Kayden’s POV from Irresistible Desire “The Envy Interview”

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Grabbing a bottle of water from the mini fridge, I exit my private jet and head down to the town car waiting for me. Paparazzi are always lurking around the corner, so I hope I can get in and out of L.A. without being hassled too much. I just want to get the interview and shoot done with and get back to Houston.

Slipping into the back seat of the Lincoln town car, I give the driver the address to Envy. Twisting the cap off of my water I take a quick swig and toss it onto the seat beside me. I hate interviews, only good thing is Eloise Fisher forwarded me her questions in advance, so I could let her know ahead of time which ones I will not be providing an answer to.

Looking out the window, there’s nothing but blue skies and shine; a perfect warm sunny Los Angeles day. My email from the photographer said we’ll be doing an outdoor shoot.

Pulling my phone from my pocket I call the Envy office, notifying them that I’ll be there shortly. After driving through bumper to bumper traffic, we finally pull in front of the Envy building. It’s a tall sleek modern looking building made completely of glass; extending about twenty stories into the sky. I inform my driver that I’ll text him before I come down, so he can go find a spot to park in the parking garage across the street.

Shoving my phone back into my pocket, I adjust my black cowboy hat and walk into the lobby of Envy. There are people everywhere coming and going from every direction. Envy is one of the largest magazine’s in the world. I am extremely honored they chose me as their Most Influential Man. I even beat out Leonardo DeCarpio who’s had a stellar year.

Stopping at the front desk, I flash the receptionist a small smile, laughing to myself as she giggles and plays with her hair while calling Eloise. It amazes me how one smile can turn any chick into putty in my hands. Thanking her for the directions to Eloise’s office, I give her another quick smile and head to the elevators. Stepping onto the elevator, I click the sixteenth floor. The small space is crammed with people who are more than likely returning from their lunch break. I’m early for my interview, since my plane arrived earlier than expected. I’m glad Eloise had no issues with bumping up my interview to an earlier time. I really didn’t feel like sitting around in her waiting room for an hour.

Exiting the elevator I make my towards Eloise’s office, there are people hard at work at their cubicle’s. No rest for the weary I guess. I laugh to myself watching everyone pounding away at their laptops, and working on their tablets. I can hear voices coming from her office, I recognize Eloise’s because I talked with her on the phone a few times over the last few weeks. The other voice, of the woman she’s talking to…it’s the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. Not too high and squeaky. I can’t stand those girls who talk like airheads. It’s not too deep to where you think you’re talking to a frickin’ guy, her voice is just perfect; soft and sweet.

Instantly intrigued by this mystery girl’s voice I step into the doorway of Eloise’s office; resting my arm against the frame of the door. I gaze in, and my eyes immediately fall on the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. She has long blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail with loose curls falling down her back. She’s wearing a tight little sleeveless dress and heels that make her legs look like they go on forever and is so fucking sexy. As soon as our eyes meet, her eyes get as big as saucers and I hear her sweet little voice say, “Holy Shit!” right away smacking her hand over her mouth and looking over at her boss who’s sitting right beside her. I can’t help but snicker at her, hearing her swear when her eyes landed on me made my dick jump.

I definitely want this girl…correction need this girl. She looks like she could give me the night of my life. I don’t usually give a girl more than one night, but for this girl…damn I would certainly consider going a few rounds with her. Smiling at her I walk into the office, Eloise extends her hand and greets me. “Nice to meet you Kayden, we’re so appreciative that you were able to come and do this interview face to face.”

Flashing another smile, and loving the affect it’s having on her, “It was no trouble at all. I’m honored to be named the Most Influential Man of 2012, so flying in to do this interview and photo shoot is the least I can do, Mrs. Fisher.”

“Please call me Eloise, Mrs. Fisher is my mother-in-law.” Turning her attention towards the gorgeous blonde beside her she smiles back at me, “And this is my assistant editor, Savannah Livingston. I imagine you know her parents; I heard you‘re a huge fan.

Savannah. I really love that name, she is not only gorgeous, but has a hot southern name to boot. Livingston, I knew that name was familiar; I cannot believe she’s the daughter of one of my favorite country duos. I’ve met them before, but never her. What a shame.

“Hi.” Savannah, says her voice sounding shaky. I love that I’m affecting her like this. I usually affect all women like this, but could care less. Savannah on the other hand, it makes my dick hard just thinking about fuckin’ her until she’s screaming my name….Digging those sweet little fingers into my ass. I need to shift my thoughts, before my dick gets any harder. Dead puppies…dead puppies…shit.

Snapping from my erotic fantasy, I focus my attention back on Eloise, and try to not look like a total idiot or creep Savannah out. I can’t stop staring at her, it’s like my eyes are being constantly drawn to her.

“Yes, I am a fan of Maverick and Paisley’s music. I had the honor of meeting them a few years ago at an event in Nashville. You’re very lucky to have such amazing parents.” I say locking eyes again with her. Her big blue eyes can easily bring me to my knees. I reach out to shake her hand, as her delicate, small hand touches mine a shock of electricity courses through my entire body. Now it’s my turn to shout Holy Shit! What the fuck was that?!

Shaking my hand with a shy smile, “Thanks, my parents will be thrilled to learn you’re such a huge fan. They love your hotels. They stay at one in Hawaii every time they vacation there.”

I am still in shock over what the hell I am feeling from touching her hand, and don’t want to let go of it. Trying to focus, I pull my hand away. “That’s great to hear, the next time they’ll be staying let me know, and I’ll make sure they receive complimentary spa passes.” I take a seat in the chair across from them. I can’t keep my eyes from drifting to hers. I can’t stop myself from drinking in the vision before me.

Eloise starts the interview right off, distracting me momentarily. I am prepared for the questions so I can sit back and relax, answering them with ease as they come at me. When she brings up my love life and whether I’m single or not; I can’t help but look back over at Savannah. She seems very intrigued by this question, and is hanging on my every word for what my answer will be. Staring into her gorgeous pools of baby blues, she is staring right back at me. Caught ogling she immediately shoots her eyes towards the window. I can’t help but grin.

Losing my smile, and turning serious, I look back at Eloise and I answer flatly, “Single and not looking; I’ve done the whole relationship thing and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” Looking back towards her to see if she’s watching me again, I don’t know why, but I’m happy to find that she is. “I’m enjoying the freedom that comes with casual dating.” Man I would love to casually date you. Savannah has that sweet innocent, girl next door look, but I have a feeling she would be wild in bed.

Damn it, I need to snap the fuck out of this. I’ve been around her thirty minutes and she’s got me all tied up in knots. I know this more than I know anything: I need to fuck this girl, get her out of my system, because I already can tell, she’s going to be stuck in my head the moment I step out of this office. Gazing at her left hand, I don’t see a ring. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. A girl this fuckin’ hot can’t be single. I doubt she’s a lesbian, because she is looking at me like she wants to pounce on me, just as badly as I want to pounce on her.

We spend the next fifteen minutes going over the remainder of Eloise’s questions. Wrapping up the interview she discusses the photo shoot with me; informing me that we’ll be doing the shoot at Greystone Park. I instantly take the opportunity to try and get some alone time with Savannah. Try to work my magic on her. But she shocked the hell outta me and actually turned down my offer to let her ride with me. No girl has ever passed up a chance to be alone with me. I can tell; she’ll be a challenge and I love a challenge.

~Thank you for all your support! I hope you enjoyed Kayden’s POV there will be more to come! & Two Deleted Scenes from BOOK 2 for my Blog Tour June2nd-June16th!

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