reassured me that not feeling the same way he is, does not make me a bad person.
As soon as I as I get off the phone with Savannah, my phone vibrates alerting me of a new text. As soon as I open it I see it’s a text from Jaden:
Tonight was awesome thanks 4 coming 2 the party and for
a memorable night. I can’t wait 2 c u tomorrow.
I ❤ U
I stare at his text for what feels like ten minutes but is probably only ten seconds before replying.
I had a blast 2. College parties r way crazier than I thought!
Ty for tonight…<3 u too.
Brooklyn xoxo
Each time I say ‘I love you’ back to him, I feel like an even bigger pile of shit. I hate that he had to go and ruin a good thing by telling me those three freaking words.
I spend the remainder of the night staring at my ceiling. After thinking all night, I finally came to this conclusion: I need to end my relationship with Jaden.
When we first got together, he was known as the player of our school, and then BAM! He gets with me and now wants to be Mr. One-Woman-Man.
We’re young. Now is the time to have fun, be wild, explore the world, and make all of the crazy mistakes, so when the time comes and we settle down, we’ll have no regrets.
That’s exactly what I plan on doing.

Chapter One
December 4th 2012 Present Time

Standing out on my patio beside the pool, I stare up at the Hollywood sign that’s only a few hundred yards away from my home. It’s sad saying goodbye to this house. Savannah and I have made so many amazing memories here since we moved in two years ago. As soon as we graduated from college we rented this house in the Hollywood Hills. I decide I need one more picture before I walk out the door of this house forever. Grabbing my phone, I take a quick selfie with the Hollywood sign behind me and then pull up Twitter. I upload the pic, tagging Savannah and type,
@Savannah_Livingston Saying Goodbye 2 our bachelorette pad.
Gonna miss this house & all the memories we made here.
Stuffing my phone back into my purse, I take one more look around before walking out the front door and locking it. Climbing into my Jeep, I drive down the driveway and head to the closest Starbucks for a much needed caffeine boost. After spending the entire day with movers getting the house packed up, I am in desperate need of a pick me up.
I never thought in a million years I’d be moving out of Los Angeles. I travel all over the country for work but still always thought of L.A. as my home, and now to be saying goodbye, feels surreal. I was thinking about keeping the house but without Savannah paying half the rent, its way to expensive. I won’t be able to live in Galveston full-time because of my filming in Vancouver and work I have here in the city. I’ll be flying back and forth quite a bit so I plan on staying at my parents’ house in Beverly Hills whenever I’m in town.
But I’m excited for a change of scenery. I have lived in Los Angeles my entire life and I’m over the whole dating actors and models. They are so pretentious.
I told Savannah, since we’ve only had a few days together to visit lately, we’re going out as soon as I get back down there. We need to do some cowboy hunting for me. She has herself a sexy ass cowboy, her new boyfriend Kayden Knox, so now it’s my turn to get me one.
L.A. traffic is horrific right now. After sitting in traffic for thirty minutes, I’m finally able to park my Jeep alongside the curb. I fix my hair and makeup in the visor mirror before grabbing my purse and jumping out. The streets are buzzing with people everywhere. Starbucks is packed as I make my way inside.
Getting in line, I pull out my phone and scroll through Facebook to pass the time before I’m finally called up to place my order. After ordering my coffee flavored Frappuccino, I step off to the side and wait for it to be made. Of course being my usual clumsy self, I foolishly try to text and walk, and end up crashing against a tall hard body. Looking up I mentally cringe.
Of all the males in the Los Angeles area, I have to run into Logan Sanders.
Kill me now please.
“Whoa…Brooklyn.” He says reaching out and grabbing my arms.
Letting out a loud sigh I give him a fake smile, “Oh, so sorry about that.” Holding my phone up I tell him, “Texting and walking, seriously the most dangerous thing on the planet.”
Nodding he lets out a nervous laugh, “Sure is. So, how have you been?”
The last thing I want to do is have small talk with this douchebag.
Dropping my phone back into my purse, I grab my coffee that was just set on the counter. Turning back to Logan, I decide he’ll learn sooner or later, so maybe me telling him will finally get him to leave Savannah alone for good.
“I’ve been great. Super busy with filming and packing up our house. I actually just finished up about thirty minutes ago, so I stopped here for a coffee on the way to my parents’ house.”
Raising an eyebrow he gives me a questionable look, “Packing? Where are you moving to? Savannah’s moving, too?”
Shifting my weight onto my right foot, I take a sip of my coffee as I glance towards the exit. I just want to get as far away from this man as fast as I can, before I can’t resist the urge to knee him in the balls any longer.
“Yeah. Our landlord was letting us lease month by month since we’ve been there two years so, thankfully, he let us move. We are in need of a change of scenery. We’re both sick of the L.A. smog and the nonstop drama that comes with living here. So we’re moving into the beach house in Galveston.”
Logan’s face quickly goes from confused to angry.
Crossing his arms against his chest, he lowers his voice and glares down at me. “What a coincidence she decided to move to a town just outside Houston, where that Kayden Knox guy lives. I saw the photos of them after the Envy party. I’m guessing this has a lot to do with that guy and not just needing a change of scenery.”
This is the last place I want to be having this conversation. Nervously shifting my purse on my shoulder, I eye the people around us, praying no one is giving Logan any attention. He is seriously the worst fame whore of all time.
I glare straight back up at him, “You lost the right to know anything about Savannah the day you decided it was okay to bang any whore who walked into your office. Kayden is a hundred times the man you ever were and a stallion in the sack…” Spinning on my heels, I take a long sip from my coffee before flashing him a mega-watt smile, “Have a nice life Logan.” The sarcasm in my voice is evident, I can’t help but giggle at the look of fury on his face.
I just lost five minutes of my life I’ll never get back, but the look on Logan’s face when I told him about Kayden was so worth it. I’m glad I won’t have to run into his sorry ass every damn day now.
I now understand why Savannah wants to get the fuck out of this cesspool they call Hollywood.

My parents are out to dinner with some friends. So I have the entire house to myself and taking full advantage of it. I’m soaking in the hot tub enjoying a nice bottle of white wine while jamming out to my future husband, Jared Leto, and his band 30 Seconds To Mars.
The best band. Ever.
Savannah picks on me every time I tell her I can’t settle down because I’m saving myself for him, but hey, it could happen. With my head leaning back and my eyes closed, I’m getting lost in Jared’s amazing voice as he sings Hurricane when the song is cut off because I’m getting a call.
Sitting up and splashing water everywhere, I set my wine glass down and grab my phone. Looking at the screen, I see Reagan’s gorgeous face smiling back at me. I answer and immediately put him on speaker phone.
Soaking back into the water, I relish in the sensation of the jets on my back as I cheerfully answer in my best valley girl voice, “Reagan! What’s up love?”
“Hey! Nothing much, you busy?”
“Nope, just chillin’ in the hot tub.”
I hear Reagan speak to someone before I hear a car door slam and an engine roar to life. He must be just getting out of work.
“Sorry about that, just leaving the office. Well, I have some juicy deets for you and knew you’d want to be the first to know. Believe me, it’s pretty fucking juicy!”
Instantly, my interest is peeked. Sitting up, I climb onto my knees and kneel on the seat. Hovering over the edge of the hot tub closer to my phone, I grab my towel and dry my hands and face. “Ohh, I’m all ears. Do tell.”
Reagan lets out a low husky chuckle before speaking again, “You sure do love your gossip. Well let’s just say Savannah found a surprise visitor on her doorstep this afternoon and you’ll never believe who it was.”
He had me at gossip but now I’m all in with ‘surprise visitor.’ “You’re killing me Reagan! Who the hell visited Savannah today?”
“Logan.” Is all he says before bursting out laughing.
He’s laughing so hard into the phone and trying to continue but can’t get his words out. They just sound like gibberish to me.
All I keep hearing is Logan’s name.
What the hell?!
Logan flew to Texas? I just saw him earlier today.
Oh. Shit.
“Reagan!” I shout into the phone. I’m now going into full on freak-the-hell-out mode. “Pull yourself together and tell me what the fuck happened!”
I hear his laughter start to taper off as he gasps for air. “Sorry…sorry. It’s just, I can’t believe it and thinking about it again hit me all at once. I couldn’t control myself.”
Letting out a loud sigh, I grab my phone and climb out of the hot tub. Wrapping a towel around my body, I pad across the stone patio and plop down on an outdoor lounger. “Well now that you’re all good, can you tell me what the hell Logan was doing at the beach house and why the hell you’re laughing about it?”
“I guess you had a little run in with Logan today and spilled the beans about moving. So that asshole decided he was going to try and win Savannah back. He flew to Houston, then with a rental car drove to the beach house where he surprised Savannah. As we can imagine, she was pretty freaking pissed to find him on her doorstep.”
“That’s putting it lightly. I can picture steam pouring out of her ears when she realized it was that cheating piece of shit at her door. Seriously, Reagan! We just packed up all of our belongings to move to Galveston to get away from that douchebag and his never ending attempts to get back with her. Now he has the audacity to fly out there and harass her. I’m surprised Kayden didn’t beat his ass.”
I cannot believe this. What in the world would possess that man to fly down there? I don’t understand why he can’t just move the hell on. He is seriously mental. Logan cheats on Savannah for years but still thinks that there’s a chance for them to work things out. If he is smart, he’ll get his ass back on a plane and fly back to Los Angeles; he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Kayden Knox is 6’3” and solid muscle. Not to mention he’s from the South. Those country boys can whoop some ass. I’ve seen enough over the years with traveling to know pretty boy, Logan, is signing a death wish if he tries to go up against Kayden.
Reagan’s voice breaks me out of my thoughts, “Lucky for Logan, Kayden wasn’t there yet. And, believe me, I thought the same exact thing. Logan has lost his damn mind. But that’s not even the best part. He groveled at Savannah’s feet, begging her to come back to L.A. Even after she repeatedly told him no, and she’s starting fresh in Galveston. He continued to try and promise her the world if she’d give him another chance. I guess he spewed some shit at her about Kayden and she snapped…and I mean…Snapped.”
Oh no. Savannah is a firecracker. She looks tiny, adorable and innocent. But piss her off and she goes all Southern on your ass!
“Oh my God. Please tell me my best friend isn’t in need of someone to bail her out.” I ask Reagan nervously.
Laughing, Reagan tells me, “No. Not that I know of. But I’m surprised she isn’t being charged with assault. She busted Logan’s nose pretty good. I was freaking out when I saw online he was spotted at George Bush International. I thought maybe she had a lapse in judgment and took his sorry ass back. Thank God that was far from the truth.”
Oh. My. God! I am dying here. Now I’m the one laughing hysterically. She finally gave the King of Douchebags exactly what he deserved. Except, if it was me, I would’ve kept on going. To hell with stopping at one punch. I would’ve made sure his baby makers were officially out of business by the time I was through with him.
Taking deep breaths, I calm myself down as I press my hand over my abdomen to try and ease the cramp in my side from laughing so hard.
“She isn’t pissed at me is she?” I ask between breaths. “Since you know I’m the reason he knew where to find her.”
“No. She knows he would have come sooner rather than later with her and Kayden all over the news. You know Hollywood. They love a hot new couple and will talk about it until we’re all sick of hearing it.”
I talk to Reagan for a few more minutes before saying goodbye and heading inside to get dressed and order a pizza. Then find a comfy spot on the couch in our family room so I can call Savannah and get the full scoop with how she’s holding up. I know Kayden was supposed to be back from a business trip to Miami. Thankfully he wasn’t there yet, because I don’t doubt she’d be bailing his ass out of jail for beating Logan to a pulp.
I cannot wait to hear her play by play of what went down today. Pulling up my contacts, I push on Savannah’s number and impatiently wait for her to answer. I’m just about to hang up when she finally answers.
“Hello?” She whispers into the phone.
“Hey, Biotch!! Or should I say Rocky-freaking-Balboa!” I shout into the phone at her with laughter in my voice. Forget whispering! I’m bursting with too much energy to whisper. I’m too excited to hear about her finally putting Logan in his place.
I hear Savannah sigh into the phone and what sounds like a door shut. “Let me guess, you talked to Reagan? Let’s not forget you are the cause for my extremely hurt hand!”
What the hell! I know I had that coming…but still!
“Wow! Hey, now girlfriend…don’t go blaming that shit on me. That was all Logan. I didn’t make his ass jump on a plane. Anyways! He was bound to find out.”
“Yes, he would’ve found out soon enough. But seriously, Brooklyn! He shows up the day Kayden is flying back into town!” Savannah shouts at me in a loud whisper. It’s very evident that she’s a tad pissed off at the moment. But she’ll get over it. She always does. Plus this is a hilarious story we can reflect back on for years to come. “I came all the way to Galveston to escape the drama back in L.A., but just my luck, the freakin’ drama follows me here!”
I can’t help but find it all a little funny. I don’t bother trying to hide the amusement in my voice with all of this, “I still can’t get over the fact that you punched him! It’s about freaking time; if it had been me, I would’ve nailed him in the balls.”
“Believe me, the thought crossed my mind. I’m not usually a violent person, but Logan brings out the worst in me.”
Oh my gosh…I am literally going to die from laughing so hard tonight!
“Damn it, I wish someone would’ve recorded it. That is something I definitely wanted to see!” I would so watch it with a big ass bowl of popcorn!
Savannah is quiet for a moment when I hear her let out another sigh of frustration before continuing, “I wish the whole thing never happened. I know this is going to come back to bite me in the ass. You know how Logan has been lately. This is just one more thing to sell to the press.”
I understand she’s pissed about it all now. But I know once she has a few days to think on it she’ll be like me. Amused by the whole thing. Because, seriously…it’s Logan! He’s a douchebag who’s had it coming.
It’s infuriating to me that she’s beating herself up over him and what happened today. I let out a loud groan because I’m frustrated that she is upset and we’re so far apart that I can’t be there for her.
“Oh, I bet he will, but I think a lot of people will get a kick out of seeing photos of Logan with a busted nose.” I let out a small giggle to try and relax her. I feel helpless but have to do what I can for my bestie.
I hear her voice perk up, “Yeah, I would enjoy seeing his not so perfect face everywhere for a change, sporting two black eyes. He’s going to have a heart attack; I would bet my car he will try to cover it up with makeup.” Her laughter is like music to my ears. I knew I’d wear her down.
Now we’re both giggling fools together. “Oh. My. God! I know; he is such a pretty boy! Speaking of gracing covers of magazines, Miss. Thing, how was the shoot and interview for Envy?”
Savannah goes quiet and leaves me sitting here hanging. Seriously? What the hell is she doing? Other than Kayden. I can’t help but laugh at that one.
Man I am hilarious!
“Savannah! Hello, earth to Savannah!” I shout into the phone as I try to remind her I’m sitting here on the other end of the damn phone.
She is like a damn squirrel sometimes.
Finally, she answers me, “Oh sorry, I heard the TV turn on, Kayden must’ve woken up. Anyway the shoot went great; we lucked out weather wise. So we did a lot of photos down by the water. They wanted to get pictures of Kayden and me for the article, to you know, officially announce us as a couple. He was still in Miami though, so Eloise said she would use pictures from the Envy party.”
Bouncing with excitement, I squeal into the phone. “Oooh yes, the infamous dip and kiss picture! That was so freakin’ hot Savannah. Kayden Knox kissing you in front of the world and breaking a million hearts while doing it! I swear I could hear the broken hearts echoing from city to city.” We can’t stop laughing now.
“Oh, don’t I know it. I’m awaiting the endless death threats now that I have stolen the heart of the world’s most Eligible Bachelor. I have to pinch myself; I still cannot believe Kayden Knox is sitting in my living room. Just a few months ago I was meeting him for the first time at Envy, a nervous stuttering mess, and now he’s fucking my brains out every chance he gets!”
“Damn girl, I would do anything to be you right now! Is it as big as everyone says?” I can just imagine Savannah rolling her eyes at my boldness. I don’t hold back! I need to know if everything is truly bigger in Texas.
I hear Savannah let out a small gasp. God, she is so dramatic. She should know me well enough by now to just expect this shit to fly out of my mouth.
“Brooklyn! I cannot believe you just asked me that!”
“What?! You should know me by now; I need the dirty details Savannah! Plus I had the worst lay of my life last night…I swear that man couldn’t find my G-spot if I drew the idiot a freakin’ map!” I seriously need a good lay. I’m still bumming over that last hook-up.
“All right, if you must know, he is as big as they say and then some.” She whispers into the phone.
What is with all the damn whispering!?
Oh yay! I knew it! “I knew it! You lucky bitch. Does he have any brothers? I need to go cowboy hunting when I get there tomorrow, I’m in need of a good fuck.”
Savannah says with amusement in her voice, “You are awful Brooklyn Bennett! And no, no brothers…but we can definitely go cowboy hunting and find you a cowboy to ride.”
Oh hell yeah, baby! Mama needs her a fine ass cowboy!
“Hot damn girly, I am going to hop on a red eye right now! Oh, speaking of Knox and his Texas size dick, did you ride him until his junk fell off? I know if I had to go four days without that man candy, I would be jumping his bones the moment he walked through the door.”
I can already picture my best friend blushing about a hundred shades of red right now. She’s adorable.
I hear her exhale slowly into the phone before answering me, “Yes…we pretty much christened the entire beach house today.”
Go Savannah! But also ewww! I have to live there too. Who am I kidding, I’ve had sex on every inch of our Hollywood Hills home. Nothing like a hot ass kitchen fuck to start your morning off right.
“Oh, my God! You dirty little hoe! You better be sanitizing that fucking house before I get there! One more thing, don’t get sidetracked having wild animal sex with Knox and forget about me tomorrow, I expect you to be at the airport to pick me up when my flight lands.”
“For your information, Kayden has to work tomorrow, so don’t worry…I won’t be getting sidetracked by wild sex with Kayden. Once you land, we can go grab lunch somewhere and maybe do a little retail therapy, help me forget about this whole Logan drama.”
“Oooh shopping sounds fan-freaking-tastic! I need some country chic clothes; I want to get myself some hot ass cowgirl boots!”
I hate saying goodbye, but know it won’t be long and I’ll be with her in Texas for some much needed bestie time to talk about the whole Logan thing in person. I hear the pizza delivery guy buzzing at the front gate. I toss my phone onto the coffee table and jump to my feet running to the front door to buzz him in.
I am really missing Savannah’s cooking. Thank the Lord for takeout or my ass would starve. But thanks to this pizza, I’ll have to hit the gym extra hard this week.
That’s another thing, now we need to find a new gym for kickboxing. It’s my new obsession and the reason I’m kicking ass as a stunt double right now. I can feel it. This job is going to help me get the break I’ve been praying for!

Chapter Two

My flight to Houston left right on time. Thankfully there wasn’t too much turbulence. Even after years of flying I’m still a nervous wreck when we hit turbulence. I’m never so happy to see our plane touch down safely. As soon as we get the okay from the flight attendants to exit the plane I haul my ass off the damn thing as fast as I can.
Savannah is picking me up at the airport and then we’re going to grab something to eat before doing some much needed retail therapy. The airport is packed with people going in every direction as I try to maneuver my way through the terminal to baggage claim. I flew in last week so this time around I’m getting around the airport a lot faster. As soon as I approach the baggage claim to collect my luggage, I spot Savannah along with a very tall, dark haired and insanely handsome man walking towards me.
Of course, there are the ever persistent paparazzi that are hovering around her as she tries to make her way over to me. These people are like vultures. They’ve been in Houston since the morning after the Envy party Kayden had at his nightclub, Vertigo. His and Savannah’s infamous dip and kiss from last weekend has been seen around the world and now everyone is obsessed with Savannah’s new man. The fact that she has moved on from Logan and upgraded to a Übersexy billionaire who’s also Envy’s most Influential Man has been newsworthy to say the least.
I find it all quite comical. Logan has been trying to play the press and get sympathy by claiming he suffers from sex addiction and going as far as joining Celebrity Rehab to try and make his claims believable…and make some money at the same time.
The fact that the press has become obsessed with Savannah and Kayden and it’s taking the attention off of him is more than likely pissing Logan off. Which I think is absolutely fantastic.
I don’t doubt for a single moment that he didn’t have more motive than just winning Savannah back when he flew into Houston yesterday. Logan knew as soon as the press spotted him here they’d blow up with outrageous scenarios and say Savannah is stuck in a love triangle between the two men. But I hope his nice black eyes, he more than likely is sporting right now will shoot those ideas down before they have a chance to run rampant.
“Brooklyn!” Savannah squeals with excitement as she wraps her arms around me and pulls me tightly against her for a quick hug. “These last few days have been so boring without you here to keep me entertained.”
Releasing each other, I give her a big all teeth smile, “I missed you too, bestie. Now let’s find my luggage and get the hell outta here. I’m ready to eat then shop until we drop.”
Grabbing my hand, Savannah turns towards the gorgeous guy accompanying her, who I’m assuming must work for Kayden, and asks him, “Jax, could you find the leopard printed luggage with the name tag Brooklyn Bennett.”
Nodding, he smiles as his eyes slowly slide from Savannah onto me.
Oh. My. Word. His smile causes my entire body to flush.
“Sure thing, Miss. Livingston.” Jax says with a thick Australian accent as he gets to work searching for my luggage.
Resting her hands on her hips, Savannah glares at Jax, “Please. Call me Savannah. I am way too young to be called Miss. Livingston.”
He just glances over his shoulder flashing another one of his heart stopping grins, giving her a small nod of agreement before getting back to finding my luggage.
As she’s talking, I barely hear a word she’s saying. All I’m hearing is a sexy as hell Australian accent. My mind is racing with the thoughts of the things I’d love to hear this man say to me with that accent.
I mean come on! Seriously!? He’s smoking hot and he’s freaking Australian! All I can say is Texas is looking a whole lot better now that I’ve met Jax. I so want his thunder in my down under while he says my name with that hot ass Aussie accent!
I’ve now added Aussie huntin’ to my list of things to do while in Galveston before I fly back to Vancouver. This man is all kinds of sexy. I just hope Kayden doesn’t mind me banging his employees. But even if he does, I’ve never done well with rules and restrictions and he is one rule I’d love to break over and over again.

Lunch was amazing. Jax suggested we dine at a cute little café with seating outside. The food was delicious and the hospitality even better. Our waiter looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. He was seriously hot but a little on the young side. He looked like he was only eighteen or nineteen.
I refuse to date a man younger than me. I like my man older and well experienced.
All my flirting paid off though because I got us free dessert. Poor Colin, our waiter, didn’t know what hit him. Savannah and I had a good laugh after we found the cutie’s number on the back of a business card with our bill.
We spent the entire afternoon shopping. I bought myself some sexy cowgirl boots with stiletto heels. I’m adding my hot fashion stamp to Texas. Of course, I rode shotgun all afternoon while Jax drove us around to different shops so I could get my flirt on with him. I could listen to that man tell me about the damn weather and find myself getting wet. His accent is like a freaking aphrodisiac.
I’m no expert, but I’m guessing he has to be at least close to thirty. All I know about him, so far, is he’s hot and has a killer smile. He also has the sexiest bedroom eyes I’ve ever seen…normally, I’m not into guys with brown eyes but his are like milk chocolate, tempting me with the slightest glance. His arms are covered in tattoos, all looking to have something to do with his time in the military. He isn’t bulky but very nicely toned. From what Savannah’s told me, he can easily take a man down twice his size.
One thing I know for certain is Kayden must have the most self-confidence of any man I know, to allow this hot piece of ass to drive Savannah around all day.
I love Kayden. Which is a rarity! I pretty much have hated every guy Savannah has dated. I have a douchebag radar and can spot an asshole a mile away. Every guy she’s dated has proven me right…especially the King of Douchebags, Logan Sanders.
I only got to spend one night out with Kayden. When he took Savannah and me to dinner at his friend Braxton’s steakhouse in Houston my first night here. But from what I’ve seen he’s the real deal. He takes the whole Southern gentleman thing to the max. But from what Savannah says, he’s a gentleman on the streets and kinky freak in the sheets. Now that’s my kind of man!
It’s a damn shame he has no brothers.
To top it off, after we picked Kayden up from his office this evening, we pulled up to the beach house to find an F-350 in the driveway pulling a horse trailer. He arranged to have our horses, Cheyanne and Whiskey, driven from Memphis to Galveston. He even insisted he keep them at his ranch in Sugar Land so they have a safe place to live. This man is something else. Savannah has got herself a keeper. It doesn’t hurt that he is one of the most gorgeous men we’ve ever met with adorable dimples, majestic green eyes and a body of a freaking Greek God!
I told Savannah they don’t breed men like they do in Texas. We are on a mission to find me a cowboy as soon as freaking possible. For now, a sexy Aussie will do.
Savannah and I are chilling on the beach just in front of our house, sitting in Adirondack chairs with a roaring firing going to keep us warm. There’s a cool breeze rolling up from the water that’s the perfect combination of warm and cool as it mixes with the heat of the fire.
Kayden is in the house filling up one of our coolers with beer and ice. He and Jax just returned from making a run to the local grocery store to grab everything we would need for a cook out. Jax is already getting to work firing up the grill. Savannah and I took advantage of the free time and rode our horses along the shore for nearly an hour. Now that we’ve burned off our lunch with shopping and horseback riding, I’m ready for some Bar-B-Que chicken and corn on the cob.
We’ve lucked out weather wise. The sun has been really warm today for being the first week of December. It’s still in the high sixties, which is perfect bonfire weather with the sun is slowly beginning to set as the blue sky becomes painted with colors of light pink, yellow and orange. As it sinks in the horizon, the air is becoming a little cooler so Savannah and I have changed into jeans and hoodies.
I forgot how much I love this place.
We’ve both been so busy since graduating college, we haven’t been here in a while. It’s so chill compared to Los Angeles. We can just sit outside on the beach drinking and hanging out without the stress of a million people also on the beach. It’s private and serene. With all the stress Savannah’s been under, I think this move is the best thing for her.
We’re in the middle of talking about local gyms Savannah wants to go check out, when Kayden comes up beside us, dropping the cooler next to us.
“Ladies.” He greets us with a sexy grin, “Y’all are now fully stocked with Twisted Tea and Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade.” He says with that sexy Southern drawl that Savannah has gone on and on about all day.
She’s beaming up at Kayden with the biggest face splitting grin. It’s adorable. “Thanks, baby.” She says in a soft sweet voice with her eyes never leaving his.
I can’t help but feel a little giddy inside for my bestie. I love seeing her smile again.
“You’re too sweet Kayden. You need to stop spoiling us or I may never want to leave this place.” I tease, giving him a wink.
He lets out a deep chuckle as he pops open the cooler and gives us a questionable glance, silently asking what we’re in the mood to drink.
Holding her hand out Savannah tells him, “I’ll have a Hard Lemonade, please.” Before placing a drink in her hand, he grabs it and presses a kiss to the back of her hand.
He’s so romantic!
“Sure thing, darlin’.” He drawls as he hands Savannah her drink.
Stretching my hand out towards Kayden, I wiggle my fingers at him playfully, “I’ll have the same, please.”
“Thank you,” Savannah and I say in unison as we pop the tops off our drinks and toss them into the fire. I relish in the sound of the country music blasting from the deck, mixing with the roar of the fire and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore a few feet away.
It’s a perfect night to spend the evening outside.
Taking a sip of my drink I savor the taste of pink lemonade with the perfect kick I need. I’m so glad they didn’t just grab whatever kind of beer that they like. It always tastes like skunk piss to me.
‘No problem,” Kayden says giving us one more panty melting smile before pressing a steamy kiss to Savannah’s lips.
Shaking my head I let out a small laugh, “You two are adorable and all, but I’m starving, so can you hurry it up and go help Jax grill.”
I burst out into a fit of laughter at the look of shock and amusement on Kayden’s face.
Savannah’s laughing along with me as she runs her fingers down Kayden’s cheek. “She’s right, baby. I would love nothing more than to sit here kissin’ you all night, but we need to be fed. And poor Jax is up there handling the grilling area all on his lonesome.”
“Geesh. I now know not to come between y’all and your dinner. You ladies sure do know how to crack that whip.” He says holding his hands up in the air and backing away from us slowly before sprinting towards the stairs leading up to the deck.
Jax appears above us gripping the railing and gazing down at us with an adorable grin on his face, “I’ve never seen that man move so fast.”
These two are hilarious. I think we’re going to spend our entire evening laughing our asses off with these two for company.
After an hour of munching on chips to tide us over, we all sat outside at our outdoor patio set and ate dinner. It was delicious. One thing about Texans, they know how to Bar-B-Que. It was the best home cooked meal I’ve had in a long time. Normally, Savannah cooks for us but you won’t find her slaving over a grill too often. If I were to cook, we’d be visited by the fire department every night.
Which isn’t such a bad idea if the firefighters looked like the hotties I am always seeing online, half naked in nothing but firefighter pants, suspenders, boots and hats. But usually they’re old, ugly or overweight. Not very sexy. So I stick to mixing our drinks and leave the cooking to anyone but me.
Savannah picked up cupcakes from her favorite bakery in Houston, Crave Cupcakes. Kayden has been trying to get his fingers on them since we picked him up this evening. Watching Savannah and Kayden banter back and forth all night over damn cupcakes has been pretty entertaining. I am loving them together even more as the night goes on. He is sweet, funny and treats Savannah like a queen, which is how it should be. After seeing her with Logan for four years and watching him put on the perfect boyfriend act, I can tell immediately with Kayden it’s the real deal. There’s no acting here.
After we had finished dessert, we cleaned up the deck and then headed down to sit by the fire. The sun is completely set now and the only lights are from our deck above, the sliver of moonlight and the bonfire. The sky is blanketed in a million stars. We never see stars like this in L.A. so seeing the night sky tonight is awe-inspiring.
Pulling my phone out of the front pocket of my hoodie, I plop down on Jax’s lap giving him a playful smile. “Take a picture with me!” I tell him as I hold the camera out in front of us, angling it just right to capture the stars above us. I have my arm draped across his shoulder and feel my body shiver with excitement and want as he rests his left hand on my hip.
“Okay,” Jax says as he hugs me against him and snatches my phone from my hand. “But I’ll take the picture since my arms are longer.” God. There’s that accent again.
“All right. But make sure you get the stars behind us. We don’t get to see nights like this in Hollywood.”
We take one picture of us both smiling followed by a totally goofy picture with me going cross-eyed and Jax sticking his tongue out.
And let me just say, that tongue of his is pretty freaking nice. I now have impure thoughts going through my mind of the things I’d love for that tongue to do to me.
“I so have to tweet this,” I tell everyone as I scroll through the pics as I keep my butt firmly planted on Jax’s lap. He still has his hand resting on my hip. I spot Savannah giving me a look as she playfully raises her eyebrows at us.
As I’m uploading the photo, Jax peers over my shoulder, “So what are yuh gonna say in your tweet? I never did get into the whole tweetin’ thing myself.”
I seriously cannot handle listening to him talk in his low husky voice, mixed with that Aussie drawl in my ear as his warm breath caresses my cool skin. It’s making my body go haywire. I’m two seconds away from dragging this man into the house and locking him in my room!
Turning slightly on his lap, I gaze at him and lock onto his dark brown eyes that are glowing in the light of the fire, and hold the phone up to show him what I just typed.
A low chuckle resonates in his chest causing my body to rise and fall against him as he reads my tweet out loud, “Two reasons I love Texas. Number one: The night sky and number two: The fine ass men.”
“Hey!” I shout slapping his chest playfully. “I don’t know why you find this so amusing. The only thing I said was that I love the stars and that you’re hot! I imagine it isn’t the first time you’ve been told that.”
Giving my hip a slight squeeze and causing my breath to hitch, my mind and body get sidetracked momentarily by his touch. Jax leans back in the chair and stares up at me, “I find it amusin’ that yuh mentioned the stars before my fine ass.”
Jumping off his lap I rest my hands on my hips and I try to glare down at him, appearing angry but failing miserably. “Oh my God. Seriously!? I’ll have to remember that from now on when complimenting you to make sure I do that first before anything else. Happy?” My voice cracks as a tiny laugh escapes me.
Lacing his fingers together, he rests them behind his head as he looks up at me with a sly smirk, “Very. Now sit your fine ass down so we can get back to drinking and you can tell us about how hideous those pretty boys are back in Hollywood.”
Dropping my arms to my sides, I roll my eyes and sit back down on Jax’s lap. Kayden hands us both new bottles of our drink of choice: me another Hard Lemonade and Jax another Corona. From what Savannah’s told me that’s all him and Kayden drink. Well, besides whiskey.
We spend the next few hours just talking and getting to know each other better. Kayden and Jax are a lot of fun. They share with us some of their craziest stories of their travels around the world together. It’s nice to see, even though Jax works for Kayden, they have a true friendship. It was nice being able to all hang out together. We had a blast taking a million pictures of us hanging out around the fire and posted them all over our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
The paparazzi can have a field day with that shit so we give them something that’s actually worth reading and writing about. Savannah has moved the hell on from Logan and onto a man whose worthy of her heart from what I’ve seen. Logan doesn’t deserve a second of fame for breaking my best friend’s heart. We can only hope that Karma is a bitch and gets him good.
After Kayden and Jax had put out the fire, we all gathered our things so we could retreat inside. Savannah offered to let Jax crash in our spare guest room, but he insisted on going back to Kayden’s beach house down the street. He only drank three beers throughout the evening and said he was safe to drive.
I admit I wanted him to stay, but I’ll settle for the amazing evening we had. After Savannah had given him a quick hug goodnight, I pulled him in for a hug and leaned up on my tiptoes so I could press a kiss to his cheek and whispered in his ear, “Goodnight, Jax.”
Hugging me back, he kissed my cheek and whispered back, “Night, Brooklyn. Sweet dreams.”
Forget sweet dreams. I’m going to be having very naughty dreams tonight about this sweet and charming man.

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