Jake Wether’s tell all interview with Savannah & Envy Magazine!

Jake Wether's tall all interview with Savannah & Envy Magazine!

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Thank you Jake for doing this interview with us! We’re honoured to have you on the cover of Envy! We’re all huge fans here at Envy of your band, The Mighty Storm. We’re going to start off with some questions about your love life and your new album. Fans are itching for this new album; I imagine you’re excited to finally give it to them. From what we’ve all heard so far, I can tell you guys are going to sky rocket to number 1 once again!




Thanks sweetheart, yeah really excited about the new album.




What was it like to see Tru for the first time after 12 years?




Like Heaven and Hell. Fuckin amazing to see her again after all those years – nothing could have prepared me for it. And sheer fuckin torture, because I had no idea how long I was going to be able to keep her there with me for.




When you two reconnected I can imagine you were over the moon about it. With Tru coming on tour with you to write your autobiography did that help you two reconnect after that time apart? Fans are obsessed with you two! They love the star crossed lovers reconnecting with one another after years apart.




The connection between us with back immediately, it had never gone, even through all our years apart. But being together on tour certainly didn’t hurt, bring us a closeness we’d never had a chance to have before, if you catch my meaning ;)




After hearing your new song ‘Everything is you’ that you wrote about your fiancée Tru, we get a glimpse into your love for one another. Finding a love like that is rare, how do you make your relationship work with travelling and have women all around the world falling at your feet?




It works because we don’t have to work at our feelings for one another. They’re fixed, strong and solid. We’re solid. Losing each other isn’t even an option, so other things don’t even come into play. I see Tru in everything, nothing else matters but her.




It isn’t a secret you’ve struggled with drug addiction. You’ve been sober almost a year now so congrats to you for that! How do you deal with overcoming your addiction with temptation all around you?




Thank you. I take each day at a time. I don’t think, ‘I’ve been clean for a year – go me.’ I simply think each night as I go to bed, ‘another day clean – I’ve done fuckin good’. Assessing my sobriety in time longevity just doesn’t work for me. And at the end of it all, I have my anchor, Tru, keeping me grounded, reminding me the very reason why I want to stay clean.




Can you tell us a little about your foundation you started after losing your friend and band mate Jonny?




It was just something I wanted to do in his memory, as a way to help others.




 Well I for one think it’s an amazing thing, I myself was in a car accident a few months back, it was terrifying and the healing afterword very difficult. So I know families truly appreciate all the help you’re able to give them either to help with medical bills, or heaven forbid funeral costs.


Onto the next one, fans are impatiently awaiting the release of your new album. We know this is the first album without Jonny, and you’ve officially replaced with him Smith. How was it making this album without him?




I’ll be honest, it was hard at first. But Smith made it easier. He’s a great guy, and he has never once tried to step into Jonny’s shoes, Smith wanted his own sound, to make his own mark, and I respect him for that. I know it can’t have been easy for him.




Where do you see yourself five years from now??




Five years from now, I see myself married to the girl of my dream, surrounded by a bunch of mini Tru’s. Still as happy as I am now. Making music with my band.




Okay, now onto some fun questions!




I’m always hearing you in other interviews talking about the song Hurt, that’s been done by Johnny Cash, and Nine inch Nails. What is the difference between the song hurt being sung by Johnny cash versus nine inch nails?




Aside from the musical aspect…. for me, when Reznor wrote it, he was in a whole different place to where Johnny Cash was when he was covering it. Reznor was going through his stuff, whereas Cash was reminiscing about all the things he did wrong.




The girls and some guys are dying to know Jake…boxers or briefs?








Tell us something about you that fans have no idea about? Any secret talents or hobbies?




Well, I have a few talents, but I don’t think Tru would be happy if I shared them with you ;)




Oh I can just imagine. You’re making myself and our readers blush! Any who…We know you and Tru have a baby on the way, have you had any sympathy pains? Crazy cravings?




Ha! No, none of that. But I do sympathize with the tough time Tru is having with the pregnancy. Our baby is a wriggly, active one – so I’m doing my best to help her as much as I can.




What about Tru? We all love the idea of the bad boy rocker running around pampering his pregnant fiancée.




Of course she has me running around! Getting up me out of bed at 3am because she’s hungry for a sandwich – and was just last night. Hence the reason for the sunglasses today – I’m fuckin tired!




You think you’re tired now…just wait! Okay, onto the next question,


Do you have any crazy rituals you perform before going on stage?




None. A kiss from my girl, and I’m good to go.




If you had to pick just one song to listen to for the rest of your life what song would it be?




That’s an impossible question! It’d be like asking me to pick my favorite kid!




Well that wraps up our interview with the sinfully sexy lead singer of Wethering the Storm Jake Wethers! Thanks again Jake for doing this interview! We are honoured and hopefully next time we talk to you we can also interview Tru and meet that adorable little baby of yours that’s due in less than a month now! Good luck with the new album and congrats on your engagement and baby. Until next time!




Thanks for having me, it was fun.






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Kayden’s POV from Inescapable Desire, The Closet Scene


Rolling onto my side, and propping myself up onto my elbow, I gaze down at the most beautiful woman to ever grace this earth. Savannah is smiling up at me, with an well satisfied grin stretched across her face. Smiling down at her with a cocky grin, I gently brush the away loose strands of hair off of her face.

Savannah’s chest is rising and falling as she comes back down to earth from the orgasm I just graced her with. Early morning sex wakes us up better than ten cups of coffee. Smiling up at me with her baby blue’s twinkling in the early sun light she finally musters the strength to speak, “My entire body is numb.” Her voice comes out soft and breathy, instantly making me want to go for round two.

“I would risk my dick falling off, to hear you say that multiple times a day.” I laugh. I slowly trail a path of hot kisses along her arm she has resting above her head. Her skin is misted with sweat, and tastes sweeter then Dixie crystal. Licking my lips, slowly dragging my tongue across them, loving the affect it has over her. I say with my voice low and husky, “You are most certainly the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on. Do you know how hard I have to fight the urge to take you every second of the day and fuck you until you come undone all around me? When you’re around…I can’t focus on anything else but you.”

“I think I might be a bad influence on you Kayden, how are you supposed to take over the world, when I am constantly tempting you to be naughty with me?”  Savannah says as she lets out a soft chuckle.

I can’t resist her, it’s like my body was created just for pleasuring my sweet Savannah. Letting out a loud breath between clenched teeth, I grip her hips, pinning her to the bed. “I would risk being a poor beggar on the streets, if it meant I was able to fuck you morning, noon and night my sweet, sweet Savannah,” I murmur against her skin as I kiss a path along her neck working my mouth along her jaw.

“Heyyy now!” Savannah squeals wiggling away from my lips. “As badly as I want to go for round two, but you, Mr. Knox, have business meetings to attend this morning. I will not allow you to be late.” I love it when she tries to be all demanding. She should know me well enough by now, to understand she’s number one for me, always.

Jumping out of bed, Savannah takes off running into the closet laughing, her sweet laughter that’s like the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Not wasting any time, I toss my legs over the bed, and follow her tight little ass into the closet.

Catching up to her within seconds, I waste no time, wrapping my arms around her. I press my body firmly against her backside, holding her in place against the wall. Resting my lips over her ear, I whisper to her, “I own the damn company, so if I want to be late…damn it I’ll be late.”

I can instantly feel her body taking control and her mind being over powered, by the desire she has for me. Her breathing is becoming increasingly erratic, and light moan escapes her mouth as my now hard and very eager dick presses into her back. Gripping her hip with one hand, I slowly trace the other across her stomach. I love how soft and silky her body feels beneath my touch. Her sweet coconut infused hair is tickling my senses. I can’t smell anything tropical now without having my angel come to mind immediately. She’s become my entire world, in such a short amount of time. I’m the luckiest fucking man on this planet, because Savannah Livingston is mine. “Fucking your sweet little pussy sounds a hell of a lot better than a meeting full of stuffy old men.”

Whimpering loudly; “Do your worst…Knox.” Savannah purrs as I slowly aligning my body against hers. With the palms of her hands against the wall, I feel her body sink into me, ready for me to do to it as I please. The need to be inside of her is so strong, it’s taking everything in me to not pile drive into her sweet tight ass right now. Running my hand ever so slowly across her stomach, I work my way to her breasts. Her skin is burning hot as her desire for me consumes her. With my left hand teasing her nipple, I use my right hand to position my shaft, still dripping wet with cum, against Savannah’s tight puckered asshole. Taking in sharp breaths I quickly rub the head of my cock over her entrance to lubricate it.

Gently pulling her hips I angle her ass, and effortlessly I push her upper body down. I love how she just opens herself up to me; she is perfection, complete and total perfection. Dragging my teeth over my bottom lip I take in the image before me. Savannah spread before me ready for me to fuck her senseless. Being with her gives me the biggest high that no drug could ever match.

Trailing my hands back down her stomach I work my way between my legs, massaging her clit. The sounds of pleasure pouring out of her mouth are almost enough to set me off, not being able to hold back any longer, I slowly he begin to grind my erection against her.
“I’m going to take you in the ass this time, Savannah. If it starts to hurt, tell me and I will stop.” Please God I beg you, don’t let her tell me to stop, because once I start it’s going to be fucking hard to stop.

“Mhmm…” is all she says as I slowly slide the head of my dick into her tight, eager ass. Not wanting to hurt her, it takes everything in me to slowly and gently push my way inside of her. I won the jack-pot with her, she‘s not only smoking hot, funny, and witty. But she loves anal too.

Getting into a nice rhythm I pump in and out of her, only filling her half way. My cock is the biggest she‘s ever had, and the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I can feel her body tensing beneath my fingers as I work her clit. Massaging it and gently slapping her bud, I suck on her neck. Within seconds Savannah’s screaming out in pleasure as an orgasm explodes inside of her, “Kayden! Jesus… Christ!”

Fuck…I don’t know how much longer I can last. Between her ass squeezing my cock and hearing her scream out in pleasure is almost  to much. Slamming her forehead against the wall, she instantly melts in my arms. Her body sags, as I wraps my arms around her waist holding her tight against my body. I can’t help but smile knowing I just gave her an earth shattering orgasm in zero-point-two-seconds. Leaning forward, Savannah grabs hold of her ankles steadying herself.

“You want me to keep going?” I ask slowly sliding in and out of her.

“Yes…I’m okay, keep going.” She whispers out between moans.

“You’re sensational Savannah.” Running my hand up the length of her back, sliding my fingers into her hair, twirling the strands between my fingers, I gently pull on it.  Finally thrusting completely inside, claiming her ass.  A deafening moan escapes Savannah; she brings her hands back to the wall beating against it with her palms.  “Damn, Savannah…it’s so fucking tight, I don’t think I can last much longer.” Closing my eyes I begin to pick up pace, as I thrust in and out of her pushing my body to the edge.

“Ohh God…I’m almost there again.” Savannah shouts followed by moans of pleasure as I work her body towards another orgasm, I want us to climax together this time. “Stick your fingers into me now…please!”

A small laugh escapes my mouth, and I didn’t think it was possible but my dick just got harder. I love her bossy little mouth, especially when it’s demanding me to fuck her.

“I love it when you tell me what you want Savannah.” Sliding two fingers inside of her, I tilt my fingers slightly massaging her inner wall.

Holy fuck!

She is so wet and responsive. Every trust I give she takes eagerly, starving for my touch. Chasing my orgasm I pound into her ass rapidly as I massage her sweet pussy. Savannah’s screams of ecstasy do me in. Slamming her head against the wall, I feel Savannah sag in my arms as another orgasm tears through her. I swear that all of Galveston is probably hearing her right now, and if they didn’t know my name before…they sure as hell know it now.

“MOTHER…FUCKKKK!” I scream out as I climaxed right along with her.

Savannah misses the floor by only a few inches, I quickly pull my arms tightly around her stomach, pulling her against me. Our body’s are dripping in sweat, and slipping against each other. Slowly bringing us both to the floor, I slide back inside of her.

I think that was the most mind blowing fuck of my entire life, it’s going to be almost impossible to outdo myself after this. I can faintly hear Brooklyn in the other room cheering and making cat calls. Savannah must hear her too, because she immediately burst into laughter mixed with moaning, as I continue to pump into her giving Savannah the longest fucking orgasm of her life.

That I’m sure of.

“Brooklyn wants a show…Uhhh…We’ll give her a show!” Savannah giggles in between moans.

“Let her have it baby,” I say between clenched teeth as I slam into her again.

“OOOH YEAHHH! Harder! Fuck. Me. Harder, Kayden!” She screams as loud her little voice can. Giving up on trying to contain my laughter, I decide to join in. “Ohh Savannah, you feel fucking amazing! Tight. Delicious. Pussy. FUCK…GOD…FUCKKKK!” I have to bite my lip to hold back my laughter as Savannah begins slapping her hand against the wall. I slowly pumped the last bit of cum into her. I feel as if I just did a marathon, that was the best morning working out of my entire fucking life.

Brooklyn is hollering with laughter, “Hot damn you guys! I just had an orgasm listening to you two, fucking like god damn animals in there!”

“Happy we could be your entertainment this morning, Brooklyn.” Savannah shouts between her gasps for air as she tries to come down from the two orgasms I just gave her.

“You fuckin’ know it bitch! I need to go use my vibrator. That was beyond fucking hot. Damn Kayden, I thought you were going to kill her with that last orgasm!”  Standing we both shake our heads, I definitely need to get use to being in a house with other people. I follow Savannah into the en suite. We both are in desperate need of a shower now after that animal like fucking we just did.

“Well that is definitely a first for me,” I say stepping into the shower beside Savannah.

Cocking her head, she smiles up at me as she asks, “What was? Anal sex?”  She has a seductive smile playing on her lips.

Rolling my eyes at her, I pour her body wash onto the sponge, and get to work washing her delicious round breasts. “No. The whole someone listening to me fuck someone’s brains out. That was definitely new.” A small chuckle escapes my lips. I can‘t help but smile down at Savannah with a satisfied grin.

“Yeah that was fun all in its own, but knowing someone could hear you fucking me into oblivion made it a hundred times hotter. Poor Brooklyn is going to be man-hunting hard today,” Savannah says between giggles.

Shaking my head, I flash a cocky grin at her again. Washing away the suds from her body, I step back and get to work washing my hair. I can’t help but love the feeling of Savannah’s eyes on me as I do so.

My dick jumps when I spot her nibbling on her lip, and a tiny moan escape her lips.

Cocking an eye brow at her, I dip my head under the water. Breaking the silence Savannah purrs, “You know, it should be illegal to be so damn sexy,” As she slides her eyes over my body from head to toe.

“Ditto, sweet cheeks,” I laugh, slapping her on the ass. I’m definitely looking forward to waking up like this every morning.


End Of Chapter 12 that accidently got deleted

Just Noticed this Entire Scene at the end of Chapter 12 Never got put into my Edited Document For my editor. I just added it back into the Book and everyone will get get with the Amazon update they send:

Sitting down beside us Dixon stared at Kayden with a look of total astonishment on his face. “I cannot believe you tattooed your girlfriends name on your body. Don’t you know that’s like bad luck or something?”

There it is, the tug-a-war with my head and my heart. I love Kayden with every single inch of my heart, but that urban legend that if a guy tattoos a girls name on his body, their relationship will end badly. I will fight every single day to make sure that never happens. Butting into the conversation, I lean forward in my seat and stare straight into Dixon’s bluish green eyes. “I think it’s romantic, and having my name with Angel wings on each side of the S is absolutely amazing. We’re going to grow old together for your information Dixon.”

Rolling his eyes and letting out a aspirated sigh, Dixon sits back in his seat. “Yeah I’ve heard that line before. Pretty much every guy I know who has a chicks name branded on his body. Is no longer with that girl, and is stuck with her name permanently on his skin.”

“Wow what a Debbie downer!” Brooklyn says shooting daggers towards Dixon with her eyes. She’s sitting beside Jax, playing candy crush on her iphone. “I think it’s sweet, and if anyone can make it, I believe it is with out a doubt these two. They are so in love it makes me sick.” She flashes a cocky grin at me before dropping her eyes back down to her phone.

“Thank you Brooklyn!” Annoyance has now consumed my body. I suddenly have the urge to tear Dixon a new one, but contain my furry and sit quietly for the remainder of the plane ride, while I read Reflected In You, by Sylvia Day.

My stomach is a ball of nerves because today is our first appointment together with Dr. Wilcott. As soon as we land, Alec will be driving us straight to her office in down town Houston. Giving my hand a gentle squeeze, Kayden lifts it up to his lips, planting a sweet kiss on my knuckles. Smiling at me with his eyes as his lips linger on my hand, a tiny fraction of my anxiety evaporates. But not enough to relax me completely. I don’t know why, but I just have a bad feeling that things will not be all rainbows and roses at this appointment. Image