Excerpt from Tempt My Heart Available NOW on amazon & B&N

Execerpt from Tempt My Heart Available NOW on amazon & B&N

Lacing her fingers behind my neck, she straddles my right thigh and begins grinding against me to the music. Avoiding my gaze she closes her eyes and tilts her head towards the ceiling. It’s addicting watching her, the way the music seems to put her in a trance, where she sees and feels nothing but the music.
I grip her ass with one hand, watching to see if she’ll shoot a death glare at me letting me know I’ve over stepped. Instead she presses against me harder giving me the green light to continue.
With my free hand, I slide it under her skirt and slip my finger under her lace panties.
She moans as my fingers slide into her soaking wet pussy. She’s hot and ready for me…I think I just got harder if that’s even fucking possible.
Knowing we’re surrounded by hundreds of people makes this moment even more intoxicating and thrilling. The danger of someone seeing me finger her tight pussy here on the dance floor is the most arousing thing I’ve ever experienced.
Brittan surprises me as she connects her teeth with my neck, slowly and erotically grazing my skin with them, sending a shiver down my spine and making my dick throb as pre-cum coats the head of my dick.
Fuck me.
If she does that again, I swear I’m going to blow my fucking load like a fourteen year old virgin the first time he got touched by a girl.
The most erotic moans are vibrating from her lips against my skin. As she rubs her clit against my jeans, I work my fingers in and out of her. I feel her nails digging into my t-shirt as her breathing increases. She’s on the edge and I’m about to give her that final push to send her flying.


*http://www.amazon.com/Tempt-My-Heart…/dp/B00K2LJ5JY/ – US LINK

*http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tempt-My-Heart…/dp/B00K2LJ5JY/ – UK LINK

*http://www.amazon.ca/Tempt-My-Heart-Brittan…/dp/B00K2LJ5JY – Canada

*http://www.amazon.com.au/Tempt-My-Heart…/dp/B00K2LJ5JY/ – Australia

*http://www.barnesandnoble.com/…/tempt-my…/1119404468… – B&N

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