Kayden POV from Irresistible Desire Where he learns that Savannah & Logan have broken up

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There’s nothing like having a business meeting over a round of golf. Helps make them a little less boring. We’re finally at the 18th hole, once I sink my ball this meeting is over. I’ve been swamped with meeting, after meeting over the last several weeks; working out the plans for my wind energy project. I’ve welcomed the extra work load, it’s been a great distraction.

Ever since I flew back from L.A., my brain has been on overload. I can’t get that Assistant Editor out of my head. I’ve met many women over the last couple of years. Actresses, models, random chicks at my clubs and none have affected me this bad without even taking their freakin’ clothes off.

The kicker is she has a boyfriend, to top it off, it was all over the news that he proposed to her. I’ve spent the last few days doing everything I can to try and forget about it her. Nothing is helping; the only thing working is me going into business mogul mode. The thing is that it’s a temporary distraction. Yeah, I’m able to push thoughts of her into the back of my mind for a few hours, but then as soon as I lay down at night images of her are bouncing around in my mind again.

I’ve even gone as far as fuckin’ torturing myself Googling pictures of her. They don’t do her justice. Sure, she looks beautiful in every single one, but no picture can capture the beauty that is Savannah Livingston. I swear the moment I set eyes on her, I was fuckin’ done for. I need to go out tonight, find myself a hot brunette, someone way different then Savannah. It’s my last resort to try to forget about her.

Swinging my putter, I tap the ball, effortlessly sinking it into the hole for a par. After shaking hands with one of my many investors, he happily agrees to join my wind energy project. Saying our goodbyes, I walk him to his car, before heading inside. I need to head downstairs to my gym and try to work all this pent up frustration out of me.

As soon as I step into my foyer my phone starts buzzing. Pulling it out, I look at it and see it’s a Breaking News text from TMZ. Heading up the stairs to get changed into my work out attire, I click open on the text. I stop dead in my tracks when I see Savannah’s gorgeous face staring back at me. I’m even shocked further when I read what it says under her picture.

Breaking News! Savannah Livingston makes her first official press release confirming her engagement with Logan Sanders has been called off!

What the fuck? She called off her engagement? Running up the rest of the stairs two at a time, I toss my phone onto the bed and quickly undress, and toss my khaki shorts and polo shirt into my clothes hamper. Walking to my closet I grab a cut off and basketball shorts, tossing everything on quickly. Slipping my sneakers on, I head back out to my bedroom to retrieve my phone. I need to find out why Savannah broke off her engagement. Is it off? But she and Logan are still together? Or has the unimaginable occurred, and Savannah…the woman I’ve wanted in my bed since the moment I laid eyes on her is finally single?

Jogging down the stairs into the kitchen, I retrieve a bottle of water from the fridge and head down to my gym. Sitting down on the weight bench I scroll through TMZ’s website. They have a huge article they just posted, saying an anonymous source has confirmed that Logan was caught with another woman, the same night he proposed to Savannah.

That dipshit actually cheated on her? And on the night he asked her to marry him no less. That’s fucked up! Who in their right mind would want anyone but her? Savannah is fuckin’ gorgeous, witty, has a rockin’ body; she’s the total package.

I decide spur of the moment to do something. Anything to show her I’m thinking about her. If she felt what I did that day back in L.A., she has to have been thinking about me too; boyfriend or not. After a quick Google search I find a florist in Los Angeles. I told them I want the most beautiful and colorful bouquet, and to have it delivered to Savannah. I thought halfway through that I don’t have her address. I pay for order, and send a quick text to her friend Reagan asking for it. I’m glad now that I saved him in my contacts after the photo shoot.

I called back, gave them her address and tossed my phone onto the bench. I’m a ball of nerves now. I don’t know how she’ll take getting flowers from me. I’ll feel like a total ass if she thinks I overstepped by sending them. Only thing making me feel better is the florist said they were familiar with her address, because she’s had a dozen or so flowers delivered the last twenty-four hours. I am shocked by the fact that just the thought of other guys sending her flowers really pissed me the fuck off.

I’ve been very content with my life these last eight years; being single and free from the drama and heart ache relationships can bring. Loving someone allows you to become vulnerable.  I had learned the hard way; opening yourself up completely to someone, giving them all of your heart, then to just have it stomped on in the end. It’s beyond painful. I never want to feel that again, but Savannah stirred up something inside of me that I haven’t felt in a very long time. To be honest it scares the hell outta me.

Stepping onto the treadmill I crank it up and break into a full run. Maybe running until my lungs want to fall off will help me get my head on straight. I need to do something to get out all the energy coursing through my veins right now.

After my work out I took a shower and ordered dinner from Braxton’s Steak House. I don’t feel like going anywhere right now so decide to have it delivered. My plans to go find a girl to have a quick fuck with tonight, is definitely off the table. Knowing that Savannah is single has changed everything.

I know firsthand the hurt she’s going through from discovering the person she loved cheated on her, so, I will give her time and space to get over that douche bag. However, once she comes to Houston in November, I won’t be holding back. Call me cocky, call me arrogant, call me whatever the hell you want, but I know that once I’m in the same room as her again, she’ll be putty in my fuckin’ hands. Then it will only be a matter of time until I finally get to feel what it’s like to be buried to the hilt inside of her. Letting out that kinky sex kitten side I know she has and just hasn’t discovered yet.

I hear the delivery person at the door, after paying them; I make my way to the patio. It’s a warm September day in Sugar Land. So decide to eat my dinner outside by the pool. Before I can even finish chewing the first bite of my steak, a notification pops up on my phone that I have a new interaction on twitter. I almost ignored it, and eat first, but I decide to humor myself and see what my latest fan or one of my friends has tweeted me. I practically choke on my Goddamn steak when I see @SavannahLivingston tweeted me.

She thanked me for the flowers and I can’t help but smile as I read her tweet. We tweet each other back and forth a few times. The entire time I have this stupid grin plastered across my face. This girl has me all up in fuckin’ knots even when she’s thousands of miles away.

The gossip blogs will have a field day with this news that I sent her flowers. My mood is instantly much better; I love that everyone will know I sent her flowers. The fact that she searched me to write a thank you that made my day. I instantly follow her, and see she follows me back. Yup, its official I have it bad for this blonde beauty, Lord help me, but I do. If I get lucky enough to have her, I know one time will never be enough. That scares the shit out of me, but it’s a risk I think I just may be okay taking.

6 thoughts on “Kayden POV from Irresistible Desire Where he learns that Savannah & Logan have broken up

  1. Susan Griffiths says:

    I love this!!! The story of Savannah and Kayden is sooo awesome!! I can’t wait for the third book to come out!! Everyone I have told about it has loved it!!! Great story!!!!

  2. Annette Poulson says:

    Can you do a Kayden POV for the whole day leading up to the party and Savannah had left him in the early hours after their first night at Vertigo

  3. Vivien says:

    I love Kayden POV on this. I love these books and can’t wait for book 4. If you haven’t read them already you should you will love them to.

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