Savannah’s Interview with Eloise at Envy Magazine


Eloise: Thank You Savannah for agreeing to this interview. I know how hard it is for you during this time to talk about everything that’s happened.

Savannah: You’re very welcome. I’m honored to be on the cover and to be doing this interview with Envy. I love this magazine, and can’t think of any other I would want to do my interview with.

Eloise: Well we are honored that you agreed to this, and even though we wish it was on different terms. I think it’s wonderful you want to set the story straight, and get the truth out about yours and Logan’s breakup.

Savannah: Believe me it’s the last thing I really want to talk about, but with Logan running to magazines and television shows. I feel that this is something that I have to do. Any person who’s ever been cheated on I think can relate to my situation.

Eloise: I have a list of questions here for you. If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable answer just let me know. You’ve watched me do enough of these to know how this whole thing goes.

Savannah: Yes. All to well, but I think it’s actually beneficial because I know what to expect.

Eloise: Okay. First question that everyone has been writing on our website. Did you have any idea that Logan was cheating on you?

Savannah: Sadly, I had no clue. I was totally in the dark. He had me fooled along with everyone close to me. He seemed to me like the perfect boyfriend. We were both career driven, and supported each others goals. I just assumed the time away from me, was for him to work on building his Agency. Little did I know he was busy sleeping with his models, while he was signing them.

Eloise: Ouch…I can only imagine how you were feeling after finding out. There has been a lot of different stories floating around about how you found out. If you are comfortable with discussing it, what really happened the night you caught Logan with this Cara woman?

Savannah: Well, it happened the night of Logan’s masquerade ball. After he proposed to me. We talked with the press, did the whole picture thing with them. Then when we went back into the party I left Logan to show off my engagement ring to my friends. He got a text and excused himself. A few minutes later a woman approached my friends and I with a key card to one of the rooms at The Roosevelt Hotel. She was to say the least, not the sweetest person I encountered that evening. After she gave me the room number, myself and everyone else assumed Logan booked it to celebrate our engagement. I was way wrong! When I entered the room, I found champagne glasses and a woman’s pair of high heels. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the hell was going on.

Eloise: Oh my, on the night you got engaged that’s awful! Did you confront him?

Savannah: Yes. At first I contemplated just turning around and leaving. Then I realized I needed to see what I thought was going on with my own eyes. Opening that bedroom door to find my Fiancé getting a blow job by one of his model’s, was like a sucker punch to my stomach. I flipped out. Screamed at him, her…I was furious and mortified. When she revealed to me that this wasn’t the firs time. It was in fact one of many times, and she wasn’t the only one. I literally thought I was going to pass out. My entire world was crashing down around me. It went from the happiest day to worst day of my life all within a few hours.

Eloise: I can only imagine! I am surprised Logan Sanders along with that Cara woman weren’t checked into the hospital after that altercation. I would of gone postal on his ass and hers. Major props to you Savannah.

Savannah: Thanks, that night my eyes were opened to the life I’d been living. I thought after that there was no way I could ever handle falling in love again. It wasn’t worth the heartache I new I may feel again if I allowed myself to love another man ever again.

Eloise: Well, now that brings me to my next question. You were blowing up the website and blogs the night of the Envy Party in Houston, and the morning after. All due to a certain Billionaire who graced our cover of Envy’s January issue. When he dipped you back and planted a hot kiss on those little lips of yours out front of Vertigo. Are you two an item now?

Savannah: Oh. My. Godd. I’ve been preparing for this question, but thinking back to the night fries my brain! Kayden Knox is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. When we got together in Houston. I thought I was just having fun, and trying to move on from Logan. The last thing I ever expected was to actually fall for him. I fell fast and hard for Kayden Knox! I keep pinching myself daily trying to let it sink in that he is really with me. He could have anyone he wanted, I mean look at him! He’s freakin’ gorgeous! He wants me, it’s totally insane. To answer you question…yes we are a couple now. It’s scary, I never thought I would find a man who would make me want to give love another shot. When I’m around Kayden it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s like we are two magnets being pulled together. No matter how hard we try to fight it, in the end we are going to come together. So we thought why fight it?

Eloise: Well, I think I can speak for every female around the globe when I say you are one lucky lady! For my next question, I know the answer to this since I am your boss…but our reader’s do not. So…for my next question. How do you and Kayden plan on making your long distance relationship work? You live in California, and he in Texas?

Savannah: Actually, I’ve thought about this a lot. I think with my trust issues and Kayden’s also. If we tried to do a long distance relationship, our relationship probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Thanks to my amazing boss, I have the opportunity to have my dream job, and my dream guy without picking between the two. I’ve decided to move to Galveston, Texas, and live at my parents beach house they have there. That way Kayden and I are close to each other and can truly give us a chance. See where it leads.

Eloise: Believe me, if I had a hunky man like Kayden Knox I would haul ass to Texas too! Now that it’s been a few months, and you have this new thing with Kayden. How are you with the whole Logan thing?

Savannah: I’m getting better every day. It’s still hard. I loved Logan for four years. But after what he did I could never go back to him. I know some people do and with therapy or whatever, they get through the betrayal together. I just can’t do that. A part of me will always love Logan and the good times I shared with him. But I am looking forward, and I’m excited to see where things go with Kayden.

Eloise: Okay last question and this is a very personal one so if you don’t feel comfortable answer, you don’t have to. We’ve seen Logan talking to the press claiming sex addiction. What do you believe? Do you think he truly suffers from it? Or using it as a way to pass the blame for all the women he cheated on you with. Also did you fear that you were maybe exposed to an STD or god forbid AIDS since you learned he had so many different sexual partners while with you?

Savannah: This is a difficult question, but I want to answer. Because even my own parents have asked me this. I feel that I need to answer it to try and stop the publicity Logan is getting. I do not believe for a single second that he has a sex addiction. I believe he is power hungry, money hungry, and got a thrill from being able to seduce so many women. He is using this to get attention and sympathy. I do believe people do suffer from sex addiction, and that it is a real thing. But after reading up on it and learning the facts. I just don’t believe that is Logan’s problem. He is just finding yet another way to get his name and face out there. If he really wanted to fix things and get me back. He would of sought out a local therapist and asked me to go with him. Not sign up for a celebrity rehab reality television show.

Eloise: I agree. His action do make him come off as a person who’s thriving on the attention he’s getting. I was so impressed with your maturity through out this whole ordeal. You could of fought fire with fire and gone to all the media outlets he went to. Selling your story to them also, but you didn’t you kept your head up, and was the bigger person. America and the world has taken notice, and all agree with me that Logan Sanders is the biggest fool to do to you what he did.

Savannah: Thank you Eloise. It really means a lot to me that you think that. To answer the second part of your question. Yes I did have the idea cross my mind that maybe Logan had exposed himself to something, with all the women he had slept with. Even though we never once had unprotected sex. I went to my gynecologist and had tests run to make sure I was healthy. I was happy to learn I got a clean bill of health.

Eloise: Well thank you again Savannah for doing this interview. I wish you the best of luck with Kayden.

Savannah: Thank you for allowing me to do this interview. There isn’t another magazine I think would be better then Envy to cover my one and only interview.

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