End Of Chapter 12 that accidently got deleted

Just Noticed this Entire Scene at the end of Chapter 12 Never got put into my Edited Document For my editor. I just added it back into the Book and everyone will get get with the Amazon update they send:

Sitting down beside us Dixon stared at Kayden with a look of total astonishment on his face. “I cannot believe you tattooed your girlfriends name on your body. Don’t you know that’s like bad luck or something?”

There it is, the tug-a-war with my head and my heart. I love Kayden with every single inch of my heart, but that urban legend that if a guy tattoos a girls name on his body, their relationship will end badly. I will fight every single day to make sure that never happens. Butting into the conversation, I lean forward in my seat and stare straight into Dixon’s bluish green eyes. “I think it’s romantic, and having my name with Angel wings on each side of the S is absolutely amazing. We’re going to grow old together for your information Dixon.”

Rolling his eyes and letting out a aspirated sigh, Dixon sits back in his seat. “Yeah I’ve heard that line before. Pretty much every guy I know who has a chicks name branded on his body. Is no longer with that girl, and is stuck with her name permanently on his skin.”

“Wow what a Debbie downer!” Brooklyn says shooting daggers towards Dixon with her eyes. She’s sitting beside Jax, playing candy crush on her iphone. “I think it’s sweet, and if anyone can make it, I believe it is with out a doubt these two. They are so in love it makes me sick.” She flashes a cocky grin at me before dropping her eyes back down to her phone.

“Thank you Brooklyn!” Annoyance has now consumed my body. I suddenly have the urge to tear Dixon a new one, but contain my furry and sit quietly for the remainder of the plane ride, while I read Reflected In You, by Sylvia Day.

My stomach is a ball of nerves because today is our first appointment together with Dr. Wilcott. As soon as we land, Alec will be driving us straight to her office in down town Houston. Giving my hand a gentle squeeze, Kayden lifts it up to his lips, planting a sweet kiss on my knuckles. Smiling at me with his eyes as his lips linger on my hand, a tiny fraction of my anxiety evaporates. But not enough to relax me completely. I don’t know why, but I just have a bad feeling that things will not be all rainbows and roses at this appointment. Image

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