Interview for Savannah & Kayden with First Class Books Blog

Thank you both so much for granting First Class Books the first official interview with you as a couple. I don’t want to waste your time because I know you are both so busy. Let’s start off with a question for you Kayden.
photo.jpg(First Class Books) Kayden, how did you feel the first time you saw Savannah?

(Kayden)I was in Shock! I’ve met a lot of gorgeous women, but Savannah has to be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Then I was definitely curious. I had to know who she was, and if she was single. Because if so I was not going to stop until I got her to go out to dinner with me, or something, anything! 

(FCB) Savannah, what was going through your mind when Logan showed up in Galveston?

(Savannah) What the fuck is going on! I thought I was hallucinating, because he was the last person I ever imagined would be knocking on my door. Then after I processed the fact that the person I despise most in this world was really here in Galveston. I was trying to figure out how the hell I could get his ass back to LA, A.S.A.P!

(FCB) What is your favorite thing to do with each other?

(Savannah) Sorry Kayden but I have to go first! haa. I love going riding with him. It is so relaxing, but we can be competitive too. I just love it! 

(Kayden) Well mine is rated R. So I think I better keep that one to myself. 

(Savannah) Oh my God, seriously Kayden. You are to much. Haaa. 

(FCB) Kayden, how are you handling all the attention that comes along with dating Savannah?

(Kayden) Lucky for me I’ve been in the spotlight most of my adult life. So paparazzi following us around I can handle. The only time it really affects me is when they write shit in their magazines or on blogs about us, that are not even close to the truth. I love Savannah more than life itself. So to read things saying we are on the rocks. Or I am flirting with other girls. It just pissed me off. We try to support each other. It’s important that we have trust above everything else, because they can make any lie seem believable. At the end of the day we have to be able to say I know it isn’t true, that its all total bull shit. 

(FCB) Name one funny thing about each other that you love.

(Kayden) I’m going first this time, so zip it motor mouth. I love her sense of humor. Savannah is one of the most laid back chicks I know. She can chill with me and my friends and take all the shit they spit it at her and give it right back. We spend most of our time together laughing.

(Savannah) Aww thanks baby! I think the same thing. I think that’s why we clicked right away and our relationship is as amazing as it is. We don’t take life seriously. We just have fun and enjoy every minute we have with each other and our friends. 

(FCB) Kayden, how was it really meeting Savannah’s parents?

(Kayden) I put on a few extra strokes of deodorant that day! I was a nervous wreck. Savannah kept telling me it was fine, they would love me. But I could sense she was just as nervous as I was, so then I was even more nervous. I think because I knew how her parents felt about everything with Logan. I was scared they would hate any guy she dated after that, expecting us all to be total douchebags. But I was really surprised when Maverick and Paisley were so welcoming towards me. We are all down to earth country folk, so kicked it off right away. They welcomed me into their life with open arms. I am blessed to have an amazing girl, and lucky that her parents see that I truly love her with all of my heart. 

 (FCB) You recently went to Savannah’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. You got to meet pretty much her entire family all in one day. How did that go? 

(Kayden) I was nervous again, but it was so much fun. Her family is as laid back and funny as Savannah. Like her parents they all welcomed me into their family with open arms. Her grandpa’s are so funny old men. They remind me of the two old guys on grumpy old men. They bickered the entire time we fished, but I could tell they are really great friends. I look forward to going back, and Savannah and I have talked about maybe building a house on her family’s land. A home away from home so to speak.

(FCB) This question is for you Savannah. How has life been since moving to Texas? I imagine it’s completely different Los Angeles. 

(Savannah) Oh, I love it. I’ve vacationed here a few times. Just fell in love with Galveston and the city of Houston. Thanks to Kayden I’ve made an amazing new friend Mya. She’s the fiance to Kayden’s best friend Braxton. They’ve made life in Texas a lot more fun! 

(FCB) Thank you for taking the time to do this Interview! 
(Savannah) You’re welcome I think I can speak for Kayden as well when I say it was a lot of fun.

(Kayden) Yeah, for our first interview together, I think we can say it was a success! Thanks for having us.

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