Deleted Scene Infinite Desire Brooklyn’s POV


Deleted Scene Brooklyn and Dixon
Infinite Desire
Taking my hand into his Dixon leads me down the corridor of the hotel. “Wasted or not, they’ll give me a tattoo, don’t you worry babe.”
I can’t help but laugh as I shake my head at the drunken fool pulling me towards the tattoo shop in Knox’s hotel. I thought he was joking when he said he wanted to get a tattoo.
My eyes keep lingering on our entwined fingers that are now dawning cheap gold wedding bands. I still cannot believe we just eloped. I have a picture in my clutch of us with an Elvis impersonator that married us. That will definitely be a conversation starter when people spot it on my mantel.
“You sure you won’t regret this wonderful idea in the morning?” I ask as we stop in front of the twenty-four hour tattoo parlor.
Flashing me a cocky grin, Dixon tugs on my hand causing me to crash into his rock solid chest. I rest my hand against his shoulder as I steady myself, with all the shots I took, I am surprised I can even catch myself and not fall flat on my ass.
Slipping his hand into my hair, he cups the side of my face, and pulls me in for a quick kiss. “Believe me darlin’ there is nothing about tonight I’ll ever regret.”
I can’t help but become giddy as he says those words to me. Never in a million years did I think I’d be Mrs. Dixon Beaumont. I thought just a few weeks ago we were done for good. I was over being just a bed buddy to him, I wanted more and he didn’t. Then all of a sudden he was texting me saying he missed me. Now look at us, eloping in Vegas.
I need to tell Jax, but that can wait until the morning. He’ll understand, it’s not like we were serious or anything. We were just friends who hooked up time to time, he’s known since day one, I’ve wanted Dixon. I never met a guy who consumed my every thought like Dixon has.
I just hope once we both sober up nothing changes, because nothing is worse than getting a taste of what you’ve dreamt of to just have it vanish before your eyes.
Holding my cell up I snap a picture of Dixon lying down with his arm above his head as the tattoo artist Skit, I really hope that isn’t his real name, is working on is new ink.
I still can’t believe he’s tattooing my name on his arm. Kayden is going to have a field day with this after Dixon busted Kayden’s balls the entire plane ride home from the Bahamas for tattooing Savannah’s name on his ribs.
“How’s it lookin’?” Dixon asks dragging his gaze from me to his arm.
Climbing off of the stool, I make my way over beside Dixon and observe the tattoo, it looks pretty bad ass. “It’s turning out really awesome babe. I love it!” Leaning down I kiss him before going back to watching Skit finish the detailing around my name.
“It sure hurts like a mother fucker…” Dixon says between clenched teeth as Skit fills in the swirls around my name.
He did Brooklyn in a cursive font, with really interesting swirl like details around it. It’s a work of art on his arm. I can’t wait to show it off with him tomorrow to everyone.
Reaching into his jeans Dixon pulls out his chrome flask, “Nothing like some Jack to numb the pain.” He laughs and flashes me a cocky grin as he holds it up to me. “Can ya help me out babe?”
Rolling my eyes, I take the flask and twist the top off for him, “I don’t know how you’re not numb already I think you drank an entire bottle of tequila back at the club!”
He takes a long swig from the flask, “Ahhh.” He says as he slaps his lips together, and slowly drags his tongue over them licking the remaining whiskey off. “It takes a whole lot more than that to make me numb baby. As soon as this tattoos done, we’re heading up to the suite to consummate our marriage…hell maybe we can do that on the way up to the suite.”
Skit sure is finding this conversation interesting, he slides his gaze from Dixon’s tattoo up to me before focusing back on the tattoo, “So I take it you two got married? Let me guess, by a guy dressed up like Elvis?”
Dixon lets out a loud chuckle, “Yup! Damn it’s the best fuckin’ idea ever. It was a spur of the moment thing, but shit, it beats dealing with all that crazy ass weddin’ plannin’ shit!”
Wow. Isn’t he just romantic?
Biting back a smile, I run my hand over Dixon’s arm, “You’re right Dixon, Savannah and Kayden should save themselves the headache of planning a wedding and just elope too.”
A devilish grin spreads across his lips as he flashes me a mega-watt smile, “We’re fuckin’ geniuses. I will so be telling Knox tomorrow he should ask Savannah to elope.”
I highly doubt Savannah will go for that idea, but I’ll just let him enjoy his moment of glory.

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