Read Book 3′ Prologue here July 5th!

Read Book 3' Prologue here July 5th! Add to your Bookshelf on Goodreads!!

July 5th 1 month before it’s release I’ll be putting Book 3’s Prologue on My Blog!! It’s in Kayden’s POV and starts off right where Book 2 Ended!

Savannah’s Interview with Eloise at Envy Magazine


Eloise: Thank You Savannah for agreeing to this interview. I know how hard it is for you during this time to talk about everything that’s happened.

Savannah: You’re very welcome. I’m honored to be on the cover and to be doing this interview with Envy. I love this magazine, and can’t think of any other I would want to do my interview with.

Eloise: Well we are honored that you agreed to this, and even though we wish it was on different terms. I think it’s wonderful you want to set the story straight, and get the truth out about yours and Logan’s breakup.

Savannah: Believe me it’s the last thing I really want to talk about, but with Logan running to magazines and television shows. I feel that this is something that I have to do. Any person who’s ever been cheated on I think can relate to my situation.

Eloise: I have a list of questions here for you. If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable answer just let me know. You’ve watched me do enough of these to know how this whole thing goes.

Savannah: Yes. All to well, but I think it’s actually beneficial because I know what to expect.

Eloise: Okay. First question that everyone has been writing on our website. Did you have any idea that Logan was cheating on you?

Savannah: Sadly, I had no clue. I was totally in the dark. He had me fooled along with everyone close to me. He seemed to me like the perfect boyfriend. We were both career driven, and supported each others goals. I just assumed the time away from me, was for him to work on building his Agency. Little did I know he was busy sleeping with his models, while he was signing them.

Eloise: Ouch…I can only imagine how you were feeling after finding out. There has been a lot of different stories floating around about how you found out. If you are comfortable with discussing it, what really happened the night you caught Logan with this Cara woman?

Savannah: Well, it happened the night of Logan’s masquerade ball. After he proposed to me. We talked with the press, did the whole picture thing with them. Then when we went back into the party I left Logan to show off my engagement ring to my friends. He got a text and excused himself. A few minutes later a woman approached my friends and I with a key card to one of the rooms at The Roosevelt Hotel. She was to say the least, not the sweetest person I encountered that evening. After she gave me the room number, myself and everyone else assumed Logan booked it to celebrate our engagement. I was way wrong! When I entered the room, I found champagne glasses and a woman’s pair of high heels. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the hell was going on.

Eloise: Oh my, on the night you got engaged that’s awful! Did you confront him?

Savannah: Yes. At first I contemplated just turning around and leaving. Then I realized I needed to see what I thought was going on with my own eyes. Opening that bedroom door to find my Fiancé getting a blow job by one of his model’s, was like a sucker punch to my stomach. I flipped out. Screamed at him, her…I was furious and mortified. When she revealed to me that this wasn’t the firs time. It was in fact one of many times, and she wasn’t the only one. I literally thought I was going to pass out. My entire world was crashing down around me. It went from the happiest day to worst day of my life all within a few hours.

Eloise: I can only imagine! I am surprised Logan Sanders along with that Cara woman weren’t checked into the hospital after that altercation. I would of gone postal on his ass and hers. Major props to you Savannah.

Savannah: Thanks, that night my eyes were opened to the life I’d been living. I thought after that there was no way I could ever handle falling in love again. It wasn’t worth the heartache I new I may feel again if I allowed myself to love another man ever again.

Eloise: Well, now that brings me to my next question. You were blowing up the website and blogs the night of the Envy Party in Houston, and the morning after. All due to a certain Billionaire who graced our cover of Envy’s January issue. When he dipped you back and planted a hot kiss on those little lips of yours out front of Vertigo. Are you two an item now?

Savannah: Oh. My. Godd. I’ve been preparing for this question, but thinking back to the night fries my brain! Kayden Knox is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. When we got together in Houston. I thought I was just having fun, and trying to move on from Logan. The last thing I ever expected was to actually fall for him. I fell fast and hard for Kayden Knox! I keep pinching myself daily trying to let it sink in that he is really with me. He could have anyone he wanted, I mean look at him! He’s freakin’ gorgeous! He wants me, it’s totally insane. To answer you question…yes we are a couple now. It’s scary, I never thought I would find a man who would make me want to give love another shot. When I’m around Kayden it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s like we are two magnets being pulled together. No matter how hard we try to fight it, in the end we are going to come together. So we thought why fight it?

Eloise: Well, I think I can speak for every female around the globe when I say you are one lucky lady! For my next question, I know the answer to this since I am your boss…but our reader’s do not. So…for my next question. How do you and Kayden plan on making your long distance relationship work? You live in California, and he in Texas?

Savannah: Actually, I’ve thought about this a lot. I think with my trust issues and Kayden’s also. If we tried to do a long distance relationship, our relationship probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Thanks to my amazing boss, I have the opportunity to have my dream job, and my dream guy without picking between the two. I’ve decided to move to Galveston, Texas, and live at my parents beach house they have there. That way Kayden and I are close to each other and can truly give us a chance. See where it leads.

Eloise: Believe me, if I had a hunky man like Kayden Knox I would haul ass to Texas too! Now that it’s been a few months, and you have this new thing with Kayden. How are you with the whole Logan thing?

Savannah: I’m getting better every day. It’s still hard. I loved Logan for four years. But after what he did I could never go back to him. I know some people do and with therapy or whatever, they get through the betrayal together. I just can’t do that. A part of me will always love Logan and the good times I shared with him. But I am looking forward, and I’m excited to see where things go with Kayden.

Eloise: Okay last question and this is a very personal one so if you don’t feel comfortable answer, you don’t have to. We’ve seen Logan talking to the press claiming sex addiction. What do you believe? Do you think he truly suffers from it? Or using it as a way to pass the blame for all the women he cheated on you with. Also did you fear that you were maybe exposed to an STD or god forbid AIDS since you learned he had so many different sexual partners while with you?

Savannah: This is a difficult question, but I want to answer. Because even my own parents have asked me this. I feel that I need to answer it to try and stop the publicity Logan is getting. I do not believe for a single second that he has a sex addiction. I believe he is power hungry, money hungry, and got a thrill from being able to seduce so many women. He is using this to get attention and sympathy. I do believe people do suffer from sex addiction, and that it is a real thing. But after reading up on it and learning the facts. I just don’t believe that is Logan’s problem. He is just finding yet another way to get his name and face out there. If he really wanted to fix things and get me back. He would of sought out a local therapist and asked me to go with him. Not sign up for a celebrity rehab reality television show.

Eloise: I agree. His action do make him come off as a person who’s thriving on the attention he’s getting. I was so impressed with your maturity through out this whole ordeal. You could of fought fire with fire and gone to all the media outlets he went to. Selling your story to them also, but you didn’t you kept your head up, and was the bigger person. America and the world has taken notice, and all agree with me that Logan Sanders is the biggest fool to do to you what he did.

Savannah: Thank you Eloise. It really means a lot to me that you think that. To answer the second part of your question. Yes I did have the idea cross my mind that maybe Logan had exposed himself to something, with all the women he had slept with. Even though we never once had unprotected sex. I went to my gynecologist and had tests run to make sure I was healthy. I was happy to learn I got a clean bill of health.

Eloise: Well thank you again Savannah for doing this interview. I wish you the best of luck with Kayden.

Savannah: Thank you for allowing me to do this interview. There isn’t another magazine I think would be better then Envy to cover my one and only interview.

Interview for Savannah & Kayden with First Class Books Blog

Thank you both so much for granting First Class Books the first official interview with you as a couple. I don’t want to waste your time because I know you are both so busy. Let’s start off with a question for you Kayden.
photo.jpg(First Class Books) Kayden, how did you feel the first time you saw Savannah?

(Kayden)I was in Shock! I’ve met a lot of gorgeous women, but Savannah has to be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Then I was definitely curious. I had to know who she was, and if she was single. Because if so I was not going to stop until I got her to go out to dinner with me, or something, anything! 

(FCB) Savannah, what was going through your mind when Logan showed up in Galveston?

(Savannah) What the fuck is going on! I thought I was hallucinating, because he was the last person I ever imagined would be knocking on my door. Then after I processed the fact that the person I despise most in this world was really here in Galveston. I was trying to figure out how the hell I could get his ass back to LA, A.S.A.P!

(FCB) What is your favorite thing to do with each other?

(Savannah) Sorry Kayden but I have to go first! haa. I love going riding with him. It is so relaxing, but we can be competitive too. I just love it! 

(Kayden) Well mine is rated R. So I think I better keep that one to myself. 

(Savannah) Oh my God, seriously Kayden. You are to much. Haaa. 

(FCB) Kayden, how are you handling all the attention that comes along with dating Savannah?

(Kayden) Lucky for me I’ve been in the spotlight most of my adult life. So paparazzi following us around I can handle. The only time it really affects me is when they write shit in their magazines or on blogs about us, that are not even close to the truth. I love Savannah more than life itself. So to read things saying we are on the rocks. Or I am flirting with other girls. It just pissed me off. We try to support each other. It’s important that we have trust above everything else, because they can make any lie seem believable. At the end of the day we have to be able to say I know it isn’t true, that its all total bull shit. 

(FCB) Name one funny thing about each other that you love.

(Kayden) I’m going first this time, so zip it motor mouth. I love her sense of humor. Savannah is one of the most laid back chicks I know. She can chill with me and my friends and take all the shit they spit it at her and give it right back. We spend most of our time together laughing.

(Savannah) Aww thanks baby! I think the same thing. I think that’s why we clicked right away and our relationship is as amazing as it is. We don’t take life seriously. We just have fun and enjoy every minute we have with each other and our friends. 

(FCB) Kayden, how was it really meeting Savannah’s parents?

(Kayden) I put on a few extra strokes of deodorant that day! I was a nervous wreck. Savannah kept telling me it was fine, they would love me. But I could sense she was just as nervous as I was, so then I was even more nervous. I think because I knew how her parents felt about everything with Logan. I was scared they would hate any guy she dated after that, expecting us all to be total douchebags. But I was really surprised when Maverick and Paisley were so welcoming towards me. We are all down to earth country folk, so kicked it off right away. They welcomed me into their life with open arms. I am blessed to have an amazing girl, and lucky that her parents see that I truly love her with all of my heart. 

 (FCB) You recently went to Savannah’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. You got to meet pretty much her entire family all in one day. How did that go? 

(Kayden) I was nervous again, but it was so much fun. Her family is as laid back and funny as Savannah. Like her parents they all welcomed me into their family with open arms. Her grandpa’s are so funny old men. They remind me of the two old guys on grumpy old men. They bickered the entire time we fished, but I could tell they are really great friends. I look forward to going back, and Savannah and I have talked about maybe building a house on her family’s land. A home away from home so to speak.

(FCB) This question is for you Savannah. How has life been since moving to Texas? I imagine it’s completely different Los Angeles. 

(Savannah) Oh, I love it. I’ve vacationed here a few times. Just fell in love with Galveston and the city of Houston. Thanks to Kayden I’ve made an amazing new friend Mya. She’s the fiance to Kayden’s best friend Braxton. They’ve made life in Texas a lot more fun! 

(FCB) Thank you for taking the time to do this Interview! 
(Savannah) You’re welcome I think I can speak for Kayden as well when I say it was a lot of fun.

(Kayden) Yeah, for our first interview together, I think we can say it was a success! Thanks for having us.

COVER REVEAL & SYNOPSIS Book 3 my Savannah Series! Indestructible Desire

COVER REVEAL & SYNOPSIS Book 3 my Savannah Series! Indestructible Desire

After a lot of contemplating, I’ve decided the best decision is to extend the books to a 4 book series. It is the only way I can give all the fans a series they deserve without having to rush the book. So now Book 3 is Indestructible Desire and Infinite has been moved to book 4, which will be their HEA Book.

Planning still Aug 5th release Book 3 and End of September book 4 🙂 Brooklyn’s will be out In October

After going through a terrifying ordeal, Savannah has to try and overcome the tragic events that rocked her soul to the very core. With Kayden by her side, Savannah tries to piece her life back together. Feeling betrayed, she finds herself struggling to move on with her now fragile life.

Plagued with nightmares and the fear that she will once again find herself staring in to the face of danger, Savannah shuts herself away from the outside world. In the process, pushing away the man she loves and her closest friends. Two unlikely people will come together and prey on Savannah’s weaknesses. Their sole purpose is to break up Savannah and Kayden, whose relationship is on shaky ground.

Savannah will experience a new life where past secrets will be exposed, exes will cause trouble and lovers from the past will offer comfort. Will Savannah and Kayden be torn apart for good? Or will their infinite love for one another be strong enough to withstand any storm that comes their way?


Kayden’s POV “At Vertigo” Irresistible Desire

Kayden POV Vertigo


Typical Friday night. Me sitting here in the VIP area of my night club, with the same type of girl all over me. The usual overly bubbly chick, whose dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination. All my friends are taking shots from between these girls double D breasts, enjoying the music and having a great time. Everyone except me. Ever since I met Savannah Livingston back in L.A. for my Envy interview and shoot; I’ve not been the same.

I’m nervous about seeing her tomorrow night at the Envy party. It’ll be the first time since I was in Los Angeles that we’ll be seeing each other. My dreams are filled with her gorgeous face. I try to come out on the weekends and have a good time, but I haven’t met a single girl who even comes close to affecting me the way she did.

I can’t wrap my head around it. I’ve not even done anything with her and she has me all up in knots. I shook her fuckin’ hand for Christ’s sake, that’s it! Just staring into those baby blues of hers and I was under her spell. I can only hope I can somehow get her into my bed tomorrow night. Fuck her until my cock wants to fall off. Maybe then I can get her out of my head. Then I can go back to my normal life again. Life’s easier that way, not allowing myself to get all caught up in relationship drama.

Piper if that’s ever her real name, most likely it’s her stripper name. Is on my lap talking to me like I’m a freakin’ baby. I don’t get why girls think its hot to talk to a guy like we’re two years old. High pitched squeaky voices are not sexy.

Running her hands through my hair she licks her bottom lip as her other hand travels along the inside of my leg. Cupping my dick through my jeans she leans down and kisses me. Sliding my hand along her neck I kiss her back. Like every girl I’ve kissed over the last few years, I feel nothing. Yeah I can get a hard on and fuck her brains out if I wanted to. But I don’t feel anything for any of them.

The music is blasting through out the club and everyone’s dancing or more like dry humping on the dance floor. I can hear shouts from the bar as the D.J. starts playing Big & Rich’s, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. As soon as I hear a woman shout, “Come on Savannah, get your little ass up here and dance with us!”

I push Piper off of me, and spring to my feet to peer over the balcony down to the bar. The air is knocked out of my lungs when I spot her. Savannah, in a pair of black heels making her legs look beyond fuckin’ sexy. I would give anything to have them wrapped around me, her wearing nothing but those strappy stilettos. She has on a tight strapless black dress, seeing her in it instantly makes my dick jump.

The strobe lights are flashing through out the club making a rainbow of pinks, blues, greens, and reds illuminate her skin. She’s standing on the bar dancing along with a few other girls, but all I see is her. Every time she shimmies and dips down on the bar I swear I think my cock is going to explode.

She seems happy, laughing with her friends and having a good time. I don’t see any other guys around her besides the photographer friend, Reagan. Looks like I get to make my move on Savannah a night earlier than expected.

Snapping me back to reality and out of my erotic day dream is Piper, the persistent pain in my ass. Wrapping her arms around my waist and trying to undo my zipper. I need to ditch her quick or I am never going to be able to get anywhere near Savannah. I will not allow some other guy the opportunity to leave with her tonight.

I’ve waited to many weeks for this opportunity. Turning around and gripping Piper’s shoulders I stair down at her. “Piper I’m sorry but this isn’t going anywhere. Any drinks you want put on my tab. But you and I are not happening.”

It wasn’t easy but after a few minutes I finally got away from her. She staggered off to the VIP area to hang out with the rest of her friends and mine. Quickly taking advantage of my offer and ordering herself a martini.

Making my way through the VIP area I spot Savannah and her friends heading up the stairs. I gave them a free VIP table if they decided to come out tonight. Usually they’re reserved for my regulars, who don’t blink an eye at my ten thousand dollar fee.  Seeing Savannah here, I now know that was the best thing I ever did. I’m so happy I decided to throw this party this weekend. It gave me a chance to get her here in Houston. Now I just gotta work my charm and hopefully before the nights over, I’ll have my dick buried deep inside of her. Hearing her sweet voice screaming my name until her voice grows horse.

Taking in a deep breath I work up the courage to walk over to her table. I feel like a teenage boy in high school trying to work up the nerve to approach his crush. What the fuck is wrong with me. Shaking off my nerves I walk towards her. She’s sitting thankfully on the end of  the wrap around couch. There’s a spot big enough for me to sit down beside her.

As I’m making my way over I hear Savannah laughing and tossing back a shot. Her laugh is one of the most amazing sounds I‘ve ever heard. I’m here, no backing out now. I push my fears into the back of mind and sit down beside her. I see her chest rising and falling. Her breast looking absolutely delicious peeking out of the top of her dress. Her breathing hitches as she turns her head and our eyes meet. I instantly feel like lightening just cracked between us, knocking me on my ass. Seeing her dressed like this, smelling like the sweetest tropical flowers mixed with coconut, it’s intoxicating. She looks sexy compared to when I first met her. She was dressed conservative for our interview, but still looked breathtaking.

“Mind if I join ya’ll?” I ask not taking my eyes off of her. I love how her body’s reacting to me.

“Not at all. We’re just about to play some drinking-games, if you are up for some “I have never…?” She smiles up at me, I can see she’s nervous. She keeps rubbing her hands along her legs to smooth out her dress. Every time my eyes linger down at her killer legs.

“I’m not one to back away from a challenge, Miss Livingston.” She’s going to be a challenge, and one I don’t intend to lose.

“Oh gosh, please, call me Savannah. Miss Livingston makes me sound so old,” She’s giggling non stop, which I image it’s a nervous trait. Usually it annoys the hell out of me, but with Savannah it actually turning me on more. If that’s even possible.

“Well then, Savannah, I would love to play, I’m eager to learn some of your dirty little secrets.” Imagining Savannah’s naughty side is killing me. I’m two seconds away from lifting her off of this couch and dragging her into my office. She keeps fidgeting and re crossing her legs. All I can think about is running my hands along her thigh. Making my way up in between them and dipping my fingers into that sweet little pussy of hers.

After playing drinking games for almost an hour, and watching Savannah lick salt off of her hand and seductively suck on limes. I’m about to explode. I saw a glimmer in her eye, she feels the sexual tension between us. She is loving the effect she’s having over me.

The waitress brings a new round of drinks for everyone. Savannah’s done with shots and is now drinking a Whiskey Sour. I eagerly take a shot of whiskey from the tray and toss it back. Welcoming the burn as it travels to my stomach.

“So much for your three drink limit. You passed that right after we stepped through the door,” Reagan smirks, “Are we all going to meet your wild side tonight?” He asks Savannah as she holds her glass in one hand and dangles her cherry in the other.

Turning and smiling at him she says, “I don’t know, maybe you will.” I about lose it right then and there as she puts the cherry onto her tongue and pops it off of the stem. All I can imagine is the head of my dick in her mouth. I run my fingers along her shoulder not being able to control myself. I have to touch her. Feel her silky skin, I want so badly to taste every inch of her body.

Looking over at me she sets the cherry stem on her tongue. A small growl escapes my lips, lucky for me between the loud music and her friends talking no one hears me. Sticking her tongue out at Reagan and I, she plucks the knotted cherry stem from her mouth.

“It’s been too long,” Reagan says as he raises an eyebrow at Savannah. “I miss that wild and crazy chick. She’s been locked away for far too long, but from the looks of things, she’s clawing her way out as we speak.” He points at her tongue and throws his head back in laughter.

“Wild and crazy Savannah is here, good girl Savannah is back in Los Angeles. I’m ready to have the time of my life,” She says turning and locking eyes with me again. This time resting her hand on my thigh.

I can’t take it any longer. Leaning down I whisper into her ear. “Impressive. I wonder what other things that tongue of yours can do,” I can feel her tremble as my words wash over her.

“Oh believe me, that isn’t all I can do,” she smiles back at me squeezing my thigh. It feels like the temperature just jumped a thousand degrees in here. Savannah is shocking the shit outta me right now. I am loving this side of her she’s showing me. Sliding my hand along her back I pull her flush against me. Needing to have her close.

Pressing my mouth against her ear, I whisper seductively to her “I would like nothing more than to have you show me your other talents. It would be a night to remember I bet, with the wild and crazy Savannah Livingston.” I feel drunk just off of her perfume. Throwing caution to the wind, I trail kisses down her neck. Gently sucking, she lets out a small moan and squeezes my leg again, she wants this just as badly as I do.

With shaky hands she tosses back the remainder of her drink. I love the way her tongue glides over her lips. Licking the alcohol from it. I want so badly to suck her lip into my mouth.

Standing she takes my hand into hers, “Well, then I think a good way to kick off this evening would be for you to dance with me,” We walk hand in hand towards the stairs and head to the dance floor. I will take any excuse to have her body pressed against mine.

We maneuver through the crowd of people until we make it to the dance floor and as soon as we do, I pull her against me. I slide one hand under her hair gripping her neck. Resting my other hand at the small of her back. It takes all I have to not take her ass into my hand.

Savannah runs her hand along my chest, instantly making my body tighten beneath her touch. Staring down into her smoky eyes and plump pink lips. Her dress accenting all of her curves, she has to be the most gorgeous woman to ever grace this earth. Tonight has definitely taken a turn for the better. The moment my eyes fell on her dancing on my bar. I new tonight would be ending with her in my bed.

“I don’t know what it is about you Kayden Knox, but you’ve got me under a spell. I never behave like this. It’s like I’m being drawn to you and I can’t turn away no matter how hard I try.”

“Well that’s good to know, because the feelings are definitely mutual. You drive me crazy. In just the last few hours I’ve thought of a million different ways to make you come,” Before I can even register what’s happening Savannah is lunging at my mouth. Crushing her lips against mine. Lifting her off of the ground and kiss her back with just as much passion, loving the feeling of her hair tangled in my fingers.

I can’t wait any longer. Still holding her against me, I make my way towards my office in the back of the club. Opening the door, I step inside quickly kicking the door shut and locking it.

Pulling my lips away from hers, I stare down at her. She’s gasping for air, and all flustered. Reaching down I rip her panties off. Needing her naked immediately. With in seconds Savannah is lunging back on me, gripping my shirt in her hands pulling my mouth back against hers. I love the sounds she’s making into my mouth as my tongue caresses hers.

Walking with her as our mouths are still connected, we make our way over to my couch. Mustering the last ounce of will power I have left. I pull my mouth away from hers. I love seeing the affect I have on her. Her entire body is screaming at me to fuck her. She plops down onto the couch and I kneel down between her thighs.

“All I’ve wanted is to taste you since the moment we met,” I says, working my body between her legs as I kiss a path down her neck. “Let’s get this dress off of you; I need to see you…all of you,” Wasting no time, I quickly unzip her dress, pulling it over her head and tossing it onto the floor.

Seeing her laying on my leather sofa naked and ready for me. I already know there’s no getting over this one. Savannah Livingston is going to ruin me for every other woman on the god damn planet.

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