Cane’s POV September 27th 2005 BONUS SCENE Tempt My Heart

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Deleted Scene:


September 27th 2005


One thing I love about my job is the view. I’m not talking about the ocean ten feet outside Ocean Side Dive’s doors. I’m talking about my girl Brittan. She’s waitressing tonight while I’m bartending and there’s nothing I love more than standing behind this bar and watching my girl walk around in her daisy dukes and bikini top.
Don’t get me wrong. I hate that every other guy in this place is enjoying the view too. But I know I’m the one who gets to slide those jean shorts off tonight and untie that triangle top and watch it fall to the floor as her perfect breasts beg me to run my tongue over them.
I need to chill the fuck out on the dirty thoughts or I’ll end up taking a break and dragging Brittan to the back of the bar and having my way with her.
Checking my watch I see we still have two more hours until closing.
It’s going to be a long two hours.
“Hey, can I get a pitcher of beer off tap.” Alexa, one of the waitresses here asks drawing my attention away from Brittan.
“Sure thing, comin’ right up.” Getting to work I quickly fill the pitcher of beer and hand it off to her just as I spot Brittan making her way up to the bar with her notepad in hand.
Leaning forward onto my forearms I flash her a panty dropping grin, “Hey, baby, what do ya need?”
Setting her notepad down on the bar she folds rest her arms on my shoulder as a small smile dances across her gorgeous full lips. “I need six Coronas for the group over by the stage.”
Tonight’s Karaoke night at the bar and we’ve got a pretty good crowd. Nodding towards the two women on stage right now obliterating the Spice Girls and I think they by passed drunk an hour ago.
“Here ya go, babe.” Handing her the tray of beers, I nod towards the two girls on stage, “I think you need to jump up there and show them how it’s done before everyone’s ears bleed from the horrific singing going on right now.”
Brittan lets out the sweetest laugh as she stuffs her notepad in her back pocket with one hand and balances the tray with the other.
“If this place wasn’t so damn packed, I would jump up there in a heartbeat, but there are too many thirsty people in here tonight wanting the flow of beers to keep coming.”
Leaning over the bar I press a quick kiss to her lips that are smirking against mine. Pulling back I giving her a questionable look as I glance around the room and slap my hands on the bar. “I’m telling you right now, every single person in this bar would give us their waitress for three minutes to give you time to jump up on that stage and sing a song for us.”
Rolling her eyes as a small smile plays on her lips she spins on her heels and sashays her way over to deliver the beers to the fellas waiting on her.
The girls are just finishing up their song so I take this as my chance to get everyone’s attention.
“Hey!” I shout holding my hand up in the air, “I think Brittan should get her fine little ass up on that stage and sing us a song, what do y’all think?”
The entire bar erupts in chants for Brittan to sing.
Making her way back over to the bar, she stops in front of me setting her tray down along with her notepad and pencil and furrows her perfectly arched brows at me, “You are one sly son-of-a-bitch ya know that right?” Before leaning up on her toes and kissing me.
As she heads towards the stage I shout across the bar at her, “I know, and it’s just another reason why you love me.”
The instant her feet hit the small stage her face lights up. Brittan never looks more gorgeous then when she’s performing. She lives and breathes music. I know she tries to pretend she enjoys school and the idea of teaching music one day, but she never gets that sparkle in her eyes like she does when she’s on stage or talking about being on stage.
Going through the karaoke book she selects her song and gets the music set to play before grabbing one of the mic’s and greeting the crowd, “Well since my boyfriend got me up here I think it’s only fair to sing one of his favorite songs.” I can’t help but take notice at the sarcasm dripping in his voice.
Oh God. Not. That. Song.
Hitting play, Mmm Bop by Hanson starts blasting throughout the bar.
Shaking my head I rub my fingers over my buzzed head and watch as she shakes her sweet little ass on stage while belting out Hanson. Everyone is laughing hysterically as she goes into full on performance mode singing this God awful song as if it’s her favorite fucking song.
Breaking into a fit of giggles, she stops the music and holds her hand in the air, “Okay….okay, enough joking aside. Y’all want me to sing, I’ll sing. I just needed to have some fun torturing the love of my life over there.”
Everyone turns towards me with shit eating grins on their face.
But I’m the one laughing because I know every one of these fuckers now have that catastrophe of a song stuck in their fucking heads too.
She’s evil. Pure evil. But God I love her.
Brittan spends the next almost four minutes belting out, I’m Just a Girl by No Doubt and getting the entire bar reenergized helping the last two hours fly by. I don’t think I’d love my job as much as I do if I wasn’t able to spend the evening tending bar with my girl right beside me. Being apart on that last tour in Afghanistan, away from her for a whole year was torture, but her unfaltering love for me got me through it. Now I’m cherishing every single moment I have with her because you never know when that next phone call will come.

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