Infinite Desire Series: Savannah Series #4 by Danielle Jamie @DanielleJamie85 @ScandalousBlog

Amazing 5 star Review from Reading Renee!!!

Reading Renee

Well I if I seem sad it is because I will miss The Knox family. This was by far the best book in the series. We see all of the characters grow up a lot! Gone are the nasty arguments and the tabloid cheating rumors. In place the author gave us some hot scenes and a wedding. Already invested in Kayden and Savannah being together, we move towards their future. The futures of Mya, Braxton, Dixon and Brooklyn all front and center.

hottie stripper 3

To be a included in the bachelorette party was just wonderful!

There are a few things I liked that I am probably alone in commenting on is Envy. I was so happy that Savannah was still working. It shows that there is more to the story than just being rich and then marrying rich. The character development and growth was definitely present here. That was refreshing alone!Also for…

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