POV for Kayden, From Inescapable Desire, The first day at Savannah’s parents house in Memphis


Bonus Scene Inescapable Desire

December 23rd 2012


I’m a ball of fuckin’ nerves right now, this time tomorrow I’ll be meeting Savannah’s grandparents’. I pray to God they like me, I’ve never felt this way about a woman in my life, and really want to make a good impression.

I’m trying not to reveal to Savannah how nervous I really am, so far it’s worked, she hasn’t seemed to notice. She just finished givin’ me the full tour of her parents Memphis home, I hated seeing that fucker Logan in pictures with Savannah, but that comes with the territory of dating her. She has a past, a very recent ex, and no one’s been to her parents home since their break up so it’s understandable them still having pictures of her and Logan together` around the house, they were together four years, but it still gets my fuckin’ blood boilin’ seeing him with her.

I still can’t believe that guy was dumb enough to cheat on Savannah, she is amazin’, no, she’s fuckin’ amazing. I am far from perfect, and admit I used women over the years for sex and could care less about their feelings, but Savannah, she’s different, I will never do to her what Logan did, I’ll be faithful to her always.

Right now we’re making our way up to her parents’ stables. Savannah never looks as carefree as she does when she’s riding. Ever since I brought her and Brooklyn’s horses’ to my ranch in Sugar Land, they’ve been coming out to my house a lot to ride, and I love it. She’s been through a lot so being able to do anything to hear that beautiful fuckin’ laugh of hers, and see that gorgeous smile on her face, it amazing.

“Are you staring at my ass, Kayden?” Savannah asks glancing over her shoulder at me,. She has the sexiest walk I’ve ever seen, and she does it effortlessly. Most women, when they walk and try to shake their ass, it looks tacky, but not Savannah. When her ass shakes side to side it’s the sexist fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen.

I flash her a cocky grin, sprinting towards her and give her ass a smack, loving the sound of her squealing and laughing as jumps from the shock of my hand connecting with her backside. Her jeans look like they’ve been painted on her, and make that ass look downright irresistible. It’s taking every ounce of strength I have to not fuck her as soon as we step into the stables.

“You bet that sweet ass of yours I was checking you out, baby, I can’t see nothin’ else but you right now.” I snake my arm around her waist, and pull her against me, stopping her in her tracks. She flashes me a kiss me smile, that I just can’t resist and resting my fingers under her chin, I tilt her head back bringing her beautiful, bee stung lips up to meet mine, for a short sweet kiss.

She lets out a sexy little moan as her lips leave mine, dragging her teeth of her bottom lip, she smiles up at me with her big blue eyes sparkling in the afternoon sun, “Are you going to stand her kissin’ me all day, Knox? Or are we going to get our butts on some horses and go riding?”

I let out a husky laugh, as I follow her into the stable, “Is that a trick question? Because baby you know I’d pick kissing you all damn day.”

Rolling her eyes, Savannah pushes the doors opens to the stable, looking back at me momentarily, I can see the amusement in her eyes, “You’re insatiable you know that right? You can kiss me all you want later, right now, we’re going ridin’.”

“I know it, and it’s just another reason why you can’t resist me, I’m just too fuckin’ charmin’ for my own good. You love that I can’t get enough of you.”

Savannah lets out the sexiest laugh instantly causing my dick to jump. Fuck me, my idea of a quick roll in the hay is lookin’ more and more like a better option right now that ridin’ a damn horse. She’s killin’ me with those fuck me boots, and tight ass jeans. She’s wearing a hoodie right now and I’m still gettin’ turned on by her, I swear no matter what the fuck she wears, she’s the sexiest fuckin’ woman on the damn planet.

“You are killin’ me, charmin’? I seriously cannot believe those words came out of your mouth!” Savannah laughs, stopping in front a jet black horse, and rubbing her nose. “This is June, I’ll be riding her, she’s my mom’s horse, and you’ll be riding Cash, my dad’s horse.” She says, pointing towards the big brown stallion in the next stall over.

Ignoring her jab at me, I make my way over to Cash, and give the horse I’ll be riding for the next hour a look over. Cocking my head towards Cash, I tell Savannah, “So I’m takin’ a wild guess here, but by chance do your parents’ have a thing for Johnny and June?” I can’t help but love the way she melts a little as I flash her a mega-watt grin.

“Yes, smart ass, they do.” I swear as she leads the horse out of the barn, she twitches that hot little ass of hers extra hard just to get to me.

She’s lucky I don’t tackle her right now and fuck her senseless.

Clearing my throat, I walk behind her holding the reigns to Cash, “You keep shakin’ that ass and I’m gonna to say screw ridin’ the horses’ baby, and have you just ride me instead, because DAYUM, I can’t fuckin’ take it!”

Spinning around Savannah flashes me a sultry smile, and bites down on her bottom lip.

God she is evil.

Pure. Fuckin’. Evil.

“I plan on ridin’ the horses’, and then ridin’ you, so just keep your dick in your pants for at least an hour, and I’ll make it worth your while.”

Damn, she’s got me by the fuckin’ balls.

I waste no time jumpin’ onto the horse, “Well baby, what are ya waitin’ for, let’s get ridin’!”


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