Kayden’s POV Irresistible Desire, Morning after his first night with Savannah


Kayden POV Day After Vertigo

Rolling over I sprawl out across my king size bed in my penthouse suite. My mind is hazy from all the shots I drank last night, and my head is pounding. Moving my hand around the bed, I feel for Savannah. Forcing my eye lids to open I peer over to the side of the bed where she fell asleep. I feel a pang of sadness hit me when I see the spot where she was is now vacant.

Usually this scenario would be exactly how I would want my morning to start off after a late night hookup. I hate the awkwardness the morning after I bring a girl here. Trying to get her out of here as soon as possible, with no intentions of ever seeing her again. I sound like an asshole, but this is how I’ve lived my life since having my heart ripped violently from my chest and stomped on with a six inch stiletto heel.

I’m freaked the fuck out right now by all the emotions and thoughts running through my head. Savannah has crawled into my head and is refusing to get out. She consumed my every thought, and now after the most amazing night of my entire life. I am totally and utterly confused.

I thought Savannah and I were on the same page; last night at the club, in the car and then in my suite. We had some of the best sex of my entire life. The last thing I ever expected was to wake up and discover she snuck out while I was asleep.

Rolling onto my back I run my hands over my face as I try to wake up and process everything that’s happened in the last several hours. Crawling out of bed I make my way into the bathroom. Stepping into the shower I welcome the warm water that cascades over my face.  I’m instantly plagued with images of Savannah pressed against the shower wall. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and her nails digging into my back as she screams out in ecstasy.

“Fuck me! Get a God damn grip!” I yell at myself raking my fingers through my hair, rinsing the shampoo away. She’s just another girl, I’m acting like a fuckin’ chick for Christ’s sake! I need to get my shit together and put on my game face. I have to see her tonight at the Envy party. I don’t want her to see me as a complete mess over her.

Tossing my towel into the hamper, I make my way to my closet and find a pair of track pants, a white tank and my Nike running shoes. I am in desperate need of blowing off some steam. I feel like shit, but I need to do something to get Savannah off my mind.

Shoving my cell phone into my pocket, I make way down to the hotel gym. I can’t help but wonder if she’s in her hotel room right now. Is she lying awake in her bed reflecting on our night together? Is she regretting sneaking out of my suite? Or happy that she did? God…I’m just on a roll with self tormenting this morning.

After a good session of kicking and punching the shit out of the punching bag in the gym. I head to the hotel restaurant for some breakfasts. My stomach is yelling at me to feed it. I worked up an appetite this morning, and in desperate need for some coffee.

Perks of owning the place, I get service immediately. The staff knows me so well; I don’t even need to tell them what I want. They just bring me the usual. Fried eggs, home fries, toast, some juice, and my coffee just the way I like it. The icing on the cake…a complimentary side of two aspirins. The waitress…Victoria is definitely getting a generous tip.

Batting her long eyelashes at me she sets everything in front of me, “If you need anything’ else Mr. Knox don’t hesitate to ask.” She says in a bright and peppy voice, before making her way to another table. Popping my aspirins in my mouth, I wash them down with my orange juice.

Half way through my meal, the air is knocked from my lungs. I see Savannah enter the restaurant. As she walks in she looks gorgeous, you can’t even tell she was up most of the night with me. I ain’t the only one noticing her, pretty much every man in this place has their eyes locked on her. I’m grateful now that I decided to eat in the corner and not out in the open.

The last thing I want is an awkward moment with her here in front of an audience. I can’t take my eyes off of her as she makes her way across the room. I spot her boss Eloise, the Editor of Envy sitting by the floor to ceiling windows that over look the vast gardens outside.

I’m quickly snapped back to reality when Victoria pops back up, “Is there something’ wrong with your meal Mr. Knox? You’ve barley touched it?”

Clearing my voice, I shift my eyes from Savannah and up to Victoria. I give her my biggest smile; I instantly notice her cheeks turning a shade of red. “Oh no darlin’ it tastes delicious. I just had a few to many last night, so not having the biggest appetite this morning.”

Giving me a smile she pats my arm affectionately. “Ohhh I’m sorry. Would you like me to clear your plate?”

“Yes that would be great, because I’m actually ready to get outta here. I have a million things to do before my party tonight. Thanks Victoria.” Paying my bill I leave her a very generous tip. I give Savannah one more glance before leaving the restaurant, happy to get out unnoticed. I hate what she’s doing to me. One night…just one night and she has me tangled up into a ball of nerves!

Pulling my cell phone out I type Braxton a quick text asking him to meet me at my house in Sugar Land. I’m hoping a game of one on one basketball with him will help distract me until it’s time to get ready for the Envy party at Vertigo tonight.


Kayden’s POV of him at the Envy Party will be up this weekend!

6 thoughts on “Kayden’s POV Irresistible Desire, Morning after his first night with Savannah

    • Jaimie Taylor says:

      Loved it want tor read more wish the weekend was here already! I think I have become obsessed with Savannah & kayden everytime I read the books or now this pov I am so disapponted when they end.

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