Kayden’s POV Irresistible Desire The Afternoon & Evening of the Envy Party


Kayden, night of the Envy party POV

“So what happened with the blonde you left Vertigo with last night?” Braxton finally asks.

Tossing my towel over my shoulder we make our way over towards my house. We just played basketball for two hours, now he picks this moment to ask me about Savannah. I was hoping we could avoid this conversation all together. She has my head spinning in circles, as memories from last night replays in my mind. I’ve been trying all day to figure out why the hell she took off in the middle of the night.

I know she’s still getting over her break up with that douche bag Logan, so I don’t know if she felt the same thing I did when we were together last night? Maybe it freaked her out, so she had to get away and try to think things over. We had the best sex of my entire life, it was like I couldn’t get enough of her, and I know the feelings were definitely mutual.

Sitting down in a lawn chair on my patio, Braxton sits down beside me staring me down. “Well. Are you going to spill the juicy details or what!? Dixon told me he saw you grinding on some hot blonde and then ya’ll disappeared into the back. He said you showed back up in VIP looking pretty damn satisfied. The real shocker is, he told me you left with her. You; after fuckin’ the brains out of a girl in your club, then left with her for more? I told him he was crazy, Knox doesn’t double dip!”

I swear I sometimes wonder why the fuck this guy is my best friend. He has no freakin’ filter on that mouth of his. Any random thought that pops into his god damn head he blurts it out.

Running my fingers through my damp hair, I let out a low nervous chuckle. Usually I wouldn’t think twice about bragging to my friends about a hot hookup. It feels wrong sharing my evening with Savannah with anyone else. That scares the shit outta me. I never feel this way, and I can’t wrap my head around what the hell it is about her.

“Well I’m glad to know my cousin was keeping such a good eye on me last night. You know in case some crazy chick tried to Roofie my drink or something.” Rolling my eyes I take a swig from my water bottle.

Braxton’s eyes are now inching their way towards each other as he looks me over. I need to start spilling before he tortures it outta me. “Geesh chill on the evil eyes dip shit. Her names Savannah, and I didn’t just meet her last night. She works for Envy, and she will be at the party tonight.”

“Ohhh damnnnn bro you are gonna have to spend the evening around a girl you hooked up with last night. That’s fuckin’ hilarious! I’m stoked I get to be there to witness it!”

I shove Braxton so hard his chair flips over and he falls into the pool. “Fuckkkkkk Knox! I got my brand new kicks on! What the hell was that for?”

“Haaaa…that was for being a dickhead and finding this whole situation entertaining! How about you be my best friend asshole and help me figure out what the fuck is going on with me!”

Crawling out of the pool Braxton rips his sneakers off, pouring the water out of them. “You’re lucky you’re my best friend. Or I’d be pounding that GQ face of yours to a blood pulp.” Grumbling under his breath he fixes his chair and plops back down. Staring at me as if I just grew two heads. “This girl has totally fucked you up…” He says shaking his head with a look of disbelief on his face.

Running my hands over my face I let a loud frustrated scream rip from my throat.

“Feel better now there asshole?” Braxton laughs giving my arm a shove.

“No. Savannah has me feelin’ like a goddamn chick. I’ve been stressing over seeing her tonight. Wondering if she want to ever see me again? For the first time in forever I actually feel a connection beyond sex with a girl. I just happen to fall for a girl with as many relationship issues as me. I’m completely screwed!”

Leaning back and relaxing in his seat, Braxton sits and takes in everything I’m telling him. Without going into too much detail I fill him in our night together, and the issue with her ex. Braxton is not only my best friend, but also one of my friends who’s in a committed relationship so he can give me the best advice. Compared to my single guy friends who would just call me a pansy ass. Their only advice would be; go hook up with another chick, that’ll help me get over Savannah.

Sadly I think that isn’t the case, no matter how many women I hooked up from here on out. None, would ever get her out of my system.

“Well I think the devil better buy some ice skates, because Hell just froze over.” sarcasm dripping from Braxton voice. “You Kayden Knox, who swore off girls all together is now thinking he may have found the one.”

“What the hell am I going to do if she goes back to Los Angeles and I never see her again?”

“Well, only thing you can do…help her see she needs you as much as you need her. I never thought I would settle down. I planned on being single through college and livin’ it up once I got into the NFL. Damn, man I got girls falling at my feet, begging to get with me. But Mya, she changed me. Before her, I didn’t believe in love. Only difference with me is, I’ve known her my whole life. Just wasted a lot of time, being a man whore. You on the other hand have the chance to finally be happy. You know Mya would love it if you settled down. She’s always trying to hook you up with her friends. That girl is dead set on us have kids the same age to grow up together like we all did.”

Listening to everything Braxton has said, has helped me make up my mind. I need to talk to Savannah tonight. Lay everything out on the table. I know I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, if I don’t even try fightin’ for her.


Pulling into the parking lot of Vertigo. I park my truck and hop out. I gave Jax the night off and decided to drive myself. Hopefully I’ll be leaving tonight with Savannah, and driving her myself will maybe help her relax.

Shoving my keys into my dress pants, I take a deep breath and head into the club. I’m one of the first people here, which is perfect. Gives me a chance to sneak into the back and hide out in my office before the party begins.

Looking around I take in the transformed Vertigo. It exudes a totally different atmosphere; no loud music thumping out of the speakers, no strobe lights dancing along the floors. Instead it’s replaced by bright lit hanging light fixtures. The dance floor is covered in round banquet tables, with towering floral arrangements. Right front and center by the stage is a poster size cover of Envy’s Most Influential Men of 2012, magazine cover.

Looking around I see no one but the caterers and party planner. Guest should be arriving anytime though. Walking behind the bar, I grab a bottle of jack and a shot glass. Waving hello to a few of the staff I head down to my office.

Walking through the door I’m instantly over whelmed with images of Savannah and I in here last night. “Fuck now I can’t even escape her here.” I mumble to myself walking over my desk and plopping down into my Texas Longhorns computer chair. Pouring a shot of Jack, I stare at the brown leather couch. Images of Savannah screaming out my name and running her hands through my hair bounce around in my head.

The shot runs down the back of my throat, and I welcome the burning sensation. I need to settle my nerves before I talk to her tonight. Then Ashley, the manager at my Hotel called me earlier to inform me my father and Lulu checked in. Which can mean only one thing; they will be attending the party. They’re the last two people I want to see tonight.

Firing up my laptop I decide to work for a while, to occupy my mind and kill some time. I have some calls to make and emails to reply to. Working always helps distract me from the bullshit in my life.

The ringing of my cell phone, snaps me from my haze. I’ve spent the last hour working and it only felt like fifteen minutes. Not so bad.  Glancing at the caller I.D. I see its Braxton.

“Hey. What’s up? Are you here already?”

“Yeah, the limo just dropped us off. Where you at?”

“Back in my office working. Is there a lot of people here already? I suppose I should drag my ass out there and greet my guests.”

I can hear a lot of people and music in the background, so the party is in full swing now. “Yeah the place is filling up quick. There’s a line of limos outside, I think they’re all the envy employees. I thought I spotted a hot blonde accompanied by a smoking’ hot Asian chick walking down the red carpet ahead of us.

“Shit! That means she’s here. I’ll be out and find you in a few minutes.”

“Okay man, don’t make me come drag you outta there. You gotta find this girl! Oh and for warning Giselle is at the bar. She’ll be after you shortly for pictures I’m guessing.”

“Yeah she was pissed when I didn’t escort her here, but we are seated together for the dinner this evening. I’m hoping she doesn’t get in the way of me speaking with Savannah tonight.”

“Well if you really want to talk to her you’ll find a way.”

“Yeah, yeah…I’ll talk to you in a bit, bye.”

After hanging up, I notice text messages on my phone. Skimming through I spot a breaking news report from TMZ. Opening it my jaw just about hit’s the table. Logan is talking to TMZ outside of The Ivy, and announcing he’ll be on celebrity rehab. He is actually trying to say he suffers from sex addiction. That’s fuckin’ hilarious. He’s a bigger douche bag then I thought. First he cheats on the most amazing woman on the planet. Then tries to pass the blame onto an addiction to make himself not look like such a total jackass.

I hope this doesn’t ruin tonight for Savannah. I want to see her smile and have a good time like she did last night. I didn’t think it was possible for her to be more gorgeous. That was until I saw her smiling and laughing in my suite last night.

Standing, I slide my phone back into my pocket. Shrug my jacket back on, and work up the courage to go out there and confront her. And make all attempts possible to avoid my father. Closing my laptop, I glance one more time at the brown leather sofa. This time a smile forms on my face. I’m confident that Savannah just needed some space. She’s like me, so she won’t be able to stay away. We’re drawn to each other, and it’s the kind of attraction that can’t be ignored.

Taking another deep breath, I close my eyes momentarily and twist the door knob slowly. I hear voices coming from the hallway, and as soon as I swing the door fully open. I look down to find Savannah crashing full force into me. I can’t help but laugh. Talk about fate! I didn’t believe in it, but now I do. I guess I’ll get my talk sooner rather than later.

“Ladies?” I say with sex and curiosity dripping from my voice, as I smile down at Savannah and Rebecca, who are still bickering at each other. It’s cute. Savannah looks more gorgeous tonight then she did last night. Her long blonde hair is styled in long flowing curls. Beckoning me to run my fingers through them. Her lips are plump and sparkling pink just begging for me to run my tongue over them, and kiss them until there isn’t spec of lip gloss left to them.

Shit I’m already getting hard. I need to get her in my office and fast.


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