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I just re wrote Chapter One for Exes & Hos!

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Chapter One

Exes & Hos, May 28th, 2019

I’m officially done with men!
Well real, warm-blooded men that is. From now on, the only men who’ll be stealing my heart and giving me big O’s are the fictional type.
I know all of you readers follow my blog to read my book reviews and stay up-to-date on what books are coming out next. But I’m shaking things up a bit today. Today, I’m writing a blog post about my train wreck of a love life.
This, my reader friends, is why I get lost in books. I’m at the point in my life where I’d much rather spend my free hours lost in a book while relaxing on a blanket in Central Park, than waste my time out on a date with a douchebag disguised as my dream boyfriend.
To make matters worse, this time, not only did my boyfriend betray me, but my best friend did, too. Hence the title of this blog post. We’ve been best friends since we met at NYU five years ago, but now I find myself wondering if we were ever really friends. Because what best friend sleeps with your boyfriend?
I felt like I was living out one of those scenes we read in a book, where you see something terrible unfolding before your eyes. You know you should stop reading and save yourself the tears you are certain you’re about to cry. Instead, your stubborn ass says, It’s okay. I can handle it! You foolishly push on, reading, and end up devastated, wishing you went with your gut and put the damn book down.
That is what happened to me last night. We were out at a local pub in town with a group of mutual friends. Jake said he was going out to have a cigarette, while I decided to stay inside with our friends so I could order our drinks. As soon as he stepped outside, I got a text from my best friend saying she was on her way. So I thought, Perfect! We’ll have a fun night out to unwind after a hard week of work and kick off the long holiday weekend.
Not even three minutes later, I step outside to find Jake and give him his beer. I began to feel this knot forming in my stomach as I looked around and didn’t see him in his usual spot getting his nicotine fix.
After searching through the sidewalk full of people hanging out smoking and not finding him, I rounded the corner of the pub, discovering a couple getting pretty fricking hot and heavy in the alley. After a few seconds, it hit me that the guy was Jake and he was playing explore-the-inside-of-some-skank’s-mouth. Not just any skank either… my backstabbing best friend!
I felt like the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy’s house dropped on her fricking head.
To say I was shocked would be putting it lightly. There are no words I could say that’d truly express to you all what it felt like to witness my boyfriend and my best friend making out like two horned up teenagers before my eyes.
Shit hit the fan really quick.
After a huge fight for all of SoHo to see, I left in a cab, stunned, as the reality of what had just happened sunk in. I found myself wondering how many others there were besides her.
I am just grateful that I always made the asshole wrap it up, because God knows what kind of diseases the manwhore of Manhattan could have.
I should’ve known finding a man on Tinder was not going to lead me to my dream man. In my defense I hate the whole trying to date, I’m beyond awkward when it comes to small talk and trying to flirt with a guy. So online dating seemed like the way to go. Scroll through hot guys, strike up a conversation online where I could easily just disappear if I wasn’t feeling the conversation going anywhere. You hear stories of people finding their soulmates with dating apps and I thought, hey, maybe that could happen to me? Sadly, I learned the hard way most guys on those dating sites are serial daters who’s only purpose is to use those apps to find girls to hook up. Once they do they move on to the next pretty face that they can match with. Guys are seriously PIGS!
I don’t know if this is true for any of you out there, or if it’s just me. I have found that it is almost impossible to find a man worth risking your damn heart over. I feel like every guy I meet wants me for only sex. The second things start getting serious, they reveal just how big of a tool they really are and leave you brokenhearted once again.
When it comes to dating, I blame my high expectations on all the ridiculously sexy and swoon-worthy book boyfriends! While out with friends at a restaurant or walking down the streets of New York, I always find myself spotting a sexy bad boy that reminds me of Kellan Kyle, or a deliciously dressed man in a three-piece suit that reminds me of Gideon Cross. I’d go out on dates with these extremely attractive men with this fantasy in my head that they were going to be amazing in bed and the future love of my life and instantly, I’d be falling over myself for these guys and throwing caution to the wind. Biggest mistake of my life!
The way I looked at it, if they resembled my irresistible book boyfriend, maybe I’d luck out and they would also be like them too. Fiction, of course, is based on some form of reality. So, I’ve held onto that hope that I was possibly going out on a date with my future husband that’d whisk me away on romantic getaways and rock my world in the bedroom every single day.
Sadly, and rather quickly, I’ve learned that men like Kayden Knox and Archer Hale don’t really exist. Sure, there’s a shitload of guys that look like our perfect book boyfriends. There isn’t, however, a large number of insanely good-looking men who aren’t complete and total jackasses.
For a while, I was able to overlook the flaws of my current boyfriend, because he had that smile you all know too well—the one they flash that makes you suddenly stupid and turning into a puddle at their feet. Every time I’d start to suspect something wasn’t right, he’d smile at me, say something sweet, and I’d push the worry to the back of my mind. Now I wish I would’ve stopped being so naïve.
The sex was amazing. Like the best sex of my life. He was blessed with a dick you could only dream of…he had the stamina of a man who won gold medals for sex triathlons. Like we’d literally fuck for hours to the point that it hurt to sit the next day and I felt like I had done a full body workout at the gym.
I let the amazing sex cloud my judgement and foolishly ignored all those big bright red flags that were waving right in my face.
This is what led me to the biggest mistake that I have ever made in my life and ultimately led to the biggest betrayal of my life. I had my share of men I’ve met on tinder or out in the real world and when it came to the bedroom, they were awful in bed. So, when you finally meet a guy who’s insanely attractive, funny, charming and to top it off is a sex god in between the sheets you want to shout it from the roof top…or at least to your best friend.
One day while having lunch with my best friend I decided to tell her about Jake since things were starting to get serious. He and I were hooking up regularly and agreed to be exclusive. I even shared a few posts on social media about him and photos of us together. Of course, that peaked my best friend’s curiosity and she wanted to know how things were going in my love life. I of course couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing he was outside and inside the bedroom. This got us onto the top of his dick and how huge it was.
Now let this be a lesson to all of you. Never, I mean never! Let your friends know just how good your boyfriend or guy you’re hooking up with is in bed, and absolutely DO NOT show your friend a dick pic he sent you to show off just how blessed he is because said friend will get jealous of your rocking sex life and set out a master plan to steal that man away from you as fast as she can.
Now I find myself once again single and drowning my sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, while he goes on with his life as if I never even existed living happily ever after with my best friend, who now claims that he’s her soulmate and they just couldn’t ignore the chemistry they had between them. The last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt me but when you know you know. I rolled my eyes so hard at that statement I swear they almost lodged into the back of my head.
I know I shouldn’t let it upset me and look at it as a blessing. She saved me from falling any more than I already had and getting even more hurt than I already am, because if he did it with her, he would’ve done it eventually with someone else. For all I know there could’ve been other women before her. I don’t for a second doubt that there will be many more after her. Men like him can’t settle for one woman. They need to have that attention from other women to stroke their egos and they get off on the chase. They always get bored once they have you.
That hasn’t stopped me from getting sad and depressed over this entire situation. While they are living their happy little lives together, I, on the other hand, am dissecting everything about myself. From my hair to my weight, to the way I style my hair and my makeup. So many times, I have wondered what does she have that I don’t? Why would he choose her over me?
Why is it we try to find flaws in ourselves when a man breaks our heart? Instead of looking for the flaws in him.
The signs are usually always there; we just don’t see them until it’s too late. Or we do and choose to ignore them, like I’ve done way too many times. With Jake, like I mentioned before, I chose to ignore the red flags that screamed ‘DOUCHEBAG ALERT’ and instead focused on his skills in the bedroom, and his overly charming personality and smile. Which, in the end, landed me here writing this blog post, ranting about how big of an asshole my ex is.
After having my heart broken for the second time this year—and it is only May!—I’m ready to swear off all men. Unless a guy comes into my life and can show me that charming and ridiculously romantic men truly do exist and not just in my romance novels, then I’m through with dating. It’s too exhausting going through all that us ladies go through when dating a guy, to keep wasting my time on pigs.
So, my fellow bibliophiles, it looks like I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands now to read. So, if you can comment below this blog post and tell me what the last five-star read is that you just finished. The steamier the better!
I just finished up reading The Blogger Diaries Trilogy by KD Robichaux—where I got the idea for this blog post, and related to it a ridiculous amount!—and currently reading That Second Chance which is book one in the Getting Lucky Series by the amazingly talented Meghan Quinn and LOVING the hell out of it! I have literally laughed so hard throughout the entire book.
I’ll update you all in a few days on how my celibacy is going and what I’m reading next! So…suggest away, book besties!

  • Christi, AKA Bed Banging Bibliophile

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I Feel Your Love- a poem by Joyce L. King

I’ve been re writing my grandmother’s journal and wanted to share one of her poems from it. It makes me feel closer to her reading her work. It was always her dream to be an author. I remember when I brought her signed copies of my books after I came back from my first signing in Texas she was so proud. She told me that seeing me travel to book signings, and having my books published for the world to read made her so proud. She teared up and said that I was living out her and my aunt Bev’s dreams for them. I get emotional every time I think back to that conversation. I had dedicated my first book to my gram because she was the reason I loved reading so much. She encouraged my passion, always bringing me to the store to buy new books or surprising me with the latest VC Andrews book when it released. I just wish I would’ve had the chance to help her publish her work before she passed so she would’ve had the opportunity to hold a book she wrote in her hands and see people around the world enjoying it. But I know she’s still here with me and led me to her journals so I could help her dream finally become a reality.

A poem by Joyce L. King

I Feel Your Love

I feel your love,
As the strings of music flow through the night air.
One cannot see the music
But with ears the sound can be heard.
I cannot see or hear your love
But I can feel it surely as the music flows to me.

Whenever you reach out to me
a tidal wave of love flows through my very being.
Your love reaches me,
Even though we are miles away,
restlessness , sadness and loneliness disappear.

The closeness and oneness with you brings a fulfillment of joy,
That sweeps over me,
I become truly one with you in peace, love and joy.

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Birthday Date From Hell

Birthday Date from Hell!

Author: Danielle Jamie

Copyright Danielle Jamie 2017


When I planned my birthday weekend getaway in Daytona Beach, I was expecting to spend it partying on the beach with my best friend and some hot single guys while sipping fruity cocktails. I’ve been planning this trip for four months. I took a paid weekend off from my job, set up a babysitter for my two-year-old daughter, and booked a beach front condo so we’d only be steps away from the beach.

A big hooray to help me celebrate finally being single and free of the dead weight also known as my lying, cheating piece of shit husband. But also escape the cold, dreary winter in New York to help make turning thirty not such an awful thing. I figured turning thirty while lounging ocean side surrounded by half naked, buff guys would make the blow a little less painful.

What I didn’t plan on was my best friend getting sun poisoning the very first day here, but that’s what happens when you bring a ginger to the ocean. So now instead of getting ready with me to go out to the night club down the street to help me celebrate my birthday, she’s lying on the couch in her lace bra and panties, smothered in aloe.

“Why don’t you ask that guy to go out with you to celebrate?” Shelby asks all the while never removing her eyes from the movie she’s watching on Netflix.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I pick up my phone and pull up my text messages. “I guess. If my ex can screw little twenty somethings, so can I.” I wink at her as I open his number to write him.

I admit at first, I was against even speaking to Brennan after I found out he was only twenty-five years old. I met a guy at the beach yesterday, he is stunning, like Captain America fucking hot. He has a great personality, we seemed to click right away. Shelby had fallen asleep in the sun while I was playing volleyball with him and his friends yesterday and woke up looking redder than a damn lobster. Before we left the beach though, I made sure to exchange numbers with him, and we’ve been texting off and on all day, ever since.

He asked me to go out with his friends and him on their speedboat tubing and water skiing today, but it didn’t feel right leaving Shelby here alone all day, so I passed. At first the texts started off PG but quickly turned dirtier as he began snapping me pics of him all looking tan and smoking hot, as he hung out shirtless on the boat.

Biting the bullet, I fire off a quick text, asking if he wants to meet up at the club to help me celebrate. What better way to celebrate turning thirty than fucking a twenty-five-year-old, smoking hot one-night stand, that I’ll never have to see again since I fly back home tomorrow.

I shriek with excitement when I receive a text back telling me he’d love to. We agree to meet up at the club at ten p.m., so I quickly get to work doing my hair and makeup and picking out the perfect dress for tonight.

“You sure you’re okay with me going out? I’m totally okay with doing a girl’s night in, watch movies, eat tons of junk food and drink until we pass out.” I ask, sitting down on the coffee table in front of her.

Waving me off, she tells me, being slightly pushy, “Gooo! Have fun and get yourself some hot ass birthday sex. Happy birthday, chicka.”

I get an alert that my Uber has arrived, so I hurrying out the door, checking my makeup one more time in the mirror on my way out.

The second the car pulls up to the curb, I climb out and shoot Brennan a text letting him know I’m here. I can hear the music from inside pouring out onto the street as I approach the bouncers at the door, fishing out my I.D. and cash for the entrance fee.

My ego gets a slight boost as the bouncers who are built like a fricking linebacker, give me a one over and joking ask if my I.D. is fake, because there’s no way I’m thirty years old. They wish me a happy birthday before stepping aside, ushering me in.

My phone vibrates alerting me of a text, glancing at my phone I see its Brennan, he’s waiting for me at the bar. The second I spot him, instantly my body flushes red hot and my heart beats a little faster against my chest. His dirty blonde hair is slightly disheveled from hours out on the boat. He’s wearing jeans that make his ass look incredible. I immediately start to imagine what it’ll look like out of them and what it’ll feel like in my hands as he’s driving his dick into me.

After all the dirty things he’s said he wants to do to me while texting me earlier, I for one am hoping we’ll keep this outing short and sweet. Quickly move the birthday celebration from the club to his bedroom.

I make my way towards the bar, sliding up beside him, reaching out, gripping his bicep that’s flexed as he props his elbows onto the bar while watching the game playing above on one of the flat screen televisions. The second he feels my hand touch his arm, his head turns and his powder blue eyes that are slightly glazed over, lock onto mine. A devilish grin spreads across his face as his body shifts to face me. His arms wrap around my body as he pulls me against him and leans down to kiss me.

Immediately his cologne fills my senses…this man smells so damn good. That’s one of my things with a guy, they have a nice smile and it’s a bonus if they smell delicious too. A tingling sensation travels through my body stopping between my legs as his lips brush against mine.

The second his tongue slips into my mouth, I taste whiskey on his breath. Pulling away, he smiles down at me, swaying slightly, “Happy birthday.” He say’s sweetly before waving to the bartender to order another drink.

Laughing, I press my hand against his chest, tilting my head slightly as I peer up at him, “You’re feeling pretty good already I see.”

He flashes me a crooked smirk as he grabs his glass filled what I’m guessing to be whiskey and Coke, tossing back the remainder of the drink before handing the empty glass to the bartender for a refill. “I’m feeling slightly buzzed.” Changing the subject, he asks, “what would the birthday girl like to drink?”

“A mango meltdown sounds yummy right about now”, I answer after glancing over the drink menu.

We spend the next hour drinking and talking at the bar, getting to know each other a little better. Suddenly his hand which has spent most of the hour resting on my thigh, slowly slides its way up a little further.

“You ready to get out of here?” He asks, sliding his hand up just enough that his fingertips gently rub along my lips pressing against my soaking wet, silk panties.

Gripping his shoulders to steady myself, I climb down off the tall bar chair, and slip my hand into his, leading him outside. Within minutes our Uber is pulling up and whisking us back to his place.

The entire car ride to his beach house, he whispers into my ear all the dirty things he’s going to do to me. Promising me the best birthday sex of my life. I admit I’m slightly nervous that he might vomit on me due to the amount of alcohol he consumed within the hour, and who knows how much while out on the boat all day today.


What if he drank so much that he gets whiskey dick?

My eyes shift to the crotch of his pants and notice instantly the slight bulge from his hardening dick. Hopefully that’s a good sign that he’ll be able to back up all this dirty talk.

We walk up the pathway past the row of palm trees and enter the beach house that’s filled with people. There’s a full-on party going on with people filling the small beach house. I notice a few of his friends from the beach yesterday, they all yell out his name as we make our way inside. One guy is wearing a fucking floaty around his waist, while sitting in a small plastic pool full of Jell-O out on the lawn.

“Why is there a guy in a pool full of Jell-O?” I ask.

His friend Tom twists the top off a beer before shoving it into his hand before answering for him, “It was supposed to be for the girls to wrestle in; Jake, is just a drunk dumb ass, and decided to plop himself in it with that damn duck floaty he stole from some little shithead kid down on the beach.

I really would like to get away from this party and continue what we started in the car. Not stand here watching him drink more and visit with his friends.

Tugging on his hand I silently signal that I’m ready to move things to his bedroom.

He pulls me into his side and leads me through the crowd of party goers towards a short hallway before stopping at the furthest door. “Let me apologize in advance for the mess.” He says, swinging open the door.

Immediately I’m hit with the smell of stale beer and sweaty feet as we step into the bedroom. There are clothes tossed all over the room, and empty beer bottles and Gatorade bottles stacked all over the dresser.  This is most definitely not the romantic setting I was envisioning, but I guess I shouldn’t expect any less from a twenty-five-year-old who looks like a frat boy.

I step over a bra and a condom wrapper, my stomach flip flops as thoughts of who the bra belongs to and who used the condom fill my head.

I’m pulled from my thoughts when I feel his lips press against my neck and his hands begin to raise my skirt up. His fingers find my waist band and yanks them down, I try to gracefully step out of them but lose my balance thanks to one too many mango melt downs. I fall forward onto the bed and feel the bed bounce as Brennan lands onto the small twin size bed beside me.

Laughing I roll over to face him, leaning in to kiss him, trying to salvage the mood. Climbing onto my knees, I get to work unbuttoning his pants and shimmying them down, while he grips my dress, slipping it up my sides and over my head before tossing it onto the floor.

I shimmy down his pants and hold back a laugh when I see he’s wearing boxers covered in big yellow bananas.

He lifts his ass and helps me slide his boxers down, freeing his semi hard cock.

Really? That is, it? I think to myself as I grip his four-inch dick in my hand and gently stroke it. His hand finds the back of my head, and he pulls my mouth down to his, kissing me passionately, but I can’t get into it because all I can smell is the stale beer and man sweat that fills the room. His dick finally gets semi-hard enough that I attempt to slide down onto it…fucking whiskey dick…ruining my goddamn birthday.

How can a guy this fucking hot, have a dick so goddamn small? I cry internally as I attempt to fuck his semi-harden fricking pickle of a dick. For a man that talked a big game all day, he sure as hell isn’t backing it up now.

I’m caught off guard when he suddenly rolls me onto my back, and begins to kiss, no, not kiss, more like slobber all over my neck. He’s so drunk, the idiot can’t even kiss right anymore.

Why did I think I could hook up with a guy this young? They think binge drinking is a fucking sport for crying out loud. Not caring at all about the poor girl that must try to fuck a dick that feels like something she made from playdough.

Finally, feeling like this is going nowhere and I should just end it now, I push against his chest telling him, “I think I should just go home.”

His face drops as his body stills. “I’m so sorry. I’ll get it up—I just need a minute.” Pulling away from me he kneels between my legs looking lost in thought for a moment, before bringing his eyes back to mine. “Maybe if you suck it for a minute?” He suggests, giving me puppy dog eyes.

At this point I just want to get this over with and get the hell out of here, “Alright, I’ll try to get it up, but I think your ass drank too much today breaking your damn dick.”

His eyes look sad as he stares down at me all while now straddling my face which now has his balls swinging so wonderfully in my face. I can’t stop the eye roll that happens after the third time his damn balls smack against my chin.

“I know…I’m so sorry. I didn’t think, I get carried away partying.”

Wanting to end this conversation, I grip his dick and bring it to my mouth, praying to God that it gets hard so that he can get off and I can leave. The entire time I’m sucking his squishy little dick, I keep thinking to myself it’s such a shame that God wasted a gorgeous face like this on a guy with the littlest dick I’ve ever seen. It finally starts to get hard again, so he pulls it out of my mouth and quickly moves down the bed so that we can attempts to fuck again.

“I want to fuck your pussy so bad.” He tries to whisper in a sexy tone, but it comes out a little more like a slurred whisper scream. I force myself to bite back a smile and hold my breath so that I don’t burst out laughing, blowing his mini weenie straight out of my hooha, because of the face he’s making as he tries to get his dick in me. “Maybe if I just focus really hard…” He mumbles as he begins moving his hips like he’s suddenly Peter Cotton tail trying to procreate, jackrabbiting into me at an awkward rhythm.

I’m lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to him grunting like a cave man, when suddenly the annoying nasally sound of his friend’s British cousin’s voice begins to grow closer to the door. “She won’t come in here, will she?” I ask with panic in my voice as I hear her begin to knock on the door yelling for Brennan.

I do not want some strange chick seeing me naked!

“She won’t come in here.” He assures me, as the bedroom door swings open, and in comes this big, amazon looking British chick looking like she’s about to eat me for dinner. I swear I see some foam coming out of her mouth as her eyes land on us before focusing on Brennan.

I let out a slight scream and throw my arms crossed over my chest. “Oh my, God! What the hell!” I scream as Brennan quickly climbs off me. I cross my legs and reach for the blanket to cover my body. My cheeks are burning red from embarrassment.

This night is literally a nightmare.

Bending down, the British bitch grabs his boxers and tosses them at him, before suddenly pulling a dildo out from her purse and waving it in his face.

Ew! I gag to myself as she smacks him in the arm with it, “What the fuck is wrong with you, stealing my vibrator and using it to fuck yourself in the ass? You’re disgusting. You can fucking have it now because I sure as hell won’t be shoving it up my pussy ever again!”

I watch as the dildo bounces off his chest before falling onto the floor between his feet.

“I think I’m going to go…” I stammer as I reach for my dress and throwing modesty out the window, slip my dress on, scoop my panties off of the floor, and find myself extremely happy that I never took off my heels, as I practically jog my ass out of that house and down the street to my condo.

Shoving the door to open, I burst into the condo, startling a sleepy Shelby who was passed out on the couch, before slamming it shut behind me and collapsing against it.

“Wow, rough night?” She asks, sitting up on the couch and rubbing the sleep from her eyes all while cursing under her breath in pain every time she moves her arms.

Kicking off my heels, I roll my eyes, “You have no idea. Brennan got wasted, got whiskey dick, which isn’t even the worst of it.”

“Oh no, do I want to know?” She asks staring up at me in horror.

“His dick was like a freaking sausage link! To top off the worst sex of my life, that crazy British chick that’s his friend’s cousin, she burst right into the bedroom while I’m lying there naked! Winging around a dildo yelling at Brennan for fucking himself in the ass with it!” It’s hard to not laugh as I try to retell the story of Brennan being wacked with a rubber dick.

Shelby’s face mirror’s mine. A look of horror and slight amusement over the disaster that was my evening, causing her lips to curl up into a small smirk.

“After that I need a fucking drink.” I huff out. My heart is still racing as my body tries to recover from having to flee that goddamn house of dildos.

Climbing off of the couch, Shelby pads across the tile floor into the small kitchen connected to the living room and proceed to grab everything she needs to make our yearly birthday cocktail: The Birthday cake Martini; Shelby and I drink it every year on her birthday and mine. We have ever since we turned 21. We made some earlier to sip out on the deck while eating chocolate cupcakes.

“We’re going to drink our martinis, watch Magic Mike and let Channing Tatum work his magic pelvis to help you forget all about Captain Small Dick.”

It’s almost an hour later when I hear my phone ding, alerting me of a new text. We’re halfway through our movie and more than halfway through our third round of birthday martini’s.

Jumping onto her knees, Shelby peers over my shoulder to read the text as I open it.

I’m so sorry about tonight, Elle. Just so you know I never used her fucking dildo. She’s jealous, so made a scene to try and cock block me. I really hope you’ll give me the opportunity to redeem myself. I had way too much to drink tonight.

I burst out laughing, “There’s no way in HELL that I am going to put myself through round two of his so called ‘best sex of my life’.”

Snatching my phone out of my hand Shelby’s fingers practically cause smoke to roll off my screen as she types a response back to Brennan. We both burst into a fit of giggles as we re read the text she just sent to him.

Thanks, but no thanks. You and your banana boxers can go swoon the panties off another girl.

Not giving him the opportunity to respond, I block his number and toss my phone onto the couch. I curl up beside my best friend, take a nice long sip of my drink and bask in the glory that is Channing Tatum shirtless.

I may not be ending my 30th birthday with the hot, steamy sex that I was hoping for, but at least I’m not ending it faking an orgasm, while some sloppy, twenty-something, attempts to fuck me like a porn star while failing miserably.

All you can do is look on the bright side…and pray to God that you never have to see another pair of banana boxer’s ever again in your lifetime.

The End.


Enjoy your own birthday cake martini!


Colorful Birthday Cake Martini recipe: An easy cocktail that tastes like a birthday cake!

5 minutes


∙ Serves 2

Baking & Spices

  • 1 Candy sprinkles
  • 1 Frosting
  • 1 Pastel food coloring


  • 2 oz Half & half

Beer, Wine & Liquor

  • 1 oz Cake flavored vodka
  • 1 oz White chocolate liqueur


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*when emailing me let me know what country you’re in & book you’d like. Codes are first come first serve until they’re all gone. Readers will receive a complimentary audio book in exchange for an honest review on audible, amazon & goodreads. 🥰📚🎉🎧

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Mine would be You 💕


Forbidden, Untouchable & Rapture 💋


Just For The Summer 🌴


Head over to my Facebook author page & email me to claim your free audio book!!

**Tempt my Heart for U.S. audible is available!** For users of audible in the US, UK, Australia & South Africa!


*when emailing me let me know what country you’re in & book you’d like. Codes are first come first serve until they’re all gone. Readers will receive a complimentary audio book in exchange for an honest review on audible, amazon & goodreads. 🥰📚🎉🎧


📚Huge 99cent SALE🎊 — New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Danielle Jamie

🎊🎊HUGE #99CENTS #SALE🎊🎊 Get ALL my box sets for just #99pennies for one week only!!!! *** #SavannahSeries by #NYTIMES & #USATODAY Bestselling author Danielle Jamie 🔥 It’s #FiftyShadesofGrey Meets #TheLongestRide! 🔥 Sweet Southern Billionaire Kayden Knox is a top favorite book boyfriend 4 years running! #Oneclick today & discover why so many love this cowboy […]

via 📚Huge 99cent SALE🎊 — New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Danielle Jamie

📚Huge 99cent SALE🎊


Get ALL my box sets for just #99pennies for one week only!!!!

*** #SavannahSeries by #NYTIMES & #USATODAY Bestselling author Danielle Jamie

🔥 It’s #FiftyShadesofGrey Meets #TheLongestRide! 🔥

Sweet Southern Billionaire Kayden Knox is a top favorite book boyfriend 4 years running! #Oneclick today & discover why so many love this cowboy with a kinky side.



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“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Danielle Jamie is brilliantly evil with her talent for writing angst that has me crying big ugly tears, and I never merely read her stories, but experience them like I’m in them. The sexy scenes are SMOKIN’ HOT goodness, while the love is all consuming. I will end with this, her books are kindle crack, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

-Jennifer Pierson, Goodreads

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“I wanted the bad boy. I wanted to experience it all…the highs and the lows with Dixon. I got all of that and more over the last several weeks being with him. Only I got in way over my head. I broke my number one rule…Never fall in love.”


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She’s the hot new professor.
He’s the star quarterback.
A scandalous new app is about to make their two worlds collide.
What happens when that line is crossed? Because once you step over it—there’s no going back…

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