ACA Awards Deleted Scene in Kayden’s POV Infinite Desire


ACA Awards

I’m sitting next to Savannah and her parents at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the American Country Awards. They’re up for Album of the Year and Best Country Duo. It’s a tough category but I have my finger crossed for them. This is our third time this year attending awards for her parents; nothing is more fun than a country music award show. We get to see some of our closest friends performing our favorite songs on stage. The awards are fun, but the after party’s are kick ass. Nothing like a bunch of country folk gettin’ drunk and partyin’ it up, especially when we’re in Las Vegas!
The red carpet was insane. The press was lined up along both sides of the red carpet, shouting at anyone who walked past firing off a thousand questions or wanting you to pose for a picture. Thankfully Savannah’s dress hides are tiny baby bump while emphasizing her tits that look fuckin’ amazing right now.
We’re not officially announcing we’re expecting until we find out the sex of babies in two weeks. I’m happy to be in our seats now and done answering the same questions over and over as we made our way inside.
The room goes dark and spot lights shines down as music starts to play; Lady Antebellum is opening the award show singing their newest single Compass. Taking my eyes off of Hillary, Charles and Dave, I slide my gaze to Savannah; she looks absolutely awe-inspiring in her tight fitting emerald dress. She insisted on me wearing an emerald tie to go with her dress. My girl loves me in green, she rambles on and on about my eyes, one look and she’s putty in my hands.
She’s softly singing along to her new favorite song at the moment. I lace my fingers into hers and give them a gently squeeze. She gazes up me, her big baby blues twinkling in the lighting; she takes my breath away without even tryin’. No one can hold a candle to my Angel.
“They’re amazing aren’t they?” Savannah whispers to me before focusing back on the stage.
Leaning towards her, resting my lips against her ear, I feel her shiver as my breath caresses her skin, a faint smile creeps across my mouth, “Yeah, they sound great, baby.”
After they’re opening performance, the first award is Male Artist of The Year, I couldn’t help but scream out, “Hell yeah!”  When they announced Luke Bryan won!
After an hour into the show it’s finally time to learn who the Duo Of The Year is, Savannah is squeezin’ my hand so fuckin’ hard, I think I lost blood flow to my fingers five minutes ago. I’m practically holding my breath as they announce the winners, there’s her parents face up on the big screen next to my boys Florida Georgia Line, and the other nominees. It’s a hard category, and I can’t help but feel torn. Tyler and Brian have had a stellar year so far.
“God, I think I’m going to puke.” Savannah mumbles under her breath. With her morning sickness, I wouldn’t doubt that she could puke, and we’re pretty fuckin’ far from a bathroom. So I am prayin’ she doesn’t get sick!
I rub my thumb over the back of her hand trying to help calm her nerves, “Whether they win or lose, they were nominated that’s pretty awesome.” I say trying to lighten the mood.
Fuck me and pregnancy hormones.
Savannah flashes me the look of death, “Thanks for the positive vibes Knox.” Before snapping her eyes back to the stage.
“The winner of Best Country Duo is…Maverick and Paisley Livingston!”
Thank FUCK!
Shit, I feel bad for my boys though… I scan the room and spot Tyler and Brian a few rows ahead; I nod, and give them both a smile. They are cool as shit, and don’t even seem fazed, they’ve already won Single of The Year for Cruise so they’re on cloud nine right now.
“Oh my God!” Savannah is shouting as she bursts with excitement hugging her parents as they squeeze their way down the aisle.
I give Maverick a man hug, “Congrats!” I shout over the cheers and clapping, before pulling Paisley in for a hug, I plant quick kiss on her cheeks, and can’t help but laugh as I notice her blush the same way Savannah does.
“See baby, nothin’ to worry about, they won!” I shout scooping my crazy hormonal wife into my arms and planting a big kiss on her lips for the world to see as the camera zooms in on us before focusing on her parents making their way onto the stage.
Sitting back down beside me Savannah gives me a sexy smile, “Sorry baby, for biting your head off, my nerves are getting the best of me. I feel bad for our friends, but I gotta root for my parents.”
God I love her.
“It’s okay darlin’ don’t even worry about it, I love you even when you’re gettin’ all hormonal on me.”  I tease and let out a small chuckle as she flashes me an impish grin and furrows her brows at me.
Letting out a small laugh, she rolls her eyes before looking up onto the stage at her parents. They are in their element when they are on stage. The crowd loves them. I love that I get to experience this with them and Savannah. It’s definitely a great story to tell the twins when they’re older.
As her parents are making their way back to their seats, Thomas Rhett is being announced as the next performer. As he begins singing It Goes Like This, Savannah rests her cheek on my shoulder and presses kisses to my knuckles. I can’t help but think back to last spring when I sang this song to her when we took our trip to Austin.
The last hour flies by, it’s the end of the show and my boys from Florida Georgia Line are closing the show with their new song Stay. I can’t help but think of Savannah while listening to the lyrics, and back to the pain time in our lives when Savannah left me and went back to LA. We’ve come so far since then. All the pain no matter how much it fuckin’ sucked to have to go through it, it was worth it because now our relationship is stronger than it’s ever been.

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